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Take Back Popular Music (Explict)

I'm a huge music fan. I'll give anything a listen at least once. I will check out all genres and usually find a track or two I like. For example I do not like Raggae or Techno. I'm just not into that style of music, but on my iPod I have the best of Bob Marley and Sandstorm by Darude. I am saying this because I am yet to find anything worth listening to that currently is topping the pop music charts. The current state of Hip Hop is garbage. I'm not talking about real artists like Eminem, Kanye, or Jay-Z. They actually write songs that that have a message. I'm talking about artists like Flo Rida, T-Pain and Wiz Khalifa. All they rap about is partying, hitting the club and fucking. It's all disposable. As soon as the new single drops the last one is forgot. No one is going to remember Wild Ones in 6 months. Hip Hop is currently in their hair metal era. Their lyrics are the same as the shit that Winger, Ratt and Poison sang about. If it wasn't for a VH1 reality show non of those bands would be relevant. Now Motely Crue came from the Hair Era so it wasn't all bad, meaning that there might be hope for 1 of the current chart topping artists. This however is not the case for a gnere I'm yet to find anything worth a shit. I'm talking about Dubstep. I hate Dubstep, FUCK DUBSTEP! You read that right I just said FUCK DUBSTEP. I try to never dismiss a whole genre of music, but I've given up. I work at a bar and I've heard 100's of dubstep songs. They're all the same. Random high pitched noises, ultra low bass undereneath and random shit being said/screamed over the top. CALL 911 NOW!!! I know I'm a metalhead and even Korn did a Dubstep album. I was a huge Korn fan. I've seen them 5 times in concert before Head left the band. Follow the Leader is one of my all time favorite albums and Take a Look in the Mirror I feel is the best album Korn made. The Path of Totality is shit. It's a medicore Dubstep album at best. Glitch Mob said it best in 1 of their songs "They're not artists because no one can play the guitar." Dubstep is a fad and it will fade. Metal will never die. The biggest tour every year in the US is Mayhemfest, and before that it was Ozzfest. Iron Maiden is still selling out venues across the world. Van Halen is currently on a huge headling tour. Metalheads we know what real music is, the cream always rises to the top. Start converting Dubstep fans to real music. Start them Easy with bands like Van Halen, Halestorm or even Godsmack. Start bringing non metalheads to rock concerts, our genre is ment to be seen live. All it takes is 1 good concert to start the infection that has no cure. Spread the Faith Grow the Army. -Money

Stagga Lee
Stagga Lee  (over 5 years ago)

First of all; i'd like to let you know that I am a die hard hip-hop head; so I was around back in the 8 0s when people were still sayin that hip-hop was a fad;and wouldnt last;so I know how it feels to be into something so heavy;and have everybody else ridiculing it'But lets be honest;this dubstep shit has got to stop.None of this "music" will be relevant in a few short years. You think anyone will be playing Skrillex at their weddings in 10 years? I dont think so.How did this trash even get its own labeled genre? I am a true music lover;I like metal,rock,pop,shit, I even bump Justin Beiber from time to time.But loading up a sound bank on an MPC 2000 with 20 sounds and then using them repeatedly ,in a different order(Hello Skrillex), to "remix" other artists songs is not hot'How this clown got nominated for a grammy is beyond me.He should be executed by firing squad. This music could not survive without exstasy,yet this dude consistently sells out huge venues. I have seen tapes of these shows. He stands behind a bunch of computer equipment pressing buttons while those who are not tripping their faces off stand in the front row craning their necks staring up at him.I mean,if you like to look up that much,give more blowjobs.Obviously his barber is a big fan,cuz he was obviously under the influence of hallucinegetics when he cut dudes hair.Im a hip-hop artist(no,not a guy with a myspace band page,that doesnt qualify in my world) and i always correct people when they call me a musician. Your not a musician unless you can play an instrument.Period.Go back to Fruity Loops, you fruity nincompoop,I can make better beats on my cell phone.And for all the artists out there who used to be hot,and now call these dubstep "producers" to remix their shit so they can stay relevant,please give it up,you had your time,but its over now.Be a man,admit it,and let go.

An Army Shattered

Metalheads, come out of hiding. I know you exist. There are more than 30 of us in this town. This I can guarantee. Right now we are an army shattered. Are you scared that society will treat us like it always has, with a judging eye? Why are we to blame for a passions? Who are they to judge? We have all been alienated because of our taste, but now it is our turn. Come out from hiding, put the facade away, and show them who you truly are. And if they should judge, join our ranks. Right now we are an army shattered, but we must band together and, through supporting our community, take back what is just as much ours as theirs, the music.

Bill  (over 3 years ago)

Nothing's shattered, really. Quite a bit of it is self-inflicted, with the metal camp tearing itself into little mini-factions (black metal, death metal, screamo...I could go on). And as those factions get more extreme, the audience shrinks. But there is hope. Google "Rockfest" for one example, or look at the number of parents who bring their kids to Iron Maiden shows (as an example).
Ya gotta remember, too, playing metal well takes talent and more than a couple of people. Rap is cheap...cheap to produce, cheap to put on if you're running a venue, and cheap to manage. They also got to corner the market on angry while grunge was busy feeling all introspective and sorry for itself.
Lastly, it's about respect. I'm not a fan of screamo, but I can respect people who are. Metal can be many things, and we need to remember that it's about that, not what clan in the metal tribe you follow.

Discrimination of Metalheads

I will not let metal die in this town. I am sick and tired of the negative attitudes people associate with hard rock/heavy metal. Just because our music has screaming does not mean it is always angry. It is passion, it is emotion, and it is the human experience. This is what drives our music, not hatred. I understand you have a business to run, and metal may not bring in large crowds compared to other music genres. With this being said though, you are pushing away a demographic of customers and, most of all, killing art and expression by not letting certain bands play.

Black Orchids Bloom
Black Orchids Bloom  (over 5 years ago)

Say it brother.