New album, "Letters in the Deep", to be released this summer with Dualtone

After considering traditional offers from a handful of labels, Cadillac Sky will release their new album in early summer through a unique partnership deal with Dualtone Music. “After weighing all the opportunities for releasing this phenomenal new CD, remaining independent is without question the best option," said the band's manager Evert Wilbrink who is optimistic about the partnership. "Dualtone shares our vision and their track record speaks for itself. With Dualtone, we will optimize our national and international momentum while still owning and controlling our music." Scott Robinson, President of Dualtone, is excited about working with the band that brings progressive ideas not just to their music, but also in the fresh way they think about and do their business. “I really believe Cadillac Sky has the potential to be one of the big breakout artists of 2010. The direction they took with this new album puts them in a unique position to cross many genre boundaries that still exist out there and we’re pleased to be partnering up with these guys." The new album Letters in the Deep, produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys, is anything but traditional and marks the metamorphosis of Cadillac Sky from a critically-acclaimed Bluegrass band to a band without boundaries. Over the past year, Cadillac Sky has explored a lot of new terrain live on stage and with the recent addition of David Mayfield on guitar the band has developed into one of the most exciting rock-shows around. That new energy also translated into the studio as Cadillac Sky began recording the new album in Auerbach’s studio, Akron Analog. The Akron sessions proved to be a pivotal moment for the band and Auerbach played an instrumental role with a hands-off production approach, totally concentrating on shaping the sound of the record. The result is an honest, breathing piece of art that is amazingly authentic and gut-wrenchingly real. Producer Dan Auerbach: “They rose to the occasion. There’s some really beautiful sounds on Letters In The Deep, it is as much of a living album as it is an art piece and I’m definitely proud to have my name attached to this project. Whatever genre it is, it’s a really great album, and I’m happy that I got to make it.”

All Proceeds from Weary Angel EP go to Haiti

Download Cadillac Sky's "Weary Angel EP" for $5 and all the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Red Cross for the Haiti Relief Effort. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this disaster. Just go to http://www.dualtonerecords.net/store/product-info.php?pid185.html to support the cause.