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Santa Boat and Powerball

BILL BLOG Tuesday December 20, 2017

Got a little rain for the next few days. Santa may have to get here on his "Santa Boat" this year. Which reminds me of this little Christmas nautical children's tune that my friend Brent Burns put on his Christmas CD one year titled "Santa Boat". Call me crazy but I think it would be a cool children's book illustrated that should be racked in book stores near any coastline. Listen and see what you think.

YESTERDAY Nothing really big. I wrote a "Powerball" song for New York using Brad Paisley's hit "Alcohol" because it's worth over a quarter of a million and climbing again this week. Since I have no chance of winning I made myself a reminder to buy one when I'm out and running today.

I also moved some on air time slots for WSM next week. Next Tuesday and Wednesday...right after Christmas I'll be on air 3-6 pm covering for Devon O'day as opposed to 7-Midnight filling in for Eddie Stubbs as originally planned. The afternoon slot is pretty much a "talk" show with some country music sprinkled in and it's fun to do. So do tune in worldwide at wsmonline.com. We are working on booking some guests for those two days and running into Music City being empty of singers and pickers and writers because they've gone home for the holidays. I was on Music Row for a second yesterday and and 16th, 17th and 18th avenue had tumbleweeds rolling around. Okay...not that bad...but a lot of folks are gone because a lot of folks...in fact most of the creative community...they ain't from here. So it should be an interesting guest list...stay tuned.

GINGERBREAD Last night my wife Kathy got creative...and made gluten free gingerbread men. I'm still not sure what "gluten" is to tell ya the truth...but there wasn't any to be found in the legs and arms and head I bit off. Even though they were delicious...I've refused to let her make "gluten free" mac and cheese. I wonder if folks who are addicted to "gluten" really like it or are they just "a gluten for punishment". Sorry.

BUCKAROO I want to share this little "live" performance of my friend Paul Bogart singing the song we wrote about his young cowboy "Jett" called "Buckaroo Lullabye" that was added to his new album "Leather" at the last second. Paul wanted to write a lullabye for his youngun’ and had started on the idea while driving home with the band from a run of shows out west. He was driving...and thinking...and writing. That day at Sony when we gathered to write he told me about the idea and actually said, "if you don't like it I would understand". I LOVED this little idea...and I'm so proud of this tune that's getting some praise by critics right now. And I'm so glad he asked me to be his co-writer on this. Hit the link and check out the "live" performance with Paul, a guitar player and a fiddle player. Pretty cool.

TODAY I'm off to write with my Georgia Quacker friend Gerald Smith and former American Idol alum Janelle Arthur today who sings like a bird. Not like the bombardier ones just mentioned. It's a pleasure to sit in a room and just hear her sing for sure.

And then...I have to attempt to wrap some Christmas packages. I can't wait any longer. Where's the duct tape?

Have a great Tuesday!

More WSM and Silent Night

BILL BLOG Tuesday December 19, 2017

Really really thick fog outside my window that has Old Hickory lake enveloped. The tugboats that sometime float by are surely honkin' on their horns.

YESTERDAY Well I did get the last of my Christmas shopping done...I think. Kind of appropriate as I had to write a country parody song for my New York folks yesterday about how so many guys wait til the last possible second before they finally hit a store. It was like killing two turtledoves with one stone.

I also put some more WSM dates on my holiday calendar. I'm on this Friday 10-3. And then December 26 and 27 from 7-Midnight on the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry. It's always nice being on air and hearing from so many fans from almost everywhere. Worldwide you can listen in at wsmonine.com

WSM archives a lot of the interview we have with artists. You can just go to the "archive" section at wsmonline.com and listen in. Here's one I did a few weeks ago with Aaron Tippin when he and his wife Thea brought in their new holiday wine for us to taste. Yep...it's really good.

SPEAKING OF CHRISTMAS Do you know what the most recorded Christmas song is all time? I would have guessed "White Christmas" which has been recorded 128,276 times since it was first written by Irving Berlin. But no. The all time winner is "Silent Night" that's been re-done 137,315 times. Wow. "Jingle Bells" was close behind at #3. No wonder we know all the words to those classics.

