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"If you aint got the "Blue!!..."

then u just got the "downs".... Arkey Blue, that is!... One of our hillcountry relics, Arkey is the owner/operator of "Arkey Blues Silver Dollor" Saloon. Where he {and his honky-tonkin, western-swing band, "The Blue Cowboys"} have been playin the Sat. night dance, singing songs, and generally entertaining many, many, locals and tourist, for over 40 years. There at "Arkeys", I sat. sitting by the fire place, at "the table", pickin w/ all the butch that was there. a few folks where there. Think it was tuesday night: and Arkey, from across the table says that he really liked "that grandad song", he called it... "Yeah, right on. That pretty cool", Im thinkin. Especially, since I hadnt even played the song, yet, that evening. He says to me then, "ya know, you could release that song to John Denver to record...Itd be a perfect fit.. ya, man...ol John Denver" ... We, both, sit back a lil bit. Take a drink of beer, or burbon. Then, right about the time I came out of my "daydream", he says, "awh shit, man... John Denvers dead"... "awh, sorry Patrick" "kakal,kakal, kakal, kakal"!!!.... Arkey has always made me laugh... So, naturaly, when I had just finished creating)writing) the song, "Bander Downs"; It didnt take to long {a day or two} to figure out where this humorous little song about Bandera Texas came from... I had no heavy exposure to Arkey and his music, when I wrote that tune.. Thats the coolist part to me... He made an impact on me, right then and there. It dosnt matter,that I hadnt ever took the time to listen to his albums. Growing up here, he was threaded into our psyci, from an early age. {to be continued}