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one minute piece i wrote for a big slam hope yall like it

I am naturally a diseaster w/o you- Thoughts of you break eyes leavies with this katrina brewing in my chest- I am Haiti- Broken into rubble and rubbish from each 7.0 measured step you took outta my life Your smell still lingers infected with depression- I puke memories of you often...as if the scent of your perfume was made by Cholera- I dread the bitter sweet remains of you in my brain- The coldness in my heart is soothed with the global warming of your voice- You melt the ice capped scabs of healing from my heart, spreading salt water pain into my fresh water scars- I've dies over 400,000 deaths over the past five thoughts of you genociding my spirit like Darfur- Your absence is officially the worst humaniterian crisis of the 21st century- Baby I am naturally a diseaster w/o you- Please- Come Home///// .