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Francis Dallas Daisy Fan / Blog


Flinton,Ontario is home to an outstanding country singer songwriter who,though steeped in classic old school country brings a fresh revitalizing voice to the genre.


'WILL THE CIRCLE BE UNBROKEN' This is one of the formative songs , that was there when country music, as we know it ,all began. .It's one of the songs performed by the Carter Family at the Bristol Tennessee recording sessions of 1927. Dallas also sang this earlier in the summer ,at the Hollyrood Country Jamboree,opening for Aaron Lines.There she sang with her dad Randy on rhythm guitar ,her friend from her' Through The Roof 'church,Ronnie Clark on bass and Will Murray on drums with Reg Weber lead guitar.That sounded great and so does this. Dallas's cover of this important,song ,really has the spirit of 1927.Dallas,her dad and Weekend Crew really get into the spirit of this and have fun,giving it their all.Dallas really goes at this.They really rock it.Swing it too.With Dallas at the mike,this song really jumps,as the girl from Flinton ON brings out the pure raw spirit of it.Here is the true essence of country. Dallas sings it as if to the manner born.It's as if Dallas had been there back in the day,with Sarah and Maybelle at Bristol ,laying down country's future.Back then ,Maybelle,who has a good claim to have invented lead guitar,was the same age as Dallas is here:sweet 17.Dallas could be a Carter as well as an Arney,the way she goes at this piece of roots country.As long as there are singers with the vocal and performance flair of Dallas Daisy Arney,the answer to the question the song poses is~no,the circle will never be unbroken as long as we have singers of the quality of this young lady from the North Country. 'YOU AINT WOMAN ENOUGH'

FRANCIS'S FRIDAY FAN FAVES 13: No service this week due to nervous superstition.

Hi fans of Fem-Country.Nothing's happening this week.Why? Er em,well..it's because I'm kinda superstitious.Well,I just don't want to tempt fate.I don't want to feature an artist then give her the 13 thblog.Wait a minute.There is one person I wouldn't mind having a long run of bad luck.It's not a country artist,nor a feminine artist.It's..well they say the devil has all the best tunes.I say-that's a load of hooey.The devil is without music.Just the cacaphonous sound of Chaos pre Creation.If you want to hear what it sounds like,listen to the fitst few bars of Papa Haydn's 'Creation' Oratorio.Josef Haydn let us hear his take on how the universe sounded before HE said 'LET THERE BE LIGHT'.'In the beginning was the Word.And the Word was with God.And theWord was God' Think about that for a moment.What did this Word sound like.It miust have had great creative force.Must have been harmonious.You know what,I reckon that Word wasn't spoken.It was Sung.Music,the great harmonious force of Music was the spark that He used to Create the Universe.Figures.Imagine that first sound.Could any mortal create such a sound?


Dolly Parton is one of Dallas Daisy Arney's favourite singer songwriters , if not her very favourite.This is reflected in the number of Dolly songs Dallas covers Dallas covers 'Coat of many Colors' 'Eagle when she Flies','Yellow Roses',,and many others ,always beautifully and with something of her own to add.Of all the extraordinarily memorable performances of Dolly songs that Dallas has given us,in my view,Dallas's best Dolly cover is perhaps the finest song that Dolly ever wrote:'Tennessee Mountain Home'.The Flinton nightingale has performed this song many times, just her and her dad,Randy on his black acoustic.The very first time they performed the song was at their own local Flinton Jamboree.And their very first performance was magnificent. ' TENNESSEE MOUNTAIN HOME' Dallas is a phenomenal interpreter of the Dolly Parton songbook.Dolly Parton is ,in my view ,the greatest living songwriter we have and 'Tennesse Mountain Home'is my favourite song of hers.I didn't think I'd ever hear a cover of this wonderful song that came up to Dolly's high standards.But in Dallas Daisy Arney we now have a perfect uinterpreter of Dolly Parton songs.Just as I wouldn't want to be without Dolly's various versions of the song I couldn't do without Dallas's various covers of it.Dallas's first performance of 'Tennessee Mountain Home ' was in her own back yard,so to speak,at the Flinton Jamboree.That was a beautiful version ,with her dad Randy accompanying on his black acoustic guitar.Introducing the song at Flinton,when Dallas reveals she's just learned the song the audience is unprepared for what they are about to hear.For her interpretation is awesome.Dallas gives us an idyllic and dramatic cover,sweet as honey.It has everything.Each performance of this song is one to return to again and again. All the Dallas covers of this song that I've heard have been just her and her dad and they are all beautiful. Dallas covered the song again at the Lions club . Yet again ,at Frontenac , Dallas and her dad sang it.Dallas was invited to Frontenac as a special guest in 2010. For the year previously,2009 , she won the Frontenac Singing Championship.That was also the year Dallas won the prestigous Kingston Fall Fair .The country singer ,turned ska8er girl pop- star,Dallas's fellow Ontarian, Avril Lavigne,had been a past winner of Kingston's Fall Fair.Avril has a very fine,strong voice but in my view Dallas Arney is an even greater singer. A. Now here, up in Quebec ,at Kipawa Country Fest,Dallas Daisy covered the song yet again.covers it again.Again ,with just her dad.Dallas's on stage backing band,Weekend Crew let go of their instruments to watch Dallas and her dad give a most beautiful performance. Dallas is always learning,modifying and changing the way she performs a song.Here at Kipawa she slightly tones down the awesome power of her 'Tenessee Mountain Home ' choruses..Her choruses are still soaring but wheras before her lungs blasted the choruses up int outer space ,here she is content to hurl them up into the higher reaches of the stratosphere.Dallas and her dad give another beautiful performance,here at Kipawa. Lyrical,lyidyllically, Dallas presents a beautiful rapt cover.One can hear the crickets chirrup and feel the warmth of the mountain sun.Dallas takes you right there so you can smell the soft fragrance of the Locust Ridge honeysuckle vinesin full bloom. Dallas gives an impeccable reading ,full of sunshine and peace.Her powerful choruses still soar majestically .Then her voice is soft 'as a baby's sigh 'as she hums the lullaby section.Dallas always gives a heartwarming performance of this Dolly classic .This Kipawa performance is no exception.


