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Current happenings

Hail! We are about to enter into the busiest period of the band thus far. Our new E.P 'Hammerstorm' has just been released and over the coming months we have more gigs planned than we've played in total so far!

Kicking off in Dubai in early October, taking in gigs throughout the UK and into Europe in November. Check out our gigs section and our Facebook page. Cheers!

Legions Of The Deep

Hail! We've been rubbish at updating our Reverbnation page because... well we find it hard work to operate haha. Our new album is out NOW entitled Legions Of The Deep and released through Metal On Metal records of Italy. You can check out a few sample songs from the album through our player feature (as well as songs from past releases). Copies of the album aswell as other assorted merch are available through us directly! To get your mitts on gear drop us a line at legionsofthedeep@aol.com or check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/ArkhamWitch.


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