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Elliptical Optusion liner notes

ocelot omelet are:

C. Austin LaVere - bass, vox, keys

Whiz - six-string spaceship

Eric James Peterson - drums

produced by ocelot omelet recorded may-august 2011 at the Eggplant, Seattle, WA engineered, mixed and mastered by C. Austin LaVere sept. 2011 all songs written by ocelot omelet © 2011 except 3,4,7,9 © 2010 Cover art and design by C. A. LaVere

new e.p. - [ O ] - liner notes

ocelot omelet

[ O ]

otto nomic - bass, vox

shawn blomberg - sax, guitar, keys

whiz - spaceship

brian bbarett - drums





© 2010 ocelot omelet

lyric archive #1

black hole

oh, zero bore straight through you nothing to it hero; heroine we love you alone all alone

keep your eyes on the horizon keep your distance or else be cut by the edge

mother you've got one in the oven it found you like a stream to the ocean and your child bullseye baby's first tooth canine

oh, keep your eyes on the horizon let it go to your head be torn to shreds

once you get too close it don't let go...



now that you've finally got it all so proud of what you have become i'm up to my eyeballs in the code designed to dissolve you and implode

winning me over would be dull i'll have to demote you as result the gawking vultures are displaced darling, let me hold you as we're erased now we're real

and now that the closure is appraised this overexposure will take all day i'm glad you're not going anywhere we're about to vanish into thin air remember when we dissolve we're real real

and now that we've got that through you're skull you don't have to feel so all alone a wave, a particle or ray will find a use for you someday remember when you dissolve you're free free


artificial resuscitation

we are frosty silence too cold we are glossy vibrance to glow

we are acosted science to know we are a cross alliance to gold

so artificial so superficial we're living instead.

we are telescopic violence to show we are a prompt defiance too slow

so artificial so superficial- are you still with us? so superstitious cutthroat and vicious


genome II

spend an hour or two trying to hammer it out don't amount to wings though you get a star for effort spend an hour or two trying to hammer it out finally got your wings though you're no angel

it's the same thing as before

spend an hour or two looking at my time held on for way too long held on for dear life spend an hour or two looking at the world you're not anything that's alive you're not a ghost

it's the same old old

i got it---

it's the same old old

spend an hour or two trying to hammer it out you'll make dust fom you're bones trying to figure it out spend an hour or two trying to hammer it out and if you feel you're conscience abandon, run

it's the same old, same old


underwing order

just one glance into the box leveled the temple and law and what you idealize have all become lies while you were laughing it off

i don't bite

first person facade tired and let down howling out at night pulled in undertow we can drag it out for a lifetime for so long

well i'm impressed if we're not in love i'm gettin' my best- don't doubt it now just one more drink and i can hardly think you got it all move in close whisper your name

your porcelain hips your heroin lips aching flaming sinking ships

one leg up above- no, that's not love i'm thinking you're letting my head go well i'll be damned warning light in your head goes off and i go mayday could've been the long afterglow

lyric archive #2

groundhog's lament pt. I

oh, the others other than i don't be afraid now you wear your cloak you know we're right i see a shadow right between you're eyes

are you aware of what it takes? your autograph and two more weeks now you are locked in a room so act your age you are running out of space

now where'd you go? underground? you never rise

this feeling changing shape will you know? when you swap out hearts again will you know? the slice lines will you know? the way to die the talk the walk because.


get to work [it's a priviledge]

forget the floor it never happened i'm getting lost in three dimentias

a garbage fly don't have a hobby we'll be standing by incase the spiders fly they're just standing around what do i pay you for?

it seems you're face is a bit out of place no extremes tastes like mystery soon you're star struck- open up open wide

so suck it up time is money; you're expendable it would be wise for you to embrace a life of misery so drop the fight

stay strong no you're not wrong pray you're faith is strong not lies

get back to work don't solve nothing with words you know you've got to stay right here you lost the fight play strong fake it till they say so lay strong, go


the other side of the glass

where you never go in the back of your mind there's that little voice the one that's not so kind in the dark in the morning in the sad hours of the day in the dust in the floodland in the lust of the day you'll find me

through the placid eye in the blink of an eye you pretend you're an island reliable, right?

but you will never find me in the garbage in the grass in the winter that passed in the dirty glass

in the land in the timeline in the dust of you and i in denial of your love of heights you'll be there lizard eyed

don't you wish you could fly?

bring on the fear how they lied. brother, how they died. how they died

lyric archive #3

phantom lobotomy pt. II

you say you have dissapointment without a doubt we can smile and we'll be o.k. let it out, feel down, or let it all hang- better that than this virus thing that entered my head that's why i don't really say more than enough lies i know thy name no you don't call it out call it alright

high fly cry

what are they doing you brought it up and brought it on, why? without a doubt, you rotted out and robbed it all blind we'll write it here don't know who will get it all right my mind is this- one egg sunny side up on cast iron

don't let on you just say you want it all right but on the day that you lose you're not at all high no not insane girl, no lord, not at all high no not insane still one phantom lobotomy

the ball you dropped, yes on and on in your terrible mind rotting flowers crawling up on your leg what a neat little veil for all you know you don't know why


angel of the state

say that i don't care still remember the moray there's a lemonade behind you there so you know it's okay

turned around

we all rely on enlargement but now that i'm dying for a little light we put it in a locket we're gonna have to go about it right

gold is glittering lies and flies grow around your eyes

put a little on and you'll learn i'll bet you thought about the boy you like put a little out and they'll know about you

so high a mallet only knew proud and so divine and all is riding on the angel of the state

an eye for an eye.


you can lead a horse to water...

archaic tree is falling for me last week filled up my machine and i can't lead a blind horse to water but sadly he's calling to me

he's staring at me with that hollow horse eye his bones glow green i wonder how he died he's lying to me through his rotten horse teeth but it's pointless you see to kick him when he's deceased

oh, horse skeleton why do you vex me so? it's been weeks so i can sleep- will you please cease your glow?

he's talking to me 'bout his pasture pals and toxin teas; how they lost a few cows but it's hard to believe all the stories he tells let alone how he speaks without a fleshy horse shell


man eating bananas

they give bananas pets open to baseball keep an eye on it- monkeys can't talk

now his evil powers grow is this your world?

can't you stay? we'll get to man eating bananas let the monkeys plan safe in their hideout don't you want our own safety? oh man. i wanted bananas

well i tell you what- you can't roll that coin try talking backwards i can't do that when i'm sober

in my ballcap you waste your snail spitting glass

it's all over boss throw the peel

they gave me a good talking to someone should've come up with a better word for you

they can tell the difference between circles and squares they can tell the difference between apples and pears they can tell the difference between a man and an ape

man eating bananas 1, 2, 3- totally unreal bananas

new EP

the EP is done, and boy are we excited about it!

copies will be available very soon for the incredible price of $5! that's a dollar a song!

here at ocelot corporate headquarters, we are committed to giving you the most bang for your buck!!!

we starved a drunk and set him to the many, many tedious hours of tedious mixing. we paid him nothing as he worked tediously, night and day, until, tediously, he emerged with a sonic trip through time and space, a record with depth and color, expansive and experimental.

anyway, that's our pitch, buy it!

ocelot omelet