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CMA Nominees

BILL BLOG Thursday November 2, 2017

Yo-Yo weather in Tennessee...warming back up today.

YESTERDAY Nothing huge yesterday...just like today which is more than fine. I did write two World Series songs for my New York folks...writing it twice...once for an Astro win...a second time for a Dodger win. So this morning there will be some country stations playing the Astro's version as Houston won it's first ever World Series last night. Houston has something to celebrate which is only appropriate after they suffered through Hurricane Harvey...and are still re-building in some places. Congrats to the winners in what was a very exciting 7 game series if you're a baseball fan at all.

NEW SHOW I did add one more show yesterday at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. I'll be playing at the Beach Brewing Company in Gulf Shores Friday November 10 which is the kickoff weekend for that great two week gathering of songwriters on the sand. I'll be sharing the stage that night with Randy Brooks who wrote a song you can't get out of your head..."Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer". We did a show together last year so it will be fun to hook up and play original songs with Randy for a second time. Show time that night is 8:30 pm.

CMA AWARDS In case you missed it...this LINK will let you check out all the nominees up for the CMA Awards this year. The big show is November 8 on ABC. Lots of familiar faces. Garth is back up for Entertainer...and the way he is STILL selling out shows? Would not be a shock to see the trophy go his way. My favorite category is "Vocal Event Of The Year". Within the nominees...the late Glen Campbell is up along with his singing partner Willie Nelson on the old classic "Funny How Time Slips Away" that Glen recorded on his last ever recording "Adios"...which is terrific...every cut. I voted for that and I hope I get to see Glen's family and Willie accept one more award for Glen.

OVERHEARD AT STARBUCKS The guy at the table directly behind me today said to his friend, "sometimes crazy is where you're suppose to be". I don't exactly know what that means...but it sounds like a song of some kind to me. I made a not on my napkin. If you write tunes you always have your ears open. So...my Grande Pike no room was worth what I paid for it this morning...and then some. TODAY The temps have warmed up enough to hike in shorts today...so I'm going to pack some bottled water and energy bars and go for a pretty good walk through the woods that should be gorgeous with the leaves turning as they are. It's a chance to take a deep breath and re-set for a very busy few weeks ahead.

Have a great Thursday!


Well hello November...already.

HALLOWEEN NIGHT Well...I can put away my pirate costume for at least another year...but it was on display last night at a fun party we were invited to hosted by a couple co-writer friends Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard at their place. The two went all out to decorate their home-recording studio...cobwebs were hanging everywhere. Everyone in costume pretty much were in the music business...songwriters, producers, artists, etc so we mingled, ate Halloween goodies and visited.

I do have to say the costumes my friends Shawn Camp and his girlfriend Lauren Mascitti were top notch and Elvis & Priscilla. So good that I did not recognize either one of them for awhile. And my wife looked like she could sign up for the police force easily. So that's Shawn Camp, Lauren Mascitti, me and my wife Kathy...our hostess Jenny Tolman and some creature over our back shoulders I don't know who snuck in and photo-bombed our 5 some. Hey...it's Halloween. What ya gonna do?

NEW MUSIC One of my favorite parts of this party was when my wife and I snuck out with Shawn and Lauren to walk to Shawn's truck where he played me some rough cuts on a new album Lauren is working on that has a song I co-wrote with Lauren and Wil Nance. It was my first time to hear it and it's just terrific. This young lady can REALLY really sing and is as nice as anyone you'll ever hope to meet. Those that know her are rooting hard for her success. And with Shawn producing the tracks and helping her...odds are good. But here's the funny part.

As the four of us in costume walked back to the party in the dark...a car slowly passes us. And it occurs to us there must be quite a conversation going on in that car as a cop, a pirate, Elvis and his bride strolled right past them. "uh...honey...was that Elvis and Jack Sparrow?"

Thank you Dave and Jenny for such a great evening.

