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Updates with me (December 9th, 2012)

Whats good Fam?...There is a lot of stuff i want to say but i think i must leave it to 2013 to show it first. There is more than just a new project coming up!...Lets just say...JLove did very well in his last project and will be having a brand new image for the new album with hotter higher quality music and videos...Let just say that!!!...I'm really excited on whats to come next year and hope for the best...I'm in the top 50 on the Reverbnation R&B charts. but by this time next year...i just may be in the top10 ten or maybe higher...thats what i mean...my marketing and promotional team for next year is going to be tighter and more on point!!!! There is going to be a lot of JLove Ads, more JLove likes, fans and their going to REmastering all of my old stuff...even getting me some new pictures...I feel like I'm staring all over gain...!!!....But its for the better...I thank you all or your support.....Keep up with me...JLove