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Fresh Start

Hello beloved people and fans,

What I'm about to say might sound nuts to some and clever to others.

As the ones that are close to me know well, doing this band has been my deepest commitment for the longest time. Since from a very early age I felt the purpose of my life was to make music for most people as possible and give my contribution to the universe through it, and I've been driven to make the moves that brought me to be at the point I am right now at. I've come a long way since the point I started and that's what I like about it.

Just a week ago, due to experiences that were put in front of us by some higher forces and challenged us all, everybody got a chance to think about what they want and where they stand. This challenge-facing experience has been very helpful to bring up the real essence of us all and make things much clearer.

As a result, I decided to restart Franzy from scratch with a new lineup. I know this may sound crazy to some, but I realized how, for the kind of success I am looking for, this is the best choice to make. Please guys don't be afraid, Franzy is not gonna sound any worse after this, it will only sound better!

I have faced so many roadblocks and challenges in my life that I learned to see these types of happenings as growth and positive rather than negative. I have faith things happen for a reason and I'm sure that, even if this is the harder path to pick, it will pay off stronger in the long run.

I feel good about the fresh start and even more motivated to accomplish! Nothing can stop me or turn me down, because a long time ago I made the decision that this is what I'm gonna pursue and I'm not afraid to die for it, it's that simple!

Enough said, now we are AUDITIONING for drummer, bass player and 2nd guitar. Contact me at greetingsfrom@live.com or 857-654-2481

Best of everything, - Francesco

Tony CC
Tony CC  (over 6 years ago)

I really dig the songs and sound you guys were putting out. I will definately be looking forward with much interest to hearing something from the new lineup.

Tony CC
Fayetteville, NC

New York City Show

Dear fans and friends,

Our Friday night show has been a total and unforgettable experience. We left Boston at 4:30pm, as usual with our enormous van. Then the adventure started: We got lost on the way there, taking us 5 and a half hours to get there. We couldn't find diesel fuel anywhere(don't get diesel engines here in the US - just a little tip)

Once in NYC we couldn't find parking ANYWHERE. I don't know how much you guys know about this CITY, but it's a total mess. The parking our manager was looking forward to park the van in, was full and didn't accommodate 15 passenger vans. Looking for another parking spot, we risked to run out of fuel 134 times, shitting in our pants. After phone calls, panic, hysterical laughs, we finally ended up getting parking and taking a CAB to the venue. Here we waited 20 minutes in the COLD outside waiting to load the gear.

Despite all these things, we still were pumped, and actually after such a CRAZY night we certainly felt like we didn't come all the way here to give up. We went on stage and we RULED and BROKE SKULLS. We delivered the best performance we possibly could and the people loved us. We got lots of new fans: it felt so good. New York really is such great environment. People here understand great rock performers and welcome you with due warmth.

It was one of those experiences that you got to stop one second and understand that sometimes life puts you thorough challenges, but even in those very moments it' so important to not give up and keep the spirit up. Keep the faith that a reason for all of it will soon be found, and the reward you get for dealing with obstacles the right way is so fantastic. It was such an honor to play at Arlene's. Thank you - We look forward to come back here and spread some more Franzy love. We'll take over, I swear.

- Francesco[

Francesco's BDAY


I just wanted to say thank you very much for the birthday wishes, the gifts and the awesome show you made possible with your support and presence.

It was an amazing time, I feel really blessed for having such great people around me. No joke.

Wherever I go in the world there is always something great to learn, to take and to give.

I'm so proud of my friends and these guys in my band. A special thank you to you

I love you so much! Blessed be, - Francesco

New Everything

Hello loves,

Last week has been a great one.

We got FINALLY done with our new Website, we finished mixing the new tracks. Parallel to this we were playing shows out of state, dealing with merch orders and whatnot. Everything that's been done has been a challenge in such little time and little resources. But we've done it.

I am personally really content with what has been done and I invite again everybody to reflect on the power of intention, commitment and strong will. There is nothing, and I say NOTHING that can't be achieved by any person as far as these 3 elements are put in 100%. We, human beings, are the manifestation of Gods on Earth. We are put here with that awareness, and it's our very godly nature to allows us to make the unachievable achievable.

I'm thrilled for the near upcoming shows, this Friday in Hamden(CT) with LVDM and Saturday at Church club for my birthday. It's gonna be a blast and a ton of energy. Hope to see you there.

Also, please know that on our brand new website(www.franzymusic.com) you can download our new EP "Blue Rainbow", download amazing wallpapers with our pictures (taken by the great Eric Stossel), buy TSHIRTS, sign up to our mailing list and check out all kinds of news and updates!

We love you! Kisses, - Francesco


Hey guys, a bunch of quick but really excellent updates.

mmm actually, first I wanna ask YOU: have you ever had JET FUEL? it's a type of coffee and now I'm all hyped up on it...

Also I want to share with you my enthusiasm about an experience I had the other day...I randomly met the head of marketing for Gilette at the gym and, since I was using the Gilette Fusion razor and I was stoked about its greatness, the guy rewarded me with $40 worth of new blades! YEAH! Be good and you'll be rewarded!


- The new 3 tracks are coming so soon! They're being mixed as we speak, hope you'll love them as much as we do!

- We got a brand new design for our upcoming T-shirts! It looks awesome.

- We planned our focuses for the next chapters, we've done incredible things this fall and we are determined to move on at the same fast pace.

- We are still looking for a business partenership, we are waiting to hear back from Boloco, Bgood, Rock paper scissor and many more!

We have lots of shows coming up, hope to see you at AT LEAST one of them! Much Love, - Francesco

Last night

Thank you so much guys for coming out last night, you made the night. I realized how fueling you people are to us, you give us the energy and propellant to be great on stage. No matter if the people in the audience don't care at first, our most fun challenge is to make them give a fuck by the end of the night. Thanks again, hope to see you again here in Boston again on December 4th, my birthday. We will be performing there!

We'll be at the end of this month in NH, Best love, -Francesco

New EP coming soon

Hello guys we wanna announce the imminent coming of new killer tracks. We're gonna be spending the next week 8 hours a day in the studio to get these new songs done. Stay tuned, you'll love them!


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