SHOWS Our "Hits & Grins" trio did cancel two shows it turns out yesterday. The shows in Little Rock and Alma, Arkansas are off the books now for November 10 & 11. The good news is...we have already re-scheduled the show in Little Rock for he first Friday in March of next year...and are waiting to hear on a second show for that Saturday night. As soon as both are confirmed for sure...I'll put the details up on my calendar.

And I did add one more show as I'll be doing a solo set at th Opry Backstage Grill which is just across the road from the Opryland Hotel. That will be at 8:45 pm Wednesday evening on December 13. This will be my third time as Brassfield Aly's guest as I get up and do 30 minutes or so. Good food here...so if you're in town...come see me and Brassfield Aly.

TODAY Glued to the tube for Game 7 of the World Series. In case you have not heard? This has been an amazing back and forth Fall Classic between the Dodgers and Astros with Dodger's winning last night in LA and evening it up at 3-3. I gotta check to make sure we have enough popcorn in the house to get me through it.

Have a great Wednesday!

Halloween 2017

BILL BLOG Tuesday October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween...and happy last day of October. Only two months left of 2017. Good grief Charlie Brown.

YESTERDAY I was on air at WSM radio from 3-6 pm filling in for Devon O'day on the "Nashville Today" show which is mostly a talk show with a little music wrapped around whatever we're talking about. Devon's talented producer Lexi...a Jersey girl made it easy for me as she had the show all prepped and ready to go...which made it hard for me to screw it up.

I did have to dance a little as my first guest was an owner of a trendy new restaurant in Nashville...all organic...healthy for the most part. Folks that know me understand I'm much more of carnivore and I'm allergic to most things green. I did joke with the owner though if I ever opened a "healthy" cafe...mine would be called "What The Kale"? Look for the sign out front. The owner of EIO & The Hive (Jennifer Masley) also told us they combine their healthy food with yoga and workouts out on their parking lot sometimes. I got quite the education on eating healthy an being healthy. My combo place is Cracker Barrel where after eating the biscuits and gravy I go and try to rock off those calories on their rocking chairs out front. Pretty sure.

Following that guest was an Italian dress designer who brought in a bunch of his fancy dresses that he hung all over the RADIO studio I guess for everyone to see on the radio. Uh huh. He was actually doing a Facebook "live" thing on his phone I believe. And...it turned out to be a very funny interview...me playing straight man to a dress designer who was very passionate about is work. Thank you Rique and your alter ego character "El-Stylisto" for dropping by. (You had to have heard it folks)

And then we put some male testosterone into the show when my friend and cowboy Paul Bogart dropped by and sang songs off his new "Leather" CD which is up for Grammy considerations. I felt like Paul helped get my Man Card back on the show which was appreciated.

So the three hour talk show on WSM went extremely fast...and was extremely fun to do. I'm hoping Devon will ask me to fill in whenever she needs a day or two off.

CANCELLATION I'm literally getting word that a Hits & Grins show date in Alma, Arkansas has been cancelled. The Founders Room where we were scheduled to play is apparently closing which we are sorry to hear. All money is being refunded but November 11 is off the books now.

THE HAG We found out that Nashville will add yet another country star museum to it's growing list. A Merle Haggard Museum will open next summer on 3rd street here in Music City that will also be a "meat and three" which is popular here. MY kind of eating. Choose a meat and three sides. This one will incorporate a little barbeque I understand. The place will officially be named the Merle Haggard Museum and Merle's Meat & 3. So this will join the Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash and George Jones museum all close by. More stuff to do when you come to Music City folks. As I'm a huge Hag fan...I'm looking forward to seeing this.

TODAY I have to dress up like a pirate in order to attend a little Halloween get together this evening that a couple of music friends are throwing. My wife will be dressed as a cop. If I try to pillage the punch bowl tonight...I'm sure she'll be happy to arrest me.

Have a great Halloween.


BILL BLOG Monday October 30, 2017

Back on the radio a little later today for a Halloween Eve show. Looking for some orange headphones to wear.

