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What's coming up this week?

I wish I could make it down to the Guns of Navarone and Allstonians show this Thursday at Johnny D's in Sommerville! I will be keepin' an eye out for more shows thata way though, for sure.


I will be attending the Gourmet Lounge hosted by WXGR this Friday, at Blue Sky, in York, ME. Something in my neck of the woods! Very special info may follow an important conversation that will be had that night. . . Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Last week's adventures!

April Fools show, SuperSka at Sally O'Briens! What a fun band! They are tight despite a rotating mix of who's who's in the Ska/Reggae biz.


I danced through the whole first set, and had a wonderful time. The club didn't have much dancing space, but the music and the atmosphere was fun!

Followed that with a night out with my old college friends. XMortris at TT The Bears. Got there late, but more great dancing, and fun music. Loved that I got to mosh safely. Being 5"1.5" you know, you gotta have a good crowd for that.


Followed up with a great show by the Duppy Conquerors - a very talented Bob Marley cover band. I had to catch a train back to Maine by 11, so only caught the first bit but it was so fun, danced my way out the door to a mint version of Buffalo Soldier! I will be checkin all these guys out again for shizzle.