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New Album Update

All of the new tracks have been demo recorded and are being finalized before the tracking of the actual album. Stay tuned for more info or check our Facebook page to stay informed of the progress. We are hoping to have the album released in October.

Death Posture is finally here in some form

Tonight at The Black Castle we will have limited burned copies of the new album for free. Talk to one of us and get a copy while you can.

Death Posture

A few small fixes and some tweeks to go before this album is officially finished. More updates to come. Stay tuned!

Studio Update!

The new album is almost finished. Most of the songs are in mastering phase. A few more over dubs, and some tweeks left. Stay tuned!

Entering the studio!

This week we will begin tracking the drums for "Death Posture." Keep checking for a preview!

Assault tonight! Hell's army gathers!!!

Everyone come out and support. Tonight should be killer! Hope to see everyone there.

New album coming soon! Show Canceled!

We have been putting together the final touches on all of the songs for the album. The album will be called "Death Posture". Absolute Void has quit the business and left all of the bands for July 13, high and dry for the show. We're working on getting something in July for you. We have some new additions live for all of you.

Hail! Dantalian

Donate to help us finish our new album!

Help us get the funds we need for the album to get finished! Donate to the cause, and spread this like the plague!!! All of your help is greatly appreciated. Check out the link at least to see what we're offering in return for your support.


Empire of Darkness

Hail to Lone Wolf for having us out to Chino and partying with us!!! A mighty hail to all of you that came to support the bands!!!!

Show at the BLVD

Last night was sick everyone! Let's do that again soon. Thanks for everyone's support. Hail!