THE WEEKEND Fairly uneventful...planned a little short trip to Gulf Shores coming up Wednesday of this week, hunkered down a bit with some soup and sports on the TV as I came down with a mild cold. Something about Fall weather and cooler temps will do that. And oh yeah...a pretty danged good World Series is going on right now between the Astros and Dodgers. I root for neither really...but the games themselves have been back and forth...close...and exciting...if you like baseball. Houston has the upper hand right now after a ridiculous game last night that went to extra innings again. We'll see who comes out on top.

HALLOWEEN Tomorrow night I thought I'd do some good. Every article talks about all the sugar we drop into trick or treater bags every year when they come to the door. So...I bought several bags of salad to drop in their little bags this year. I can't wait to see the appreciation in the little ghouls and goblins eyes when they see that bag of iceberg going in their bags. They'll thank me later I'm sure.

TOY STORY Disney is adding a big “Toy Story” attraction. That will not only make tourists and kids happy who are fans of that great movie series...but it will also make my friends the Riders In The Sky grin too as I'm sure we're going to be hearing their song "Woody's Roundup". One right song in one right movie will make your bank account healthy...as this one continues to do. The attraction will be found in the MGM Studio part of Disneyworld.

TWENTY FIVE DOLLAH BIDDAH LeRoy Van Dyke's classic the "Auctioneer Song" is now being used as a theme song for Subway sandwiches. Have you seen the commercial? Good for him. LeRoy who is from my home-state of Missouri...Sedalia to be exact...is I think 80 years or so old now and still tours and sings and entertains crowds with that iconic auctioneer tune that has now found new life in the commercial world. One good song...one good placement.

I have a song titled "If I Had Boobs" that Cledus T. Judd recorded into "If I Had Kellie Pickler's Boobs". I keep waiting for my phone to ring from some breast implant place for their commercials. Gosh..it would so cool to hear that on the boob tube for sure. It may never happen...but a man can dream. HEADLINE OF THE DAY "Man Locked In Beer Cooler Stays And Drinks". There's an idea. Look for guys to start locking themselves in on purpose if this story gets out.

TODAY I am on WSM radio today from 3-6 pm filling in on Devon O'day's "Nashville Today" show. We'll play some music...but you'll hear me yap quite a bit as this is more "talk" show than "music" show. With that said though...I will have a musical guest at 4:30...my buddy Paul Bogart who's new album "Leather" that I've mentioned in this blog will join me and we'll have him sing "live" and play some cuts off that album which has four Grammy considerations...including one for the tune we wrote with Zach Runquist "All That Cowboy Jazz". Tune in worldwide today at wsmonline.com

Have a great Monday!

CMA Vote Time

BILL BLOG Friday October 27, 2017

Last Friday of October. Flannel season begins.

YESTERDAY I wrote for the first time with Matthew Szlachetka (yes...I have to double check still before attempting to spell his last name) who is a young talented writer-Americana type artist who I met while playing a show in Gatlinburg. On his own with his gig money he bought a house...re-did it...and he's dug in for the long haul here in Music City. I always admire young talent that make that kind of commitment go for their dream. And...it's hard not to like a guy who has a ton of vinyl albums in his living room! Heck...it was just fun combing through some of those classics before we even started trying to write a song...which turned out to be great and made for a perfect ending for our afternoon session. We'll do it again for sure. Fun day.

FRANK BROWN The Frank Brown Songwriters Festival is coming up in Gulf Shores. Our "Hits & Grins" trio will play 4 times this year November 16-18 and I have one set scheduled with my long time friend Brent Burns. If you need a little beach vacation with music...and who doesn't...you should most surely consider coming down and enjoying this great festival full of great songwriters and artists playing at beach venues in Gulf Shores, Orange Beach and all the way into Pensacola. You can find all my venues and info for the festival on my website calendar section. Hope to see you down there.

