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I put together a computer with a solid state hard drive, 64 bit operating system and maxed out the memory. I got Pro Tools up, running and ready to rock and roll. Had a power outage and took out the power supply. Thanks FPL. We can always depend on Florida Power to fail. Just a slight delay. The song I'm working on isn't ready to record anyway. I'm writing something country-ish for my first Pro Tools project. "Ish" because I don't do country well. I've got no twang. Looking forward to getting started. As soon as I finish the bridge I'm ready to go.


For quite some time now I have been working to record some songs I had written in the 70's & 80's. I've sort of dubbed this process, "Moments" because that's what these songs represent to me. Moments in my life that prompted me to write. Most of them were in various stages of incompletion and were recorded (most, not all) on single track casstte tapes. Over the years the tapes became fragile and in some cases unplayable. I couldn't playback many of the songs if I wanted to. So, when I equipped my home studio with a digital recorder I decided to revisit some of those songs. In some cases I rewrote verses, some I added or rewrote the bridge, and in some cases I changed the chord structure to make the songs work for me. I wanted to document these songs because they meant something to me when I wrote them and I thought they were good enough to be worth my time. Also, I want to leave my children and grandchildren something of me that they can touch. They can hear my voice and think of me from time to time. Many of these songs are deeply personal and I think convey feelings that are largely universal. At least that's my hope. These recordings are only demo quality (at least I hope) and while I'm an ok guitar player, I'm not a great musician, so they are slave to the limitations of my musical ability. With few exceptions, I play all of the instruments do all voices and production. I see the end of this project approaching with only a couple more songs in progress and a couple more that I may choose to record. Then it will be time to move on to other things. It has been fun.

Red Rock Skyline II

While I started the basic creation process of "Skyline" back in May by creating the drum program, I was diverted from that task to re-record the vocals on "It's Just Like You". No matter how hard I tried, I could not make the original vocal tracks work in the mix. Because they were sub-mixed from the original individual tracks to 2 tracks in stereo I had very little latitude in regard to adjustment. The EQ was horrible and I couldn't fix it. So, I re-recorded them. Now onto "Skyline. I have the drums, & rhythm guitar completed and am now in the process of creating and recording the bass. So, progress is being made. And, I'm having fun. And that's what it's about for me.

Red Rock Skyline

I have started work on the next song to be recorded. As of this moment Red Rock Skyline is next in line. It's a song written many years years ago that has never been properly multi-tracked. This is a continuation of the project that I have been working on for some time that is tentatively called "Moments". Looking back through songs I've written in the past that were either unfinished, raw, or not properly recorded and complete them and give them the treatment that I think they're due. It's important to me for some reason that the thoughts that created those songs have a proper airing and presentation. So, next up, Red Rock Skyline. A song written in Pittstown NY in 1978 while staring at the face of Slide Mountain in the fall and reflecting in the moment.

THE MUMS  (almost 6 years ago)

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