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the video

so its true!!!!! the new video for my song Worst of Me is here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKJGtkQvJDY just click on the link and it will take you to it. thanks to an awesome friend (Brad Bitler) as far back as Pioneer Elementary, i now have my first official video. www.bradbitler.com. so i know people will be wondering about some things they hear on the song so let me give all of you the run down on this track. Worst of Me: recorded LIVE in Echo Park in Oct.2010 at Cdp Events Studios. (Jordan Richardson) Lee Madeloni on electric guitar and bass Imani Devi-Brown on Cajon Naia Kete on backround vocals Martin Purtill on guitar and vocals this recording session was one of the fastest and most incredible musical experiences i have ever been a part of. close friends together all supporting each other in what we do. everyone was there to respect each other and respect the music as well. i hope that i can record again like this in the future with the people that i love and can have the same, if not better time. again thank you to all of the people who were a part of this song and video. one love teen

in the new!

well hello, this past year has been....well to tell you the truth it has gone by in a blur and i feel as if i just closed my eyes and opened them up to miss all that went on in 2010. it was the year for TEEN ON TOUR and i had a blast. met some great people and made new friends. it was also a year for making a point to do more with my music. coming up in 2011 my music will be taking on more of me. i hope to get the first Martin Purtill album or EP out. still working on if i want a full CD or EP. what would you like? i also have just finished my first music video with a great friend Brad Bitler. he is amazing with the video camera. www.bradbitler.com. the video will be coming out in the next few weeks so look for it online and give me some insight to what you think of it. now its time to focus more than i have and get some music out to all of you and go on the second TEEN ON TOUR. more like the 2.0 version. i hope to see you all on the road and in this coming year. one love and stay blessed. teen

TEEN ON TOUR (the end)

so it is official. TEEN ON TOUR has played his last show last night in chico. had a chance to meet some local musicians and got to play again with my friend Kyle Williams. www.ilovekylewilliams.com chico showed lots of love and donated a nice chuck of change to help the YMCA NYPUM Program. www.nypum.org i really can not wait to come back and play there again. the people were wonderful, and the support was breathtaking. again from the bottom of my heart, thank you chico for making the last show of TEEN ON TOUR a show that i will never forget. stay with me for new music that was recorded while on tour, and for updates on TEEN ON TOUR 2.0. one love everyone and remember, play gods music and take care of your kids.

TEEN ON TOUR (post L.A.)

L.A. show one: Cafe Muse was cool. a nice and small cafe with some good food and an easy listening atmosphere. friends and family were there and really showed lots of support. with music playing, people walking by were caught by the wonderful sounds and stopped to watch and enjoy. Lee Madeloni joined the tour for the show and it was amazing to play with him and Imani. the both of them playing off each other with percussion was so much fun and brought a new kind of vibe to the whole set. it was an early night and we were able to get back to the pad and have a great night with some old friends and new friends.

THE DAY AFTER: waking up slow and tired, the next day had many things in store. we had a chance to get some good breakfast at a nice joint in Echo Park. afterwards it was time to get some work done. we were able to record a new song of mine called The Worst Of Me. this recording session was one of the most amazing sessions i have had. there was no "real" studio or any "high tech" rooms with sound proof walls. just some good mics and pro tools and some good friends. we did it all live and in the same room together. Imani was in the small nook of the kitchen, and Lee was to the left of me in the living room. we could all see each other and connect as we start recording. it only took 3 hours with some additional vocals by Naia Kete and myself and we called it a day. dont worry, it will be online soon. i really couldnt have asked for a more beautiful feeling and recording session. thank you Jordan.

L.A. show two: the second show in LA was at the Cat Club. on the same drag as the Whiskey Ago Go, Viper Room, and The Roxy, it was a really awesome vibe walking around and seeing where alot of my favorite bands have played. the Cat Club has a very Sacramento venue vibe. its dark and had a small but good stage and of course a great bar. (dont get whiskey on the rocks, $10!!?) pulling in some friends and making some new ones, the set was fun and full of three dudes having a blast together. we even got free drinks from a local named Burk. favorite Burk quote:"i felt that shit in my heart man!!!" thanks Burk.

L.A. you really did a number on me. i got a chance to see some of the other places in L.A. that are more my style. meeting people and seeing places that have more of a home vibe than a city vibe. the beaches, the views, the homes, the crazies,(thanks for all of it Amanda) it was just a really amazing time that i never saw coming. and i cant wait to do it again. until then L.A., you will be in my thoughts and dreams. one love teen



so im here and doing all the updating i need to do for this. spread the word about my music and maybe i will be in a town near you soon? one love teen