CAST YOUR VOTES I'm a lifetime member of the CMA and one of the privileges each year is getting to cast a vote for the Country Music Awards coming up in a few weeks. The ballots are out...and I'll cast my little vote later this morning. Good luck to all the talented folks being considered this year. Receiving one of those crystal trophies is quite the experience...they can never take it away from ya. It was certainly an evening I'll never forget when I was fortunate to win one for my radio work. Blessed. And some more folks are going to feel that kind of blessed shortly. Good luck to all.

FOR SALE So this guy has a ranch out in Arizona he wants to sell for 5 million bucks. The ONLY reason he's selling it...according to him is that he's just tired of fighting the aliens that keep showing up. And I'm not talking about aliens who oppose the wall...I'm talking about those little green people. 10 acres worth of alien fighting ranching roping and branding. The list of folks making a bid should be interesting to say the least.

THE WEEKEND Kind of quiet...my writing appointment had to cancel today so I've go the day free. One of my young co-writers Daisy Mallory gets married tomorrow! We're planning on attending that. Daisy is out these days with Lori Morgan playing guitar and singing harmony for Lori. Happy that she's found. great guy.

Monday afternoon I'm scheduled to be on WSM radio...but that could change for reasons I can't share right now but will when the time is appropriate.

And I think the World Series game 3 is on tonight...so I'll be on the couch.

Have a great weekend!

Quackin' Up In Studio

BILL BLOG Thursday October 26, 2017

And where in the world did October go?

YESTERDAY I spent the better part of Wednesday in studio recording some new songs with Paul Bogart and Gerald Smith. 4 to be exact. Thanks to our friend Vaughn Lofstead who played guitar and mixed for making the songs sound great. Turns out it was Gerald's birthday yesterday so I'm happy to have shared part of his celebration with him. We recorded a couple of main stream tunes as well as a couple new bluegrass tunes Gerald and wrote...so we had a very fun productive day.

You do know you've gotten a little older when you are excited that a Keurig Coffee Maker is your birthday gift from your wife...as Gerald was. Happy birthday Gerald.

WHERE ARE THEY MOVING TO? The top 5 real estate markets in the country are Seattle followed by Austin, Salt Lake, Raleigh and Dallas. Nashville falls in at #9. Good time to be selling property in those cities for sure.

MORE TRAVELING STUFF I read an article this morning from a "seasoned" traveler who rolled out her tips for first thing one should do when they check into a hotel room. I thought for sure the number one thing was to see if they had a Magic Fingers at the foot of the bed...but no. #1 was open the curtains and let some light in.

My daughter Heather flies for American. Wanna know what her number one thing to do is? Check for bedbugs. Yikes. She says you'd be surprised. And now I have trouble falling asleep in Tom Bodet's place. DESCRIPTIVE I do love how creative this guy was. He teaches the blind at a school here in Tennessee. He likes to fish. He recently landed a couple of HUGE catfish...the kind my brother Gene seems to regularly haul into a boat back in Missouri. One of these lunkers weighed nearly 40 pounds. He wanted to describe what that experience was like to his kids who can't see. So he said, "it was like reeling in an angry washing machine". I'm betting his kids could imagine that in their minds and smiled. All because a teacher went the extra mile to make sure his students shared that experience. Here's to more of those kind of folks.

TODAY Off to write for the first time with Matthew Szlachetka. I know...a mouthful...even he admits it. I played a little songwriter show with him in Gatlinburg recently...first time we'd met. I was more than a little impressed with his vocals and his songs that he'd written. So I'm looking forward to seeing what we can create today.

FYI...the complete schedule is up for the five shows I'm doing at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival this year in Gulf Shores-Orange Beach. 4 of those will be with "Hits & Grins" with one additional show with my friend Brent Burns. Just check my calendar for details or go to the festival WEBSITE.

Have a great Thursday!

