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LINOBOYLIVE - Thoughts about the OHHA 2010

I remember the OHHA(Ohio Hip Hop Awards) for 2009. I was so syked about the idea of local artists getting recognition on a professional. This enthusiasm made me attend the 2010 OHHA... boy was I disappointed! I would think these kind of events would be held in a theater with seats. I guess every theater in the area was booked so they had to host the awards and Dream... (amazing venue by the way). No seats were allocated in any way shape or form. This made for a very noisy ceremony. One bone I had to pick was the face that vip tickets were 30 bucks more the general admission tix. Ha... still no seats, no comfort. Only a nice vantage point of the stage! Please OHHA, make sure 2011 rings you back to where you belong. Throwing quality events, great performances and providing valuable info for independent artists such as myself! In closing I do appreciate the entire OHHA movement and what its doing for local talent. LINOBOYLIVE - Live & Love Life!!!