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Week Three

Week from Hell - no just kidding although it was a lot of information this week. This week was about rhyme schemes and rhyme types. rhyme schemes are how the lines end, is there a rhyme and what line it is matched to. different groupings of couplets can add to the stable or unstable concept. We learned about 5 rhyme types Perfect Family Additive and Subtractive Assonance Consonance

Ranging from perfect to consonance the feel will be stable to unstable feel

This week's assignment was to write a stable verse leading to a unstable chorus. I was finding this difficult for some reason. Most of the time I feel the chorus is a stable statement - sums up the idea of the song which feels more solid. I wrote 4 different sets and was not happy with any really. posting 2 sets

Title - What should I say Saw her with her friends Mystery, and now She's here again Feels just like before Just go, over, or here's where it ends

What should I say Man, I really hate this part What should I say Hey! you look great! What should I say (didn't feel verse was stable) (with music for SAC facebook group)

This is the one I posted Title - When is it our time

Watching the ocean Waves are coming in Feeling all the motion Peace and joy within

When is it our time Who knows how we’ll survive Or is it time to live, time to take Forget about tomorrow When is it our time

week two

Week two was all about prosody - the working together of all the elements in a song and we focused on balanced and unbalanced. By using these 2 elements we can create tension and release type feelings and move the song foreward. Our exercise was to write a unbalanced verse and then a balanced chorus. I wrote 3 and this I the one I submitted ( mine has a small pre chorus)

Title - Home

(verse 1 )

Walking on the street, sirens in the night

police cars screaming by

Outside TGIF's there was a fight

(Pre Chorus)

I can't wait to get, wait to get, to get


Home, everything is alright

Home, everything is alright - when I'm here

Home, everything is alright

Home, everything is alright - tonight

Let's see how this goes :) good course!

week one

So lesson 1 was really great - Pat went into 4 types of narration 1st, 2nd, 3rd and direct address and how to develop an idea with 3 boxes

You develop each box's idea further each time so the title has more meaning

This was my weeks exercise

Title: 2 Story House 1st box She lives up there, mysterious angelic person, clean 2 Story House 2nd box I'm down here, living in a dump apartment, wants to meet her 2 story house

3rd box They meet on the stairs, they could never make a couple both story's are too different 2 story house

The point of view is 1st person He is talking about the situation - to himself or omnipresent listener ( she lives up there, I am down here in this place)

He is trying to work it out whether the relationship could work Where -The whole song takes place in a typical 2 story rental

Time frame is last night, today and now

It was also great evaluating 5 other assignments. Really liking this so far!!

Pat Pattison

I have just started a 6 week course on lyric writing and will post my work and thoughts.

Hello There!!!

This is the first post on my new blog Whew !!