Studio Time...WSM

BILL BLOG Wednesday October 25, 2017

It was in the 90's yesterday for game 1 of the World Series. Meanwhile...here in Nashville? High temp will be mid 50's.

YESTERDAY I had a Tuesday catch up day. I wrote yet another in a long line of Halloween parody country songs for my New York folks as the Great Pumpkin approaches. I also spent a fair amount of time preparing songs that I'll be recording in studio today with my friends Paul Bogart and Gerald Smith. These are new songs...4 that Gerald and I have co-written...and one of those Paul is a co-writer on along with my friend out in Arizona John Carpino who worked on the Grand Canyon Train with me singing to tourists. The first day I was on the train with John he said something out loud that I thought would make for a great song title...and we wrote that...and like it enough that we will put it in demo form today so we can pitch it around to artists.

I'm not sure whether I mentioned this or not...but my friend Paul just got 4 nods for Grammy consideration this year. One of those is "All That Cowboy Jazz" that we wrote wit Zach Runquist. The song is in the "American Roots" category for Grammy consideration. Sometime in November we'll see if it gets officially nominated...but it's a great feather in the cowboy hat of my friend Paul and I'm happy for him. Happy for me too!

MORE RADIO AHEAD I also found out yesterday that I will be on the air this coming Monday afternoon filling in for the regular host Devon O'day on 650 AM WSM. Happy to do this...always. So listen from 3-6 pm this Monday if you can. Don't forget you can listen to the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry for 92 years from anywhere at wsmonline.com

PRAYERS Many of you know that one of my best friends in the world in Brent Burns down in Gulf Shores, Alabama. We've written a lot of beach and funny songs through the years that he's recorded on his albums...and man have we shared some laughs. What's happening to my friend right now is not so funny. His wife Pam whom we adore is not doing well...and that's a massive understatement. My wife and I have had them in our prayers and the top of our minds for weeks now hoping for good news. If you pray...say a prayer for Brent and Pam. It can't hurt. Brent's friend and former assistant Sharon Kendall posted the news officially on Brent's Facebook page yesterday...so I'm sharing this now while respecting their privacy. In Brent's own words she's a very private person. Late in his life...my friend could not have picked a better partner to share his life, travel, and laugh with him. All of our best best thoughts are going out to the two of them.

CONGRATS On a much happier note...congrats to my pal Jim McBride who was just inducted to the Songwriters Hall of Fame. So deserved. Jim went from carrying the mail in Huntsville, Alabama (he showed me his mail route recently) to the highest honor you can receive as a country songwriter. Alan Jackson who recorded something like 16 or 17 songs that he wrote with Jim honored him by showing up and singing some of those songs. What a moment. Think "Chattahoochee" and "Chasing That Neon Rainbow" and "Someday" to name three. I could not be happier for him The two of us share baseball as a passion and we've seen a few games together including one at the new Atlanta stadium not all that long ago. And for me...it makes me smile knowing I've got a few songs in my catalog written with this Hall of Famer. Congrats pal!

TODAY Off to the recording studio for several hours which should be fun. Game two tonight of the World Series...Dodgers up 1-0 over the Astros. I'll be on the couch with my robot poodle and iPhone if you need me.

Have a great Wednesday!

Italian Food And Songwriters

BILL BLOG Tuesday October 24, 2017

Anyone else thinking where did 2017 go? Wow...end of October. I like the colors of Fall...and the cooler temps...but I hate it getting dark so dang early.

LAST NIGHT Gosh...my wife Kathy and I had a great time at Vuocolo's Italian restaurant playing in a songwriters round that included Brian White and Greg Barnhill. Brian invited me to be part of this round on a Monday night that he hosts that has turned into a really great evening. This was the 6th show they've had there...and this one was the first one sold out...to the max. A really great crowd all enjoying the amazing food prepared by the local owners Sam and Melanie Vuocolo who were so gracious to everyone. Vuocolo's is located in Ashland City, Tennessee...if you're ever close...do yourself a favor and go...enjoy the food and wine as we did.

