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ah hum

we're still here chugging along........ Look for some major syudio upgrades by this summer ;o)

Studio 3-26-11

Later today DuckHead Recording Studio welcomes DERAILED into the studio to begin tracking for their new EP.Look for updates here and at DERAILED'S FB page http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/deraild.live

Live Sound/Studio

Febuary 13. Yesterday Jeff Perry and Steve Dickson from 'The Unlucky Stars"were back in the studio tracking guitar leads. Their five song EP is starting to gel and looks to be finished by March. Live sound has been limited to my weekly in-house engineer gig at Czar's 505 Club where I will be doing Saturday nights for awhile. This week I filled in Friday night also and had "Libido Funk Circus" and Saturday "The Waldemere Review".

Live/In the Studio

My Friday night house gig @ Czar's 505 in St. Joe countinues, this week I had The Rick Clifford Band out of South Bend. A good group and all were very nice. Next week I have Midwest Hype. The Unlucky Stars were back in the studio today finishing rhythm tracks for their upcoming EP.

In The Studio

Well the November Threnody EP is done and turned out very good. Head on over to http://www.myspace.com/novemberthrenody and give it a whirl. If you love hardcore metal (screamo) you will dig it. Jonathan from Praise the Fallen has been in & out of the studio for the past few weeks. They (he) has been working on a few tunes for a demo CD. He has the drums, bass and some rhythm guitar parts tracked and will continue working in the weeks ahead. Saturday November 20th the boys from "The Unlucky Stars" were in to start their new EP. we had a good day and have all the drum tracks in the box. A great bunch of guys and look forward to the the rest of the sessions with them. They have a heavy 80's hard rock vibe with a current sound.

In The Studio

November Threnody came in last week and we got their CD mixed. A few tweaks later and it is finished. You can Check a couple out at www.myspace.com/novemberthrenody . Jonathan from Praise The Fallen was in the studio tracking Drums and guitars yesterday for three songs. All went well and we will be tracking instruments in the following days/weeks.

In The Studio

Tuesday September 28 2010 - John and Matt from NOVEMBER THRENODY were back in the studio finishing up Johns guitar tracks for the EP. That wraps up tracking for them and I sent a rough mix with them to critique. Final mix will be in two weeks. This weekend will find me engineering at Czar's for Reggae night. Saturday (weather permitting) I will have my rig outside in Hartford Michigan at the American Legion for REDFEST Festival. 7 local bands with music ranging from sceam-o metal to acoustic rock. See my "shows" page for more info.

In The Studio

Saturday September 25th- Matt, Wes and Gonzo from November Threnody were back in the studio today and finished up Vocals,bass and most of the guitars that we just had a little to do.John will be back Tuesday to finish up his guitar parts and then it will be ready to finish mixing. Mixing is going well but I must admit I do not normally listen to this type of music so I have been having to "compare" my mix to others from this genre.Good songs though, solid musicianship all around and a good group of guys.