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StevieK vocalist New album due out with IRONHEART

Ironheart formed in October of 2013 from the Belfast area of Northern Ireland. The band boast a high calibre lineup of seasoned musicians who have been hard at work to deliver their debut studio album Revolution calls. The album is a self release which was recorded at Mr Hippy's studio in Lisburn. It was then later mixed and mastered at by Shaun Nelson at Steelhammer Studio's then released dd/mm/year. The band expand on the NWOBHM mould with a glorious nod to european power metal. The result is massive songs with soaring clean vocals, screaming guitar solo's and thunderous high octane drumming . Vocalist Stevie "K" who already has a whole body of work most notably with UK hard rockers Escape. A seasoned veteran in many genres really turned it all on in delivering a knockout vocal performance on Revoltuion calls. Working very closely with Nelson throughout the enitre writing process a special bond was forged joined by Tom Heany bass guitar and Jules Watson drums. Shaun Nelson is the out of towner hailing from Glasgow Scotland. Nelson has played with a whole slew of bands over the yrs, most of note was Attica Rage briefly before relocating to Belfast in 2007. He was voted best guitarist at the Scottish regional final of the 2005 Emergenza Band battle in one of Glasgows biggest venues the O2 Academy. Shaun is Stevie K's partner in crime and is one of the two primary songwriters for the band also doubling up as a mix engineer. Tom heaney, Nelson and Watson all worked together in another for three yrs before breaking away to start the Ironheart project. Tom has been a staple for many of the local bands in the Belfast area including Bogus vamp and Conjuring fate to name a few. Tom brings a wealth of experiance and a rock solid work ethic to the Ironheart table. Jules Watson formerly of Sweet Savage is the behemoth behind the drums on Revolution calls. Jules was part of the lineup when James Hetfield of Metalica joined Sweet savage on stage for a momumental rendition of the song Killing Time in Marly park Dublin 2009. Jules had to call time on the band due to illness in the spring 2014. Watson was then replaced by Andrew Munn in august of 2014. Andrew Munn came to prominance on the scene when he joined Sweet Taste in 2011 leading him to play across N.I. Scotland and Hard Rock Hell festival in Wales. After Sweet Taste, Andrew went on to form Black as Heaven which would eventually disband in early 2014 leading him to audition for Ironheart and to push his drumming abilities to the limit and beyond! After an exhausting search to find a second guitar player, enter Stevie McLaughlin who came into the fold in January of 2015. Stevie formerly of Derry based metallers Sandtone, were on a real tear touring in Europe along side former Judas Priest voalsit Tim Ripper Owens. Stevie now joins Nelson who are appropriately dubbed the Tuetonic twins in what can only be decribed as a truley terrifing twin guitar assault. The band are now looking for the oppertunity to go out and deliver energetic live perfomances to promote the Revoltuion calls album.

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StevieK / Rob + AOR Underground

Went to see the debut gig from new UK AORsters, Escape, last night at the Engine rooms, in Skelmersdale. A thoroughly enjoyable experience from a great band. They should go down a storm at Hard Rock Hell AOR in April. A new album is due in March apparently.

StevieK / Rock Garage Review /Germany

And right at this point to come into play Escape. The sail with her debut album "Unbreakable" namely pretty much in the same waters as the above-mentioned groups of me.

Especially of the genre gods FM and the Strangeways seem to have the men cut a lot. The vocal tone of frontman Stevie sounds like a mixture of Terry Brock and Steve Overland, the majestic keyboard work of keyboardist Roland Moog (No shit, which really means it!).'s Absolutely first class and also the drums and the guitar work leave absolutely nothing to be desired Here are absolute professionals who work on the plays in the past, among other things already with Magnum singer Bob Catley.

AOR Melodic Rock Review Belgium

What Escape have come up with on their 11 track debut will no doubt please lovers of classic AOR/melodic rock filled with swirling synths, emotionally charged vocals, catchy melodies and impressive but by no means flashy guitar work. Reference points here are FM and Strangeways and that should give you a good idea of the quality on offer, although you can't put the band in the same league yet.

Some of my favourites are the album's title track with its instantly memorable chorus, the uplifting ”Night To Remember” and the rocky “Rescue Me”.

There's an upbeat feeling running through the entire album even when the band pull on the listener's heartstrings during the disc's 2 power ballads “Best Of Me” and “Moment In Time”.

Steviek / Woodys Rock Review - Midlands Rock

Stevie K is not a typical AOR singer, his powerful voice having more grit and bite to it veering him into the Danny Vaughn / Jeff Scott Soto school of melodic rock singing. I was really impressed with Stevie’s performance and I love the passion in his vocal style, it’s a shame he isn’t more well known I have to hold my hands up and admit this was my introduction to the man, hopefully he’ll be around for many more years to come!

StevieK's "Struggle" rock album out now.

StevieK on Reverb Nation.Com

StevieK's "Struggle" rock album out now.

Well hey you guys and gals, why not join the StevieK music fanbase and get StevieK to No1 in the Local Belfast Rock chart (Presently 23rd)

There will be songs uploaded for free streaming for your pleasure - Enjoy - thanks StevieK

StevieK on Reverb Nation.Com

StevieK on Reverb Nation.Com

Well hey you guys and gals, why not join the StevieK music fanbase and get StevieK to No1 in the Local Rock chart

There will be songs uploaded for free streaming for your pleasure - Enjoy - thanks StevieK