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Wckr Spgt / Blog

2014 Wrap-Up

2014 was busy and exciting and full of movement. We saw the release of two Wckr Spgt recordings, played a smattering of live shows, and mixed down and prepped a release for 2015. We also extended our digital footprint, making it easier than ever to access all of your favorite Wckr Spgt products. Our first 2014 release - the result of our 2013 PledgeMusic campaign - came out on May 21, 2014. It's called "Motorboat the Woe" and it turned out really nice. The second release is the "Top Down EP" which came out July 4th on Unread Records and also turned out sounding pretty good. We had two tangential recordings: Furniture Huschle's "I Am An Industry" came out in late 2013 (that's tangential, right?) and the Cash Nexus release "The Long Fade" is on Charlie McAlister's Spew Geyser label. We also followed Jon Crawford from his Interstellar Studios to his NEW and super-deluxe studio at Pangea. He's really building out a beautiful space there and we're looking forward to working in it. Our live shows included two shows with the magnificent David Kenneth Nance, a show with Simon Joyner and Wooden Wand, and a performance with Michael C. Ford and others to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the dA Center for the Arts. there was a special show for Luigi and Antonietta Falagario with Wckr Spgt, Lou Barlow, and Refrigerator, and we played a gig at the Hi Brow with Cougar Estrada on drums. It was a full and diverse year, to say the least! Looking into the future we see the Shrimper Records release of our 10" vinyl record "Dense Pack", recorded with Don Bolles last year. It is a punk rock record through and through and we think you'll dig it. We will also be recording more material with Jon at the controls and playing some shows here and there. Perhaps most daunting of all is the impending start to an ambitious 5-year long project called "The Great Wckr Spgt Buy-In." A concert at The Press in Claremont kicks off this extended performance art piece that will culminate in The Great Wckr Spgt Sell-Out of 2020. Bring your "Field Log and Collector's Record" booklet to Wckr Spgt events between 2015 and 2020 to participate. There will be ways to participate electronically, too, so watch for details as they unfold throughout the performance piece. It's going to be a long and joyful ride! Thanks for making 2014 so enjoyable and we look forward to seeing you in 2015. Take care!

The Great Wckr Spgt Buy-In

The Great Wckr Spgt Buy-In is an extended performance piece that will culminate in The Great Wckr Spgt Sell-Out of 2020. Buy in anytime in the next 5 years and you will be guaranteed an opportunity to participate in the big sell-out. Details will be unveiled throughout the 5-year performance so don't keep your eye on any spot in particular. It's going to be a long, slow ride. http://www.wckrspgt.com/spgt/buy-in.html

2013 Wrap-Up

Coming off of 2012 was pretty easy. 2012 was quietly productive with one release, "Shitty Lou", some songs recorded for future compilations, and some planning for 2013.

And 2013 certainly saw the fruits of those labors! Oh, yes! The tribute to Kris Kristofferson (The Rising Cost of Livin' High and Lovin' Hard) was released in February, the double cassette compilation Smashed 40 : Slummer Jams came out in April, and the holiday compilation Comfort & Joy was released in December. We also produced and recorded a special wedding song in June called Harmony Wedding Song. Lots of songs strewn about to spice up the place and accent our other projects.

We played five shows in 2013: at The Press, with Max Kala and Savage Republic at American Legion Post 30, at dba256 Winebar & Lounge, with Night Control at the Black Watch, and with Refrigerator at Rhino Records.

We completed a successful PledgeMusic campaign to offset the cost of a massive recording project. Produced and recorded by Geza X, first at Paul Roessler's Kitten Robot Studio and then at Geza's new studio at The Vortex in Los Angeles, this project resulted in TWO full-length records featuring a bushel of guest stars including Don Bolles, Michael Gerald (Killdozer), Emily Moultrie, and Geza X. It was an amazing experience and one for the history books. You'll be able to hear the results when they are released in 2014.

2014 will see a few more shows and another recording project, this time with Omaha's greatest export David Kenneth Nance. If you haven't seen or heard David's music, I strongly urge you to look it up. He is gritty and honest and raw and rockin'. We are working on some new songs with him that will be a grimy experience for sure! You'll hear the results of that project in 2015. In the meantime, 2014 will afford us all the ability to experience a generous serving of live Wckr Spgt shows, two fresh new releases, some wonderful art, and some more wonderful music, so keep your ears peeled and your eyes sharp.

Thanks for making 2013 so memorable. We hope you are healthy and happy and and we'll see you in 2014!

Wckr Spgt Aug-Sept 2013 PledgeMusic Campaign

The Wckr Spgt PledgeMusic Campaign is up and running through September. There's a new Wckr Spgt recording in the works and we're asking for YOUR HELP to bring it to life. Right now it's just a notion. A preconceived notion. Help us conceive it. That's not a political statement about the "right to life," it's a simple syrup of sexy aural desire. This is MUSIC we're talking about here!

This cool new recording is being produced by legendary LA artist and producer Geza X in his new studio at The Vortex, a community center in Downtown Los Angeles. The basic tracks have been recorded at Paul Roessler's Kitten Robot Studios. Seriously.

This is Wckr Spgt with all of the energy, consciousness-streaming, and free will that you've come to expect from the world's foremost Indieground artists. It's really good and we want YOU to hear it.

Please won't you consider chipping in?

Go to: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/wckr-spgt-zero


10 ways to live your life more like Wckr Spgt

When you look at a flower, think about the dirt and the water.

Don't worry about 'making it' unless someone else mentions it.

Take the time to reduce your sauce, like it says.

Don't settle on one note.

The stream is moving quickly on the surface. Just underneath, the fish slide along at their own pace.

Move your allusions around so they don't get stale. Except the good ones; beat those suckers to death.

Turn off your filters. You can always feel bad about it later.

If you make a mistake, repeat it until it's the norm.

Cover your overt criticisms in cheese. People like cheese.

When you chase the ox, chase the damned ox.

If only one note is needed, don't muddy the waters.

Do it well, do it quickly, and don't tell anyone.

Put it in a box. Mislabel the box.