LOVE IS LIKE A BUTTERFLY cotd. By finessing her voice ,Dallas gives this song a delicate,fragile quality,as of a butterfly's gossamer wings.It sounds as if the artist has been sipping sweet nectar from the prettiest,daintiest flowers in paradise,all her life.One can almost imagine her,darting from exquisite tissue petalled bloom to bloom,her diaphonous humming bird wings purring as she gently sips sweet sustenance amid the pretty petals.Dallas's new voice is sweet and delicate and tiny.I don't think I've ever heard anyone sing like this before.I adore this beautifully fragile ,soft fairy voice.As the song continues,Dallas performs a butterfly dance,wafting the trailing wide sleeves of her pretty floral blouse in inmitation of a butterfly's tissue wings.Just look at the artist's face now.Her coy and pretty smile bears witness to how tongue in cheek Dallas's performance is.Dallas really has fun with this song.It's a beautiful performance,elegant and refined.The artist moves so gracefully,with such sensitive touch ,that, if she were dancing on eggshells,none would break.A beautiful and exquisite perfomance ,a major addition to the discography of Dolly covers. ON THE WINGS OF A DOVE Dallas sang Ferlin Huskey's sweet country gospel song at Trenton earlier in the year. Then, she came on from stage right,waving to her audience dressed in a sumptious ,full length ,formal ball gown, of crimson..As she acknowledged the wild applause ,with a radiant smile on her pretty face,she looked an absolute picture.She had been supporting David Church, in concert ,back then.Here at The Kipawa Country Fest,dressed for a warm late Canadian summer ,Dallas looked stylish and elegant in summer sktrt and blouse. This time Dallas was accompanied by her dad,Randy Arney, on his black acoustic guitar (reminiscent of Johnny Cash's black acoustic) . Also accompanying were Weekend Crew : Rick Whissel on acoustic guitar,Darryl Gray on keyboard,with the anchor being provided by Romeo Raymond on bass and Mike Foisy on drums. A fine combo to support Dallas's beautiful lead vocals.Dallas was in finest voice at Kipawa and it was nice to hear her dad Randy's baritone joining in on harmony vocals.Dallas sings gospel with great warmth and conviction.As in 'How Great Thou Art' ,her staunch faith shines out in this Ferlin Huskey song.Dallas's timing and phrasing are precise ,her voice is gentle ,rich,softly rounded ,warm and tender.Her tone ,sweet and clear has great beauty. For sheer refinement , clarity and beauty I have not heard such a cultured voice since Skeeter Davis.Not even Dolly has such a beautiful ,mellow tone.The first time I heard Dallas Arney's voice I was astonished by the beauty and character in her voice.I've been a devoted fan ever since.Dallas Daisy Arney has a vocal delivery unique to herself ,and her charisma on stage is palpable.Warm as her voice is ,she never sings with more than just the right amount of vibrato,and this 'Wings of a Dove' rendition is no exception.A beautiful sing,full of character and heartfelt faith.Dallas's singing is just so technically good and she always sings with great feeling.Her stage presence has evolved in leaps and bounds over the last few years to this point where she is assured and in complete control of the stage.It is impossible to take one's eyes off this artist in performance.My advice is ,simply go to Dallas's youtube channel,sit back and enjoy.You won't stay in your seat long.You'll be up on your feet.dancing with the music of Dallas Daisy! TENESSEE MOUNTAIN HOME It's alwa\ys a real treat to hear Dallas sing Dolly Parton's 'Tenessee Mountain Home'. I t seems to be a speciality of hers.


