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Writing Songs Again

Great to be back writing songs again .It's one of my fav things to do with the LORD .

The First Ones in a Fight

Now the US army is good and brave and all that but in God's army they send out the musicians first ,no guns just guitars and drums and such .They sing and play before the enemies of GOD.Yes they make great targets but they also teach true faith and courage. The enemy says "If that is their musicians ,just think how mighty the army of GOD must be ! " And the Children of GOD will be encouraged by their Brothers .Oh if it were so today my Brothers and Sister .I read an ad for "church" musicians; it stated that all musicians were welcome ,you didn't need to be a mighty man of valor or even be saved.Now I could have used that $150 a week but thank God I was over quantified for the position...

Sept. 20 thru Oct 21 2011

I feel lite as a feather.I read the KJV Bible cover to cover.It is the 15th time in 18 years I've done this and each time is one of the best experiences in God I have known .It wasn't about how fast I read but if we honor HIM, HE will honor us .Reading the Word of GOD , all the Word, is wonderful .Jesus is the Living Word of GOD......Praise GOD....

Cover to Cover 2

Started reading Mark now ,hope to finish in a week or to and start recording some new songs

Cover to Cover

I read the KJV Bible for many good reasons .When I was saved 16 years ago I read it cover to cover 6 times in that many years besides group, church reading ect .6 hours a day was about the least I'd read in a day.For the past few years I still read every day but not near as much .I'm reading the Bible again cover to cover now .If you have never read it ,in order,every WORD .I encourage you to do so.It is a blessing and life changing experience ,

My Crummy Mic

In 1999 i bought a $50 dollar mic .in the past dozen years I have begged,cried,praying often to get a decent mic.A year ago I got my 1st DAW so I could start to lay down 30 or so of the hundreds of song ideas I've penned down over the years .I did scratch vox tracks to work with.Maybe 5 takes maybe 10 at the most at 3-4 A.M.so the planes ,dogs and traffic aren't so bad .I have redone these over and over to learn to mix but never redid the vox cause I got a crummy mic,why bother .I have had to learn or invent many things to get that crummy mic to sound ok .I have edited those Vox till I think I've burned a hole in the digital lol impossible but I have. . After a dozen years with that crummy mic I can at long last thank God with my whole heart for it .When I look back I never would have had to struggled if I had a better system than my lil $300 DAW and my $50 crummy mic .What a wise awesome LORD is MY GOD.Someday yea maybe I'll get to try it on a real system but at this stage I'm very happy and yes even blessed with my crummy mic...

Jesus Jesus Jesus

That's what it's all about ...Jesus...All this stuff in the world is to take our eyes and our hearts off Jesus.I must be getting old and soft ,It's time for a revival to read,pray,and fast more;to diligently seek the face of God .

Long Walk off a Short Pier

I kinda freaked out for my 53rd birthday.I gave up on everything and everyone.I was done with the world and everything .I walked out and was gonna go sit on top of the mountain till Jesus came and got me. .Well after a 10 hour walk in the rain God helped me figure out, if I can't love the ones I SEE how can I love HIM who I can't see.Next year I'm just gonna sit on the pier and fish!

I'm Very Happy

Well I have all the complaints that most people report but still I'm very happy.Just have a warm glow clinging to me ,I'm mostly happy but today is great ,Nothing happened to make me happy.But I'm really happy ,even got in trouble with the wife cause I'm giggling...But what's new...

New Sounds

Really working hard the past few weeks on my songs .very excited to be going to everyone's pages .Some really interesting sounds here ...