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We Are UK Songwriting Finalists!!!

Dear Fans,

Just to let you all know that with our song 'Say What You Want' - which you can hear on our Reverbnation page, we stormed the UK Songwriting Contest to a booming ''FINALIST'' position!!! in 2007.

In addition, many of our songs which you will find on our Reverbnation page, were highly commended, and given 'SEMI-FINALIST' position including the ever popular 'A New Beginning', 'What Remains Of You' and 'An Open Letter', which again you can hear on our profile, coupled with the lyrics to the songs.

The song 'Say What You Want' was given an incredible 8/10 overall, by the best of the best professionals from the music industry, which include the famous producer, musical director and Doctor of Music Richard Niles and the very talented top BRIT Award winning producer and songwriter Simon Ellis. In addition, other judges which took part in the judging process of 'Say What You Want' were:- the well known BBC Radio Controller Lesley Douglas (now a Director and Head of TV at Universal Music UK), the talented Soul 2 Soul singer and songwriter Charlotte Kelly, the Stage's award winning writer, blogger and BBC radio guest expert Scott Matthewman and many others.

Furthermore, other important people in the music industry that judged the song include: -directors and senior executives of organisations such as The BRIT Trust, The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers, The Music Aid Organisation, The World Music Foundation, The Music Aid Awards Academy, The International Song Copyright Agency, aswell as music industry executives, music journalists and authors.

All The Answers Lyrics Are Up!

Dear Fans,

Just to let you all know, that our lyrics are now up for you to sing along to :)

Hope you all have a great time listening to our songs, aswell as singing them with the lyrics :)

Have a great day!!

Enjoy and new updates will be up soon!

All The Answers

All The Answers Music - Copyrighted Under The British Copyright Council (BCC)

All The Answers Music - Copyrighted Under The ''British Music Copyright Council''

All The Answers Music is protected under the BCC.

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New Original Songs Coming Your Way Soon!!!!

Dear Fans,

Hope you are all doing great :)

Yes!! the subject says it all!! New Songs are coming your way very very soon!!!

2 New Tracks will be available for you guys to listen to here on our Reverbnation site :)

We will keep you updated very soon!!!

Till now, Take Care and enjoy our Reverbnation page :) :) :)

We Love You :)

All The Answers

Welcome To The All The Answers Official Music Reverbnation Page

Dear Fans/Friends,

Welcome to The All The Answers Official Music Reverbnation Page.

Feel free to check out our music, videos and photos.

We will be constantly updating the site with new songs, new videos and photos for all of you to enjoy :)

Please feel free to leave comments and messages as we will respond back to you as soon as we can :)

Hope you enjoy yourselves :)