.This week I return to my favourite artist. Fom the north country , Flinton,Ontario,Canada ,it is ,of course,Dallas Daisy Arney..Last year, singer/songwriter Dallas travelled from her home in Flinton to Quebec.At Kipawa ,she put on one of the best sets I have ever seen.You can see the set on Dallas's you tube video channel.Dallas wasn't sure what to wear for Kipawa Country Fest,but eventually came up with a perfect outfit- light brown ,high heeled ,calf length boots,a smart light cream summer skirt and a beautiful blouse with large , cream flowers , on a maroon background.This blouse had very wide trailing sleeves from the elbows, which Dallas utilized to great effect in her cover of Dolly Parton's 'Love is like a Butterfly.I'll explain how,later . When Dallas and Randy got to Kipawa ,after a marathon journey,Dallas found she'd been allocated a beautiful ,spacious hospitality lounge with her very own special Dallas Daisy star on the door,befitting such an outstanding talent. You need to see this set:it is out of this world! Dallas performed 6 songswhich I list here ,in alphabetical order and not order of performance. 1.'How Great Thou Art' 2'.Love is like a Butterfly' 3.'On the Wings of a Dove' 4.'Tennessee Mountain Home' 5.'Will the Circle be Unbroken' 6. 'You ain't Woman Enough to Take my Man' I've never heard such a brilliantly performed ,well balanced live set in my entire life.I was completely overwhelmed when I first heard it.I think Dallas Arney reached a new high with this set.All through the summer of 2011 she had been performing great sets at jamboree after jamboree but with this set I believe Dallas has achieved more than she's ever achieved before.This is an artist who is constantly learning new repertoire,constantly improving her performance skills and always finding new ways of expressing herself vocally. Here then, is a song by song appreciation of Dallas Daisy Arney's magnificent Kipawa set. 'HOW GREAT THOU ART' As before, when she has interpreted this song,Dallas starts off with a beautifully restrained and measured introductory passage into the song,hushed and reverential.Dallas conveys the smallness of we who are part of His creation .And then goes on to convey the full glory of His majesty,the overwhelming magnitude of His Divine Love.Dallas sings with tenderness and humility,putting her whole heart into her beautiful performance. One feels like calling out,as an audience member once did,to the soprano (Susan Cibber, I think it was ) who sang at the premiere of Handel's 'Messiah''. in Dublin back in the 18th century. The audience membe called out ''Woman, for this may all thy sins be forgiven''. Well I'm not sure Dallas has many sins.to be forgiven,though neither did Susan Cibber. Whatever,this incredible singer's faith is palpable.Her conviction is contagious.I cannot see how even the saddest,most bereft atheist could fail to be uplifted by this performance,no matter how hard he struggled to resist the heart's truths offered him..Dallas's faith shines and glows ,and when she utters His Name,it is a truly moving experience. Dallas's tempo is perfect .Her heart,always in tune with His,informs everything.The hushed build up is perfect, as is the the final,magnificent ,climax.At the end of the song ,one feels completely uplifted,if exhausted. 'LOVE IS LIKE A BUTTERFLY' Dallas delivers a performance of Dolly Parton's butterfly song that is the very epitome of charm.She covers this Dolly classic with a vocal delivery that is extraordinary in it's originality.Dallas Daisy has the pipes to sing with operatic power.She can really belt it out when a song calls for it,but here ,Dallas draws her voice in,finessing it into the tiniest, most exquisitely delicate instrument.


