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Lack of blogging, Last Charlie's Gig + Keady with Gascan.

Yo Moth Fuckers! Ain't blogged it up in a wee while, so i thought i should!

Apologise. Please bend down til' we kiss your ass and APOLOGISE. The lack of blogging recently has been appalling. I know how much you all miss it.. :P Tehehe. Anyway, there's a good reason for it and that reason is laziness.. It's due to lack of internets in the Chocohouse right now. More so actually.

What the fuck have my favourite band been doing?!?! Well, that's a great question, we feel privileged by your intrigue. We feel special. So special we could turn up to a Reading and Leeds performance late. So special we could turn up to play Dublin late. And then shout at our audience of fans for the actions of one prick throwing a bottle on-stage and threaten to not play. You better treat us right. One more bottle, we go home. No, we're only joking, your favourite band isn't Guns N' Roses, now that would be a joke. Chocolate Love Factory have been quietly working recently. Working up a sweat, working up an appetite for... rebuilding? Seriously though we have. Over the past few months, we've played the odd gig, but we've been observing whats on offer too. Some of the finer talents Belfast has to offer. Some amazing acts about, and we're totally inspired. Now living together, we hope to construct some new sonic melodies to melt your ear drums and cut your face in half.

Last Ever Charlie's Gig 17/09/10. With a tear in one eye, and a self inflicted cut wound in the other brought on by depression, we said farewell to one of our favourite venues in the world. That little coffee shop on Bradbury place we all know and love. A brilliantly diverse line-up, we were very glad to take part and raise some money for the wonderful proprietors behind the magical little place. Rory feeling a little sick meant our performance prolly wasn't as good as it could've been but we still gave it all we had. A great great little night. Big thanks to Bob and Gerry for asking us to play, and everyone else who was involved.

Arthur's Bar, Keady with those Gascan Fucka's. God we love them boys. On top form, they played a belter. We felt honoured to finally grace the stage with these true riff-i-licious rock stars. ;) They really know how to put on a good show. Another great little night, lovely wee venue, (and a temperature of 100 degrees! - We loooove sweating onstage) we came away with such a good feeling about it all. And a few quid in the pockets - something we came without. We'd like to say a big thanks to everyone who listened and we hope we made a few new fans!!

Much love. PS. Single launch shizz has been delayed due to complete absence of funds at the minute, but as soon as money comes in, it'll go straight back out to the delivery!! Chow for now.