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Well im back on here to send my thanks out again....gained another 1000 fans and im up to 2000 and counting...its a beautiful blessing....Heart Of A Lion will be here within a few days and I cannot wait for yall to hear it...I promise you wont be disappointed...but I really just wanted to send a thank you out to everyone rockin with me for your support...it means the world to me to have you rockin with me on this journey...WERE ALMOST THERE!!!! I LOVE YALL - PA


Wow....just broke 1,000 fans....to some, that is nothing....to me, it is priceless....throughout all ive encountered and had to overcome, i have over 1,000 people who are willing to listen to the stories of my journey....i will never forget these moments....THANK YOU ALL, YOU ARE THE FORCE BEHIND THE BEAST THAT IS PA 11:11

My Message

ive tried....many times....and failed many times....but i continue to work towards my goal....for i have far too many people depending on me to ever let up....my family is my motivation, my desire to succeed....and that will never change...i have made promises that most could never imagine, and i fully intend on carrying out those promises...my love is for music, my aim is for greatness, and me, well IM A MUSIC MACHINE MADE INTO A MONSTER....I AM PA1111

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