cotd. As soon as one hears these words,one knows this is a genuinely experienced event,a real miracle-for this is exactly how such divine phenomena are experienced,through the feeling spirit,through a sense almost of touch inside us.With great beauty and sensitivity,this whole song captures the delicate and fragile nature of a spiritual event,a miracle. In her song ,Dallas talks to her grandpa,Gerald Arney,whose presence she feels with the touch of her spirit.The author expresses her wishes and concerns to him.For Dallas ,the accomplished singer ,wants to show her grandpa all that she has achieved in her chosen field.She has become a prize winning singer ,with recordings to her name and an enthusiastic fan following.It is a natural human urge to want to share our achievments with our familes ,and Dallas is no exception. ''I wish that you could see all that I've become'' Dallas has made a great start in realizing her dream of becoming a great singer ,and naturally wishes her grandpa could share in her excitement ,could come to her shows and see her perform. ''Trying to find my dreams and wishing you could come'' In her heart,her faithful God -loving heart ,the artist knows that her wishes,her prayers ,are granted,that her beloved ancestor can see her,see all that she is: ''''And I know you're watching over me, It's not that hard if you believe'' Song is one of those special human activities that bridges the gap between Heaven and earth,between the ordinary material world and the extraordinary mysterious world,a world which we can only glimpse ,can only feel with our innermost heart.It is no coincidence that a central form of connection with the Divine, in many of our places of worship ,is the sung word.with which we reach out to Heaven,and in the process,lose our little selves. Dallas's beautiful song,which features her singing her heavenly melodies and angelic harmonies ,with that sublime ,sweet voice of her's,is the ideal vehicle to reach out to a higher world.Her song transports the listener to that other world which the heart seems to somehow recognise ,and longs to connect with. Indeed,to a great extent this song is about a union between two worlds,Heaven and earth.Dallas,through her faith and her love has made connection with an ancestor who now inhabits a different realm .She has bridged a divide and in her song has shown us how this has come about..We will never come to understand this truth through reasoning or logic and there are sure to be some who find it hard to accept the good tenets of this wonderful song.All I can suggest is ,that anyone who has doubts about what the songwriter is saying ,should just let go of those doubts for a moment.Just lose yourself in this beautiful song,with it's heavenly sounds and it's beautifully expressed emotions .Just throw sterile logic away for a moment and listen with your heart to this different kind of truth.You won't regret it! ''It's not that hard if you believe''


This weeks blog is a very special blog indeed.'You're My Angel' may not be absolutely my favourite song of all time,but it comes very close-certainly in my top 5.I still think 'Brother Soldier is THE greatest song ever written,but I think most people would rank 'You're My Angel' as Dallas's greatest song.It is also unique among Dallas's oeuvre as being her only 100% autobiographical song.This artist is on her way to the top,so that alone makes this song very special indeed. This very beautiful songis Dallas's only purely autobiographical song released as yet. ''I never knew you like my Daddy did'' is Dallas's opening line,for this is her song to her Daddy's Daddy ,her paternal grandfather who sadly she never had the chance to meet on earth.Her next line reveals Dallas's inspiration for this lovely song. ''But I've had dreams that you've been in''. In her real dream,Dallas's grandfather Gerald,visited his granddaughter in order to connect with her and give his support to her from Heaven.His advice from his vantage point from God's divine realm was that she should never let life's earthly limitations be an obstacle to her. ''And you said 'honey,don't let life get in the way' '' Gerald went on to assure the author of his absolute and eternal support He would be her daily guide. ''I'm always here to guide you through every single day'' This is a great song of trust,of faith, with a true acceptance of the mysteries of God's divine order.The author never attempts to dismiss her experience as merely a dream.Her faith is exemplary.She accepts the truth of what she has been shown. ''And I know you're watching over me It's not that hard if you believe''. Dallas likens her grandfather's good influence upon her to her own father's influence.From these masculine forbears in her life,she has gained an inner strength ''Oh you're like my father,my strength within''. This strength has come to the songwriter in the form of a strengthening of her soul through her rock solid faith.' 'You're my faith.You're my soul''. Like much of this songwriter's oeuvre,her song has a strong mystical element.This is born of her open and questing mind, and of her sensitive spirit, which is awake to the sound of that that still small voice- the Divine Presence.Light is a predominant image in the song.Although the scene is a bedroom at night,presumably dark,we have several visual images of illumination.We have the felt bright shining light of Gerald's spirit ''I feel your light :You're shining bright'' We have the seen aura of the stars which the author witnesses alight. ''And I can see tonight the stars alight'' This is one of my favourite lines in the song (I nearly said poem,for this song reads like a poem even independantly of the music.There are just so many beautiful lines and phrases in this song.Another favourite line is ''I can feel the wind as it whispers all night'' As well as the shining visual imagery of light,there are beautiful and natural sound images.There is a suggestion that her grandfather's voice has the soft gentle quality of a whispering wind,for straight after her description of the felt whispering wind,come his words.Gerald calls out Dallas's name then gives her assurance before appealing to his granddaughter to keep him alive in her heart. ''And I can hear you calling out my name Saying 'Everything will be ok,you'll see, But don't forget me'' While the author is experiencing this Divinely inspired dream vision,she is ,of course asleep.So her senses are heightened,for while her body is asleep,her spirit is awake and more alive than ever.So the author sees and hears things more acutely,through her spirit.And the spirit senses through touch,through feeling.Hence light is felt,not merely seen. ''I feel your light'' Similarly Sound is felt not merely heard. I can feel the wind as it whispers'' The whisper is felt.not heard.(to be continued)


