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This is a blog

Good morning Australiaaaaaa! and the various other nations reading this. We're Lipsmack, a smack in the face! And a rock band at the same time... talk about ambidextrous!

So reverbnation recommended we write a blog so our profile can be 62% complete. Well they're not wrong. Let's review and look at all the successful people in the world. I bet Alexander the Great's reverbnation profile wasn't 62% complete until he had a blog too. However in those days his profile would have probably been chiselled in stone or something! People I'm just making this all up.

But nah seriously, I'll try and pin point what we are exactly. Lipsmack is a band of 3 girls. We're a bit of grunge, a bit of World Music but all under the main category of Rock n' Roll! We came together on the basis that music really is a common passion of ours, and we felt the need to express not only our interest in it, but also our thoughts and opinions on this modern day lifestyle. So what better way to negotiate these various expressive elements than in a rock band!

A musical revolution has to occur. I think many are forgetting its original purpose. Music is a special and personal way of expressing emotion. A lot of music these days has absolutely 0 meaning and 0 emotional intelligence. Heck, some of it wouldn't even be described as music! We just want to help create a movement so the authenticity can be replenished within music. The authentic experience of audible emotion!

So hey, why don't you guys join in! Let's bring back good music, create a strong avenue for originality. Let us bring forth a stronger voice and let everyone know that the underdogs have a say!

In summary, check us out at a gig! If you're bored one night chances are we might be playing, and maybe when you see us then this 62% completed blog will make better sense!

"Authenticity Lives Here" Thank you adelaide and rock the hell on!! - Lipsmack