Brian was a great host last night singing his big hit "Watching You" that had the entire crowd singing along...and Greg was just incredible. A talented singer, player, writer...and I was meeting him for the first time. He sang "Walkaway Joe" that he wrote for Trisha Yearwood and Don Henley, and closed with his big Amy Grant hit "House Of Love". Brian's talented wife Karyn Williams got up and sang that song with Greg and they brought the evening to it's feet as we closed out.

Karyn Williams is on the road a lot with Chonda Pierce and Chonda was on the front row enjoying the show. Chonda is a noted comedian on the Christian circuit...and I'm making a vow to get out and catch one of their shows someday soon. Here's an EXAMPLE of what Chonda does for a living.

And thanks to our fellow songwriter friend Greg Friia who set up and ran sound for us last night and made the evening sound so good.

All three of us, myself, Brian and Greg all have a background in radio which I didn't know until our dinner conversation revealed that. So when I sang my new song, "I Got A Face For Radio" I wasn't singing just about me! Man what a great musical night last night was. Thank you Brian for inviting me.

SPEAKING OF MUSIC I just added a date to my calendar for 2019! How's that for booking in advance? This will be a show all the way down in Homestead, Florida with at least one other date to be added in the future for our "Evening In The Round" trio with me, Linda Davis and Lang Scott. I am so looking forward to working shows on the road again with my two great friends here. Keep checking my calendar here on the website for the dates and locations of my shows.

SOME GREAT NEWS I HOPE The folks in the know are now saying they could have a drug to help cure Alzheimer's in 10 years or so. 5 and a half million suffer. There's probably not any of you reading this who have not been affected in one way or another by this awful disease. I'm so hoping this report is accurate.

TODAY Nothing huge. I'll try to write something funny for my New York folks this morning...and then my attention will turn to preparing some new songs we are going to record tomo

Back From The Beach...Vuocolo's Tonight

BILL BLOG Monday October 23, 2013

Home from the beach...greeted by rain and cooler temps this morning. Good to be home...always. BEACH WEEKEND Gosh...what a great "Blast On The Bay" songwriters festival this year in Port St. Joe-Mexico Beach Florida with my "Hits & Grins" trio. Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and myself could not have had a better run of songwriters shows at this great boutique songwriters festival now going into it's 10th year down on the Forgotten Coast...beautiful area. CONEHEADS Friday night we played Coneheads out on Cape San Blas road if you're familiar with the area. Coneheads 8020 is a little ice cream shop-restaurant combined and they have a stage built out on the parking lot that was packed with folks for 4 pm show which kicked off the "live" music for the festival this year. PORT INN Saturday we played at the Port Inn to another enthusiastic crowd of folks who love original music and the stories behind the songs. Several other songwriters dotted the crowd in front of us...and hit writer Aaron Barker liked the show so much he posted this on this Facebook page. "Hits and Grins" put on an awesome performance. We need more of this!!! Thanks y'all. Aaron wrote "Love Without End" and "Baby Blue for George Strait just to name a couple...and he also wrote the Blue Bell Ice Cream jingle that's aired for years...he also sings this jingle. High praise from someone we respect so much. Thank you Aaron.

TOUCAN'S Then Saturday night we finished up with a 7 pm show at Toucan's which sits right on Mexico Beach. We pulled up in time to catch an amazing sunset that we could see from the stage. My friends John and Sharon Kendall drove all the way over from Gulf Shores to catch this show...then drove straight home...about 8 hours of driving just to catch "Hits & Grins". Thank you guys.

We finished our set...was blessed to get a standing O as we did at the other two performances...and then something happened that has never happened in all of these years that I've played shows. We had to walk through the crowd to get back to our car to load up...a pretty good walk. And as the three of us did that...applause broke out at every step we took...table by table...with people telling us how much they loved the show. Really a goose bumpy what just happened??? kind of moment. Gosh.