Continuing my building a library of great country female vocalists,part 2 lists all +O country bands as well as some great compilations of female country artists that would grace any record library:- All +O country bands AUGUST BASKERY The BE GOOD TANYAS The CARTER FAMILY (yes , I know the band included Saras husband,but he was mainly the talent behind the collection and rearranging of classic old folk songs-the onstage presence was Maybelle (with her new invention of lead guitar) and the voices of Sara and Maybelle-as far as I'm concerned it was these 2 women who founded Country music. There have been some great male country artists, but Country is basically a feminine artform,with help from some amazing male talent.-(Gram Parsons,John Cash,ConwayTwitty,George Jones obviously,Porter Waggoner and many more). But ,in my view,the best,2nd,3rd best all the way down to 30th best country artists are all +O. The COURT YARD HOUNDS The DINNING SISTERS THE DIXIE CHIX The LIVING SISTERS MADISON VIOLET PO GIRL The SECRET SISTERS Now here are some of the best Compilations of +O country artists. 'Beehives& Bumper Bullets :Country Girls Of The 1960s' 'Country Girls' 'Country Woman' 2cd 'First Ladies Of Country' 'Five Ladies Of Country Music' 'Treating Her Wrong: Sweetheart & Heartbreak Songs ' 'Women In Country' 'Rounding Up The Girls' 'Country Women Platinum Collection' 2 CD 'Queens Of Country' 'CountryDivas' DVDs 'Ladies Of Country' also titled 'Queens of Country' in some editions. From time to time I will be making additions to this canon as great new Country singers start out and great new +O Country compilations are released. As well every month or so I will devote a music blog to the oeuvre of one great +O Country artist,picking out the must have albums she has released.Of course it's all Imao as music is such a subjective artform.


Hi,this week I'm doing something different.Here are my suggestions for building a great library of Country Music female vocalists.This week I 'm presenting what I believe is the canon of great country female vocalists,alphabetically,by family name .Fortuitously,starting with A ,we have a lady who happens to own what I consider to be the greatest voice of all time,in any genre: A Dallas Daisy ARNEY B Joan BAEZ (yes,I know Joan's primarily a folk singer,but country informs all her music and she also has one fine country album)Suzy BOGUSS Nell BRYDEN C Laura CANTRELL Mary Chapin CARPENTER Anita CARTER Carlene CARTER Deana CARTER Helen CARTER Janette CARTER June CARTER Maybelle CARTER Sara CARTER Roseanne CASH Beth Nielsen CHAPMAN Terri CLARK Patsy CLINE Laura CORTESE Sheryl CROW D Skeeter DAVIS DAVIS Sisters F Barbara FAIRCHILD Donna FARGO Frazey FORD G Mary GAUTHIER Crystal GAYLE Bobby GENTRY Nanci GRIFFITH H Emmylou HARRIS Faith HILL Sierra HULL J Wanda JACKSON JEWEL Eilen JEWEL Sarah JAROSZ K Alison KRAUSS L Miranda LAMBERT K.D. LANG Brenda LEE Patty LOVELESS Loretta LYNN Shelby LYNNE M Rose MADDOX Barbara MANDRELL Kathy MATTEA Jessica Lea MAYFIELD Martina McBRIDE Reba McENTIRE Lynn MILES Alison MOORER Zoe MUTH Heather MYLES N Jennifer NETTLES P Patti PAGE Dolly PARTON Stella PARTON Gretchen PETERS Kellie PICKLER R Le Ann RIMES Linda RONSTADT Caitlin ROSE S Buffy SAINT-MARIE Jean SHEPPARD Connie SMITH Bill y Jo SPEARS Devon SPROULE Taylor SWIFT T Meg TENNANT Tanya TUCKER Shania TWAIN U Carrie UNDERWOOD W WATSON TWINS Gillian WELCH Kitty WELLS Dottie WEST Lucinda WILLIAMS Chely WRIGHT Tammy WYNETTE Y Trisha YEARWOOD