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Global Peace

The answer to world peace, hunger, political unrest, international and domestic disputes, border and immigration disputes, global warming and environmental and energy problems can be fixed by a 1980's video tape slogan...

Be Kind Rewind

Working On Finishing Songs

I am currently collaberating with my good friend Bito on releasing my first CD ever. I have deleted the previously posted cover songs cuz I want only originals to be available to viewers of this album. Anywho, I have some features to activate on reverb and then Ill be making the announcement about the CD release party I want to have. You are all invited. :-)

Today IS THE DAY!!

Hello all. Today is the day that I am finishing this reverbnation account. I have been lazy and now I want to fix it up. Anyway other than re-uploading a better version of Welcome Home Sanitarium by Metallica, I am checking my email and then going back to the studio to record more. I hope all that I have uploaded is to your liking. If it is please be sure to vote how you like it. And it would be very nice if you visited back every once in a while sos I can keep uploading songs that will be new and fresh. Thanks for your support. Adam R.