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Roger Miller & WSM Hall Of Fame Show

BILL BLOG Wednesday January 24, 2018

Don't look now but January of 2018 is going by fast. Geez.

YESTERDAY My writing appointment was with Jenny Tolman and her boyfriend-writer-producer Dave Brainard. Jenny's new single "Something To Complain About" is starting to make a little noise...and the two of them gave me a sneak preview of the upcoming video on the song that will soon air on CMT. And it's great...to say the least...shot at Jenny's sister's house down in Miami right on the waterfront. Fingers crossed for both of them...although I don't think they will need a lot of luck. Yesterday one of the leading country publications named here one of the Top 10 to look out for along with another writing buddy of min from Texas...Josh Grider...who has this new SONG out.

Good to see good folks doing good. Sounds like a song don't it?

Jenny who's young...just discovered my favorite songwriter Roger Miller. So...before we wrote a lick we talked about how clever and out of the box great Roger's songs were. And while he could make ya laugh...he could write serious tunes like "Husbands and Wives" that will rip your heart out. So guess what kind of idea we tore into after that discussion? Uh huh. Now...I could never ever compare anything I've written to Roger Miller. But let's just say that the song we wrote yesterday is very Mllleresque if you will. I left their house smiling...and for me...that's as good as a day and a song gets.

WSM I've added three more WSM morning shows to my schedule. You'll find those in my calendar section of my website...but the first of the three will be really cool as I'll be broadcasting this Friday from 5:30-10 AM at the Country Music Hall Of Fame and Museum. We'll have a special guest or two joining us so put it on your calendar. Bill Cody the regular host will be taking that morning off...so listen in to me and Charlie Mattos from anywhere at wsmonline.com and watch the show if you want on Heartland TV which you can also find online at watchheartlandtv.com. That should be fun!

ON THE MUSIC SIDE I have a show with my "Hits & Grins" trio tomorrow night (Thursday) at the Listening Room Cafe. They moved recently...and as much as I loved playing in the old one...this venue is even better. Show time is 6 pm...great food. Come join us if you can.

THINKING OF... Lari White...the songwriter-actress-singer who lost her life to cancer yesterday at 52. Just 52. Prayers and comfort for her husband Chuck Cannon and her kids. One more reason to detest cancer. And one more reminder of how fleeting this life truly is.

MEANWHILE A comedic legend...Ray Stevens is celebrating birthday 79 today. Don't go "streaking" on your birthday Mr. Stevens. So glad to have a song that he recorded of mine and Brent Burns in my catalog. An honor actually.

TODAY Off to write with my singing cowboy friend Paul Bogart who just got the cover on Country Music People. Good for Paul...congrats.

Have a great Wednesday

Rhyming and "I Am I Said"

BILL BLOG Tuesday January 23, 2018

60's for a high here in Nashville yesterday...44 today. Your weather forecast brought to you by Duncan Yo Yo's.

YESTERDAY I spent a good chunk of it writing a new song with Wil Nance an Lauren Mascitti...something fun yesterday. Lauren is working on her new album right now so we're trying to write some things that could make it on the album outside of this SONG that's for sure going to be on there. Wil has 10 acres or so full of critters and a house full of dogs and one new baby cat that Santa brought is little girl who told her Dad she would have a "hole in my heart" if she didn't get a cat. She got a cat. Little girls do that to Dads. Older one's too I've discovered.

We got a big laugh moment when Wil's daughter showed up proud to show us here tooth that just got pulled by the dentist. My guess is if Billie puts the tooth under her pillow...she might get another cat.

BACK TO WORK FOR A BIT My sister Vickie has a government job out east. Last night she texted me and my siblings that with the government shut down ending she was called back to work. The government could shut down again though February 8. Seriously...if you couldn't laugh at politics an government as I tend to do...one could break their neck from shaking their head so hard reading the news. Sigh. Always makes me think about this song "Government" that the late and brilliant Roger Miller wrote that's one of the songs performed in his musical "Big River".

SWEET CAROLINE Gosh...sorry to hear that Neil Diamond after hearing he has Parkinsons...has retired. Anyone not know a Neil Diamond song? My youngest brother had an 8 track of Neil Diamond when we were both young. Yes...an 8 track. I pulled out my Red Sovine truck driving 8 track tape and plugged Neil in. I was hooked. For years I used to sing "Cracklin Rosie" and "Play Me" on bandstands. I'll be pulling up some Neil Diamond today to listen to on my trip to my writing appointment later this morning.

DANICA Danica Patrick did finally get a ride in the Indy 500 this year. I've gone to a couple of those...worth going and messing with traffic and crowds for sure...at least once. And the museum in the middle of the track is great...plus...you can buy a ticket on a bus that will take you on a lap around the Brickyard. Heck...I even got to ride in a two seat Indy car once with a pro driver at the Kentucky Speedway for 3 laps...and I did not want it to end. What I remember most about it is how your head would snap into the turn you were taking. You couldn't move your neck the other way if you had to. What a rush.

So the question is...will Danica's new boyfriend...Green Bay QB Aaron Rogers be sitting in her pit on top of that big toolbox?

TODAY I'm off to write with Jenny Tolman which is always fun. Her new album is about to be released for everyone to hear what I've been hearing for quite awhile now. Here's a taste...her new SINGLE if you care to check out her music.

Have a great Tuesday!