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New Album for 2015

"An Evening @ The Tardis" A collection of music & style inspired by & dedicated to: "Dr. Who?" and all our friends back at the BBC (Television Network)

Sur Rod

Daniel, spent some time with your music today. Brilliant tunes like Angels, Roses, & Stars, Heretic, Alien, and Dogrunner blues remind me what a musical genious you are!

Re-Engineered Music Video (Prometheus Cut)

: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos?pid=5933604185774930978&oid=111394088630096257058 VenusAxis: "Re-Engineered"(Prometheus Cut) Music Video

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;8--D "Kewllness!"

I want to say thanx to all my friends out there ;:--D "Reverb Nation ROX!!!!"

welcome to the universe

we hope you will enjoy all of our hard work.

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