Big Kahuna and the Grimmies

Big Kahuna and the Grimmies was the creation of Jed Dunkin. Growing up in Southern California during the 60'S and being greatly influenced by all the surfer bands inspired him to want to be a guitar player. The band came together when connecting with Adam Drasin a great singer with the ultimate Beach Boys sound from Sherman Oaks, California, Bob Gamper a seasoned professional drummer proficient in all styles of music from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Jon Rosenthal a Berklee music grad and extremely polished piano and keyboard player with outstanding vocal ability from Skokie, Illinois, Mark Horwitz who is a multi talented musician playing sax,flute, accordion and piano and has performed with very well known artists and bands also a very good vocalist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And completing the band Bass player Evan Moskowitz from Alexandria Virginia who at a young age has proved himself to be very polished and mature musician. When this band shows up you don't just have somebody playing songs you have a crazy wild and fun beach party that you will never forget.