The trio has spent a lot of time together and apparently that seems to show itself when we play and cut up and have fun. We and I are appreciative to all of you who showed up to enjoy our shows....and we thank the organizers, sound folks and volunteers for making this such a great experience. Can't wait to do it all again in 2018.

TODAY A little catch up work after being gone the last four days...some comedy writing for New York...and TONIGHT I have a show with hit songwriters Brian White and Greg Barnhill at a little Italian place named "Vuocolo's" that I'm looking forward to. Brian's hits include "Watching You" for Rodney Atkins that he co-wrote with Steve Dean. And Greg Barnhill is the writer on a great song I love "Walkaway Joe" that Trisha Yearwood turned into a big hit with Don Henley of the Eagles singing on that song too. I'd invite you to come...but it's a small place that is already sold out for tonight. But...that means we're going to have a great time playing songs I'm sure. Full report on that here on the blog tomorrow.

Have a great Monday!

Blast On The Bay 2017

BILL BLOG Friday October 20, 2017

And good morning from beautiful Port St. Joe, Florida.

BLAST ON THE BAY I had a little 9 hour drive yesterday from Nashville down here to the "Forgotten Coast" which is a beautiful area that holds the "Blast On The Bay" songwriters festival. This is the 9th year for this festival...and our trio has only missed one...the inaugural year. We got in to this little Port Town in time to drop our bags at a 3 bedroom condo they provided us that has a view of the Bay. I know...tough duty. The condo is above a bar which also has a big stage outdoors that will host many of the songwriter shows over these next three days. So that mean...nobody sleeps until the music stops. I'm an early to bed guy...so...I'll be testing my endurance these next couple of nights for sure.

We then made a little trip over to the Port Inn to grab our credentials, sign posters and guitars that they will sell at the festival, and grab a goodie bag provided each songwriter which is full of coupons for eating at some of the great restaurants they have here. Seafood out the wazoo this week for sure. That done we make a little 7 mile drive down to a VIP party with music, and food, and a fish boil...and we arrived just as the sun was starting to sink over the Gulf...one of my favorite views....never gets old.

It was great seeing so many friends we've made down here through the years at the party. And we'll be seeing some of them out front at our shows the next couple of days.

And we closed out the night at the Thirsty Goats inside the Port Inn watching some of the Dodgers-Cubs games with friends watching LA get rid of the Cubs this year which is always fun because Victoria Venier in our trio is a very large Cubs fan and a lot of folks know that...so umm...she got teased a bit. (Looking like Dodgers and Yanks right now...which will make the TV folks joyous having those two big markets in the World Series)

Today we play at 1 pm at Coneheads...a little ice cream place that has built a stage out on their parking lot near the water. This is always always a fun show location.

Tomorrow we play at 1 pm at the Port Inn...on stage that's set up on the hotel lawn.

And tomorrow night we'll close out with a show at Toucan's which is right on Mexico Beach...in fact we'll be seeing the stars and moon shining on the water from our stage before we start the trip back to Nashville on Sunday. This is truly one of my favorite trips each year...and if you ever come down for this...you'll get hooked too.

WE ARE HOUSTON They released the song "We Are Houston" yesterday worldwide that I have a small part in...as a member of an All Star Choir. Do click on the video and watch. BJ Thomas sings the heck out of this song that will raise money for those who have suffered at the hands of hurricane Harvey. You will certainly recognize a lot of folks in the choir...Ray Stevens, Duane Allen, Linda Davis, LeRoy Parnell, Shelly West and on and on and on. Everytime someone downloads the song...we help. Very very proud to be part of this. My thanks again to Sandy Knox...the writer of this song and organizer...as well as my friend Bobby Tomberlin for inviting me.

TODAY It's all about this songwriters festival. Our trio actually has the first official show this year to kick things off at 4 pm. Shorts, t-shirt, flip fops, guitar....good to go. 85 and sunny today. Probably should toss some SPF into my guitar case.

Have a great weekend!