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Canadian Collab

You know I cannot sit still when I hear a GREAT piece of music. The lovely thing about the internet is that you and your music can travel to places you may never go. I had the pleasure of such a journey with the work on Overcomer. Take a listen on the profile and enjoy!


I am not too good with keeping up on the Reverb but I am looking forward to this cd coming together...now the real work begins.

The Next Collaboration

DJ LFE and NewHeart Records in Argentina gave me an opportunity to lend my voice to their project. In His word it says "ask" so I asked. A no cannot hurt you and you never know how God wants to use you to minster to others through you life, experiences and story. I hope your life is a light to someone that needs it today.

Pressing Forward

As difficult as it can be as a songwriter to collaborate with producers and get your lyrics out to the fans, this year has provided a wonderful assortment of people all over the globe. I had had to step out on faith and connect with people via the the digital divide to find it does not divide at all. It has united and connected me with so many like minded eager music people... and I cannot wait until 2012 to see what is in store for us.