First Blog Entry

Well I guess Reverbnation is pretty much forcing me to have a blog, so I guess I'll make one. If I don't update this that much I'm sorry because I'm not too great with keeping up with these sorts of things (look at my ignored twitter account).

I have hit a sort of stand still, what with Diploma exams and what not and I haven't been able to get any gigs lately so I'm still trying to work on that. Got all my songs ready for my first EP, but I just need to finish recording them with David DeWolfe (Also it's pretty expensive to release a CD).

And since there's really nothing else for me to do right now between classes and whatnot I've decided to make YouTube videos to just keep myself busy and have another way to introduce my songs to you guys. You can find them at my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/alastheocean

Well that should be it.. for now.