working very hard to develop my style find my voice to find my place in the world of music and art, the time of contemplation hard work meditation teachers in hard. always loved music since the time I was a child, mom always tells stories of me beating pots kitchen as a baby boy this was a way of keeping me by and pacify, well pretty much the same way till this day playing performing my music mixing it the entire process . funny always realize the special place I had in my being, mom when I was young would buy any instrument, especially Christmas time my birthday.

Sometimes after mom come back from a party she would call downstairs to performing fun of herself and her friends, me dance and sing and all the adults trying to hang. then after the accident, which costs my injury, would not evermore known as that North Philadelphia little kid that can dance and Play and make his music. mother was very hot, in every man around newly and she knew it as a single mother and she worked it like a genius so as a kid growing up in Philadelphia on my block in my area every knew who I was, even as a kid after my accident occurred disappointed.

up to now my names Henry smalls front door I am an entrepreneur on my own martial arts my own publishing company. Featured in TV movies magazine been written about in books photographs countless interview developing into a entrepreneur producer participating in film and television projects the funny thing so why is always escape. being free of obligation real format, making music creating emotion sound as you dream out loud. well not beating a dead horse, by now understanding gift I now know what to do clearly, understanding one's ability to create from thought to manifestation in a material way. Born to create music , trained to be a teacher. NOW a warrior trained ready sword sharp know thyself. as music industry is concerned , it is a music created by me is something people want to hear in this hot praying in a given audience with the need, to stay hot, and you will always find a safe port.

spent a lot of time working on social media promotion and advertisement, understand it now is always about the why.

. Mark created my own website in order to sell my music directly to fans of my music and the other material that I am creating to buy directly from me this is a new technology maybe do we have the future so most the time and tried to bring people to my website so they can buy directly from me if this formula works, may be revolutionizing how music is given out as far as artists, given artist more power more time to create. as a independent artist you always have to be self-motivated costly promoting your work, which is a juggling act if you are creating is producing plant estimates and so forth, although it can be done if you love what you doing.

I do what I do I learn truth comes from within no matter how horrible a wonderful it always starts from you. message in the music. Henry smalls/ SUMOMO just watch me do my thing www.thothmusic.com

To fans thank you Keep going i

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1st of all I would like to think all of the fans on reverb nation. As a independent composer songwriter musician artist engineer promotion performed video director editor and it goes on, thank you for the recognition it's like adding fuel to the fire to continue forward. One of the more important rating system to see your fan base growing , your rising through the noise being heard, keep going. Also understanding with the changing attitude toward the purchasing of music now if it clear understanding of music creativity and selling music to an audience is the same but not the same, when understanding with shattered which composition will end up for sale movies commercial licensing video or just because, through this site REVERBNATION, make decisions regarding the caliber of songs I put out for sale, after creating a catalog of music just sitting on the hard drive plus loving to record new music, not complaining watching a fan rating increase alongside seeing my music being listened to daily basis is a lesson keep going.

THOTH MUSIC SUMOMO By next year my movie project

Year of the Dragon,2012

As an artist I realize how much, I have been concentrating on the process of creating my art. lesson sharing my art with others. as a young kid I was given great praise as a martial artist, not knowing why only loss in the process of my techniques. also as I begin as an actor being cast in films still lost in the process of the craft. As praise and accolades began to follow me it only cost me 2 wonder, I questions others motivation for their attention towards me, again lost in the process the technique. I have cultivated myself with a peaceful life here in Hawaii, I have my own swordsmanship school known all over the world, cultivated a recognized technique unique to myself, even within my Asian community brothers. life is more than technique life is sharing, with great talent comes great responsibility with boldness I will share my God given gift in the world it will not die in darkness, I am a warrior for life and I will not fade in the sweet good night so easily. SUMOMO DOJO 4LIFE to my music


2011. What is the life? What is the end of life. What is the begining of life? What is love. What is time? What is you? What to hope for? What is that you love? What is. What is a you? What is a us? What is in a day? What is it that you do? What do you do? What do they say you do? Do be do be do be do just be then just do. Sumomo' dojo. You can have your way but is my. Way is in each day to see what is?



Health.. Learn your body eat right,, exercise, work hard, take care!! Rest.. The body is just like any other machine maintenance, it needs rest, take time on yourself, collect your thoughts, GET your rest!! Action.. Without IT, There is no change!! Time.. Time is a commodity, spend it, wisely!! Forget.. Sometimes you have to learn to forgive, TOO do that you have to forget. Balance.. Be fair to yourself, and be fair about others. Laughter.. Don't be afraid of fun, let your laughter out, like a kid, on a playground!! creativity.. Here what is around you, noticed the shapes those sounds around and produce you. metaphysical.. if you wasn't you who would you be there's more to life than the everyday scene. SEE..What. is.. They say that every day is the same, although you should see a difference