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God Knows

Today, one thought has come across my mind more than anything else. God knows. God knows where you're at. God knows what you need. God knows exactly the perfect time for things to take place. God knows. Why do we fight Him so much on things? If we'd just stop fighting, we'd end up with great lives. We need to just stop being so human are start trusting that God knows what He's doing.

The Day's Thoughts 5/30/11

I'm currently in the process of reading a book titled When People Are Big And God Is Small by Edward T. Welch. Fabulous book about "overcoming peer pressure, codependency, and the fear of man". I read the other day the chapter based on the story of Hosea and his love for and marriage with Gomer. As Christians, we know of a great Love and we have faith in Him. We pray that God would share Himself and His Love to us and our world around us. We believe that His Love can conquer all things, including death itself. But as humans, it's quite difficult to truly grasp the concept. How many avenues in today's society speak on forbidden love, a love we don't know, nor can we ever. Movies, music, books, television...you name it! The story of Hosea not only inspires me, but befuddles me. It inspires me to know that God loves us so much that He would come back to us time and time again, no matter how many times we turn our back on Him. He'll always scoop us back up into His gentle embrace and gift us with His precious Love. But it befuddles me to know a Love like this truly exists. I just recently turned 29, which means I have officially been dating for 11 years. And in that short time frame, I've had bad relationships, forbidden relationships, and have compromised myself in all of those relationships...too numerous to count. With a past as I have, I have allowed myself to look unto others for their love and encouragement, attention and desire. I am dependent on others so that I may have that psychological need filled. So when I read of a story such as Hosea's, it's so hard to grasp that God has always been there, waiting. He's always had His hand stretched out to me, waiting. He's always called me by name, waiting. But no matter how many times I turn to Him, I always end up turning my back to Him. I always turn away, telling Him that He's not good enough for me. But yet He's still there...waiting. Ready to embrace me at a moment's notice. Ready to shower me with more Love than I can ever imagine. Ready to give all He has so that I can have a better life. Ready to be the Love of my life. Hosea was the perfect story to show of His Love for us. We always speak of the story of Abraham and Isaac and of the lamb that was slain, just as His Son, Jesus, was crucified for our sins. But rarely do we ever remember the great love story played out by a simple man, who took in the prostitute to be his wife, just because God told him to. The man who, no matter how many times she left to be with other men, gave everything he had to bring her back home with him to be his wife. He loves me. More than anything, He loves me. And I accept that. I embrace that, because there is no other place that I can find a Love as pure, rich, desirable, and perfect. Thank You, God, for Your unfailing Love that always embraces me when I need it...even in the times I don't want it.