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Doc's Cafe

What a fun place! Other than feeling right at home and surrounded by warm friendly people, I felt like i was playing at a neighborhood nack yard BBQ. A woman came up tm me to comment on "the River" I told her to watch reverb nation as I am gong to re-record it and post it for her. It really is a beautiful song. Here's to the many people out there that listen and take the time to come to me with their comments!

Why I love playing for the Ederly

I play alot of nursing home gigs, and I just want to share how much I enjoy doing them. It feels so good to be able to brighten an hour of someone's day, get them moving, smiling, taking them back to "better days" through a song, and in some cases, even bringing someone out of their shell. Every musician should book these gigs! Where the bar gigs can be fun, (and sometimes trying when you feel like background music against a bunch of people who are only interested in drinking)..Playing for the elderly is truly rewarding. You may have to learn stuff you never heard before, from an era you never experienced, but that's ok! Learning is good, and it's all part of it, and now you get to experience a piece of their era through music! Some of these people may have been in bands themselves, spent their paychecks going to see these artists, just like you did, and you are giving them back their memories of these good times. When I pack up my gear and walk out the door, I'm left with the feeling that a made a difference..maybe big, maybe small, in someone's day and or life, and hope that someday, when I get to be that age, that if I can't still play, that someone will be there to play for me. Music IS the universal language, Like paint and canvas are to your eyes, Music is to your ears..and seeps into every pore to make you alive again.

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