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For One Of My Best Friends (Part Two)

(cont.) "Although it is all very sad, and somewhat unrelated to what I am trying to send across, it has made me open minded and caring. I saw those children, and I didn't care if they were dark skinned, or white, or if they were heterosexual or homosexual. All I saw was a society, and the saddest part of it all was that, whatever they were, they were all stuck in the same situation, and some of them even smiled in hopes that things would be better, not only for themselves, but for their community. Now I am here in the United States and I see all these groups who go against anti-gay marriage and are trying to silence an organization that has saved thousands, if not millions, of teenager’s lives. How can a society that is so broken and sad, be much more tolerant and caring than a society that lives well and has everything? I am not trying to shut down anyone's opinion, since they are entitled to their own, but does it really matter if we are heterosexual or homosexual, at the end of the day, we all are people, we all are different, but what we must do is build a society where hatred is discouraged just because a person is different. The United States of America is a great country indeed, but wouldn't it be greater if we all learned to accept each other and live together in harmony? Now all I am asking for is a society where a person doesn't have to be afraid of whom he or she is, a society where we can accept each other for who we are. None of us are perfect, and there is no such thing as normal, so please help me spread this message across and let people know that it will get better, but we also need other people to help us make it better."

For One Of My Best Friends (Part One)

This was written by one of my best friends Juan that is originally from Colombia. He has and will always have a very special place in my heart: "I wish that I could put this somewhere, but I really can't. I remember the first time that I was watching the 'It Gets Better' commercial and I almost started crying because I know that it hasn't just been hard for me, it has been hard for many of us. I don't really care if people insult me since I am already made fun of for being Latino and having an accent, now let's add that to being gay. It's all part of who I am and I wouldn't change who I am since it's not hurting anyone. When I was in my History Class, I read a comment that went something like "White people are our God-Chosen people, the black people are lesser than us." I feel like we are going back to that. Although I am not categorizing every person who is against gay rights, since after all, no one thinks the same. I feel like some people are going to always hate just for the sake of feeling superior. It's not exactly the same, and I am sincerely sorry for comparing racism and homophobia since they are both different, but they are similar in the way that they target people for being different. Back in the day, black people were not allowed to be on TV with black people, or not even in the same public spaces. Although less severe, are we supposed to stand by while people try to put us down for something we can't control? Homosexuality is not a choice, nor is it a lifestyle, you cannot change more than can you change the color of your skin. It may be that homosexuality is a gene that has to be "awakened" or it could be that it is caused by the environment a person lives in during the early stages of their lives, but at the end of the day, it's not something we can change. I am considered gay by society and if I had to put a label on my sexuality, then it'd be gay. But I am so much more than that. I am Juan, a guy who wants to help find the cure to life threatening diseases someday, or someone who writes songs that changes lives just like "Keep holding On" by Avril Lavigne did for me, a guy who was raised in Colombia seeing children...even my friends starve. I saw people who couldn't go to school because they had to work in order to just buy a piece of bread. I saw people eating paper and dying of hunger." (cont.)

Life and Love

I just wanted to write a quick message about life and love. I am the type of person that truly enjoys life, love, and people. I believe we are all here for a reason and to help each other as much as possible. Even though our reasons may be different and our goals and ambitions may be different, we are all still members of one race. And that is the human race. We should not judge other people because of their nationality, race, gender, sexuality, or for any other reason. I believe it is our common goal to help each other and to be as supportive as possible under any and all circumstances when we are capable of doing so. I believe one of the reasons I am here is to help as many people as I possibly can and to make a positive impact in as many lives as I can. There are so many wonderful artists on this site and some of you may feel the reason you are here is to make a positive impact with your music. I can promise you that all of you do this each and every day with your music. There is such beautiful and wonderful talent on this site and I sincerely wish you all of the best in all of your endeavors. For those of you that have become my friends through this site I sincerely thank you and it is my pleasure to know you. You and your music have positively impacted me and inspired me. There is a great diversity of cultures, ethnicities, race, and countries represented on this site. I have also made some friends on this site that are gay like I am. It is a small yet powerful example of how we can all come together when we really want to no matter what our differences may be. I am young, gay, and proud and I thank all of you that don't judge me because of my sexuality. I can guarantee you that I would never judge anyone either for any reason. For those of you that have asked, I can also guarantee you that I did not choose to be gay. I have known since the age of five that I had romantic and emotional attachments to members of my same gender. I of course did not know what to call it at the time but this shows I was born who I am. I did not choose to become gay at the age of five. I was just born this way. Just like all of you are born who you are and being ourselves is such a beautiful and wonderful thing, isn't it? I sincerely thank anyone that took the time to read this and I sincerely thank all of you for your wonderful contributions to the music world. I wish each and everyone of you the best in everything and it is my pleasure to know you and to listen to your wonderful and beautiful music.

Cliff Gundersen
Cliff Gundersen  (over 4 years ago)

Nicely done Joshua, very well stated. This world could use more people like you. Take care, Cliff

JoshuaCat  (over 4 years ago)

Thank you very much and I sincerely appreciate your comments Cliff.