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In the swing of things

Hey, So we decided to get back in the swing of things and put even more time and effort into making Millions Dead what it could be. Maybe its the weather. You ever get that feeling? once spring comes and you see summer on the way things just start looking up and you feel more productive? i do. Anywho, we have a new line-up, layout, songs, merch, news, etc... Jonny PlaidPants, John Kelly and I (Punk Rock Jon) would like to welcome Jessie Lynn Ostellino and Mark Kenyon to the ranks of Millions Dead. the new lineup is now: Jessie Lynn Ostellino - Lead Vocals Mark Kenyon - Drums Jonny PlaidPants - Guitar/Vocals John Kelly - Bass Punk Rock Jon - Guitar/Vocals the myspace has a new layout and a few new demos, keyword demos... we recorded them on a tiny recorder in my house with electric guitars that werent plugged in. so cut us some slack. Jonny PlaidPants ordered a bunch of new merch last night so make sure you keep an eye out for it :) We have also finally booked some shows. We went on a kind of hiatus and locked ourselves up searching for a singer and drummer and when we finally found them we stayed locked up and practiced til we hurt our wrists so bad we couldnt play (seriously!)... so check out the tour/show section for the dates :) Let us know what you think and spread the love/word! thanks! Punk Rock Jon MD March 16th 09