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New Songs

Had an awesome time tonight adding two new songs to our set list at the Miner's Foundry tonight. Thanks to all who supported.

Band review



Singer is recovering from throat surgery. All is going well. Should be back up and running within a week or two. Peace and be well.

**New Song**

Just finished recording/mixing "Burning A Way". Looking forward to getting our first album finished.

We're back!!!

We're back up and running. It's been a long time off. A few new band members, but the core of Mike Loya and Jim Coffin still in tact. The music keeps leading the way...

Acoustic vs Electric

We're trying to decide whether to go acoustic or electric right now. If it's electric, then acoustic is an easy addition. The other way around is a bit more involved.

We're back!

It's great to be playing again. I enjoyed the time off, but it's just so therapeutic to play music... good for the soul.


We are currently seeking universal knowledge in order to recharge and come back without a vengeance.