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the story continues

Really had no ideas I would still be on this path.. figured I would just get a chance to finish some songs I had on the grill simmering for years but it has grown into so much more.. I could not have imagined the love, support, and fun I have been experiencing over the last 3 years.. I would never turn back now and it's all been because of u!! Shalom.......

purplebutterfly8128  (over 4 years ago)

The world needs more amazing artists like you. <3

Raphael  (over 4 years ago)

thanks, i'm not amazing.. but I am enjoying the attention!!

I'm serious!!

Don't take it personal but i can't just fan back everyone that fans me. Mostly its because of the negative nature of the music that is on ur page. While i would never try to convince u that u are on the wrong path, i can't endorse music or artists who's music does not reflect positive on me, my family, or my organizations or goes against my basic standard. If that causes u to "un-fan" me that's cool but i hope u fanned me because of my music not just building numbers. If that's the case i hope u'll still give me ur support. Thank you.

help me grow, but first u have to listen...

i have over 400 visits but only 83 plays. I know u all think my sunglasses are cool but its about the music. It won't make u ill. Maybe even make u laugh. Give me a chance. If u don't like it make a comment. Ur honest opinion will only help me make better music next time. I'm working on my next track "Cyber Girl". Really feeling this one. So give me a play and help me grow as an artist!!! Thanks for ur support.

Is real singing back?

With the success of artists like Bruno Mars i feel i've made my move at the right time. Seems like the days when u had to rap to be a male R&B/hip-hop artist are finally over. Its not the old days when rappers were begging to spit a line on ur tack but at least we're not just singing the hook anymore. I think that as the pendulum had moved back towards center there is plenty of room for good rappers and good singers to do their thing and get respect from the industy and those who love good music. So i'm here doing my thing. Just a good mic, some reverb, and a single track (no layers, no auto-tune) trying to give a good performance in the studio that can be done on stage. its not always perfect, but its me. I'm out there naked, and raw and feeling the rush. Hope it shows?!?!

Raphael  (almost 7 years ago)

Well, real singing cause sore throats! Man mine is on fire, hope i can make it into the studio this weekend. May take the weekend off. As the cold weather arrives all us real singers need to break out the scarves and the vitamin C. If ur voice is ur instrument u need to keep it tuned and protected like any other. Stay healthy and in tune.