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anybody know of some family friendly jams? i have a toddler and a nother on the way, can't really go tot he bar scence's ect but would love to know of some local jams and open mic's..i see a few here and there but i never know if they're an "always" on thing or if they're "just for tonight" events. I loved the cliffs jam but i guess support for the venue fizzled to sucha degree people actualy brought they're own food!!! disgusting!!!. anyway support your venue's people, tips and coffee's don't cost much but they make a huge difference to the eyes of the venue holder, it's respect by not going to an establishment to enjoy what they have worked hard to put on and getting "water" as your order!. support those that support you without venues we would have nowhere to support us!!!!....my rant for the day .....:P


Need locals to help me record. I have neglected my writing and even practice for that matter. been singing lots at work but xmas carols and those old time tunes are great for vocal practice but i need to warm up on the guitar again. considering finding more covers i like.....hope that i can start settin up some newer stuff for ya"ll to critique. wish me luck and motivation!

crazy days

so lately i've been busy! my phone is in getting repaired, im applying for more jobs trying to find the "right one" anticipating the release of the "enderby's got talent"cd and looking after my daughter and % horses (three of which need attention) so i've been slow on the writing and getting in touch wiht new music, however i did pik up an old cd from the sally ann, skye sweetnam, good cd, find her she's punky and fun! ttyl

save your life

just thought i'd post a little info about this track that i managed to figure out how to upload. I was sitting in the middle of the living room floor jammin on my guitar, my boyfriend busted out his handy dandy i phone and hit "record". I had no idea i was just improvising, see if i liked what came out of my head. after i ran out of lyrics to spill i thought "o how i wish i could remember some of that". I was glad to discover that he had recorded some of the song and with the help of Stacy and Clint i got it uploaded onto reverb nation to share with ya'll. this is what i REALLY do...im not great at recording, public performances are few and far between, but on the spot improv straight from the heart and soul. That's my thing....and now i can share it, and REPEAT it......something I've never been able to do before. It used to be only the blessed few who happened to be sitting within earshot who got to enjoy some of my most impresssive tunes........:D enjoy.


awesome, now I have streamed save your life. ha. this tune is a spontaneous blossom of sound, there was no preparation, no queuing....I was playing, and Matt hit record on his iphone. totally unexpected unrehearsed unsought of before lyrics, idea's, and also, will only ever be retrieved via this one recording. Thankyou Stacy for learning how to turn memo's into mp3's using itunes. and loading it for me too.

Music misses me

Days of christmas have passed and now we come upon a year that is supposed to be all brand new and what not...id like to go back to the OLD this year. back to the OLD me. the me that used to play for hours and write relentlessly and all that fun jazz. but i think i need help i think i miss my jammin friends. you all meant so much to me and i wish you hadn't either moved away or gone on with your lives and all that jazz. but alas time flys by and we all must carry on and grow and learn and do differnt things i guess. i mean, i went to college and had a kid, NO WONDER im not writing everyday im exaughtsted! so...all u ppls out there who r in de area, hook me up. drag me out, or join me in my home! god anything!!!! i need a butt kicker to get my writing back in gear, or a workout buddy, i find the more active i am and the more im out doing things the more i am inspired to write. so come! drag me out walking! or drag your bongo's or bass or guitar into my house! and PLAY! music is all around us but the music i miss is the music that comes from my heart, and lately i am needing a new start on an old love. here's tot he new year bringing me forth the encouragement and motivation to leave my computer plugged in and accessible for new idea's of songs to be written!...ect...ect...ect.....3

back from.......everything?

Last time I took the time to take a look at ReverbNation I was impressed, and a fair bit confused. I'm computer literate yes but not pro at all. I've been busy with college and a baby but now as I await a phone call to fill a position I have some time to spare and I wound up back here. Wish me luck as I explore again and re-discover why i started up on ReverbNation int he first place!


discovering this site...wonder where it will take me...