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The Most Impressive Live Band - Ever!

It is a rare day that I spend time pimping anyone but King Tuesday. But this band that we have played with 3 or 4 times now just impresses me so damn much I have to post a blog about them. The band is Battlefish! Battlefish puts on such an amazing performance that I literally crapped my pants at the last show. Every member of the band plays their instrument with a masterful command. Both the Bass Player Aaron and Guitar Player Taylor share the vocal duties and they do it so well, each singing unique parts and also bringing it together and singing awesome harmonies together. Drummer Eric lays down fills and break beats like its nobodies business. The thing about Battlefish is that each individual is as skilled as the next making a finished product that is totally Mind Blowing. You can see these guys for yourself at Memory Lanes of January 11th, or in Mankato at The What's Up Lounge on Feb 15th.

We Are In The Top 3

Vita.MN Published a list of must see local bands and your boys (and gal) made it as # 3. Outta like 250. That is clear evidence that we are doing something right. If you havent seen one of our shows- - make sure you check it out. We are all truly talented at our craft - from the wailing blues rock guitars of Pearce - to the insane drum fills of shawn - to Rob and his always in time & on time bass lines to our amazing vocal trio Of Benny, Kontrol & Chelsea. We definitely bring it. And speaking of the live performance - we never plan out or choreograph our stage moves we have just been rocking together so long that it appears as if we do.

We need Some Help

King Tuesday received its official letter from Gorilla Music - informing us that we are officially in the finals of the battle of the bands. We need as much support as we can get. We have discounted pre-sale tickets and our goal is to sell 150 of them for $8. This opportunity (unlike many others in the music business) is one that we have built for ourselves with our talent. Good old fashioned blue-collar hard work. We didn't get to this point because of how popular we were in high school or who we know, we got here because we were given 1/2 hour and we impressed the hell out of the right people with the time we were given. I am asking all of my friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues (both in music and marketing) to consider supporting my band King Tuesday - because we could really use the victory. Inbox me, post here or call me and one of us will meet up with you to get you tickets.


A chip and a chair

In poker the expression "if you have a chip and chair - you have a chance" . Obviously this means that if you are in the fight still you have a chance to win. The reason I bring this up is that King Tuesday has made the finals in The Gorilla Music Battle of The Bands. The final even is to be held on September 14th at Station 4 in Saint Paul. We truely feel like we have a great chance to win first place, which is $500 cash and 20 hours of studio time. We really need all of our fans, friends and family to chip in and help us win at the final table.