CHRISTMAS TREATS I'm not an egg nog guy. Not my thing. My Mom always had peanut brittle and those little orange slices out at the Whyte House when we grew up in Missouri. My wife makes sure we have some laying around ours these days to preserve a little tradition. But now they have Almond Nog out. Uh uh. Almond dang nog. Sounds illegal. I'm sure that I'll spot Flax Nog and Rice Nog soon in the dairy section. For the Christmas health nuts...Santa came early I guess. Just once a year I think it's okay to not read the ingredients on a carton. Go be jolly for crying out loud. Eat and drink the fattening stuff. A public service message from me.

DANICA Danica Patrick has broken up with her 5 year old boyfriend Ricky Stenhouse. This after she lost her NASCAR ride. I dunno but here's something ABC should think about. Make a run at Danica being the next Bachelorette. Arie Luyendyk Jr. is the new Bachelor this season. Why not stay in the racing family?? Just saying.

TODAY I'm making like Santa after I get my comedy song writing done this morning and delivering a couple of packages. No...I did not buy any Almond Nog to give anyone. I wanted them to love Christmas.

Have a great Tuesday!


BILL BLOG Monday December 18, 2017

Back to semi-normal this week. Temps are going back up near 60 but we're at that time of year when it's cloudy a lot and it gets dark early. My writer pal Roger Naylor who grew up in Cincinnati has told me more than once that he moved to Arizona for more sun. It wasn't the cold and the snow that got him down in the Queen City...it was the gray. I'm starting to understand why he's so happy all the time.

LAST WEEK There was no regular blog here because I was on air all week for WSM. It was a week full of great "live" guests and fun and if you tuned in at anytime last week or watched us on Heartland TV...thanks for doing so. My thanks to Charie Mattos for making my job so easy again as I filled in for Bill Cody...and Charlie produced. One of the highlights for me was getting to play a little Christmas classic I recorded with my then 2 year old daughter Heather many a Christmas ago back in Cincinnati. I played it for years no matter what city I was working in...and this week I got to do that on WSM which was pretty special. Put me in the Christmas spirit for sure.

On top of that I wrote a couple of new songs last week...attended the WSM Christmas party with my wife which was fun...and finished up a custom project in studio where we made a song I wrote for a guys wife up in Ohio come to life. It's his present to her this year...and the good news is he loves it. "Whew". Not easy writing love songs...especially about someone else's wife. Would love to be there when he plays it for her the first time.

GIDDY UP I also noticed something I had never seen before last week while doing the radio show in the WSM studios tucked inside the massive Opryland Hotel. The hotel is SO big...they actually ride on the vacuum cleaners. True. Pretty sure they could sell tickets if they have vacuum cleaner races up and down the massive hallways. I've proposed it to management...I'll let ya know what they say. Of course each driver would have a pit crew that would leap over a wall and change a belt and bag when they need to.

IN YOUR EAR Now this sounds cool...at least to me. Google is putting out ear buds that will allow you to tap into an app that translates language. Put it in your ear...tap it...choose the language you need and then ask it what you need to say. "I'd like mac and cheese please"...and it comes back to you in your ear in Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese...whatever.

There's a chance my wife and I could go to Italy last next year on a adventure. If that happens...I'll post all the info here..and I'll be out buying Google ear buds shortly after. Stay tuned.

CHRISTMAS ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! Got all your shopping done? Me neither. My plan is to finish it later today. I don't feel too bad though as statistics show me that 64% of all Dads wait til the last minute. I'm in good company apparently.

I was watching a TV show last night that talked about some of the behind the scenes things that happened during some of our favorite Christmas movies. One that stood out was that Jim Carrey tried to quit "The Grinch" because of having to be in that Grinch outfit that took 8 hours per day to put on...and then two more hours to remove. Brutal. And he tried to quit. They talked him out of it with the help of an ex military guy who taught him how to survive torture...like they do in the military. Glad they did. It's just hard to imagine that movie without Jim Carrey in that role.

TODAY A little writing this morning...and then out to put a bow on my Christmas shopping this year. I'll be taking the Christmas tree off the hood of my car before I go.

Have a great Monday!

One More Day WSM

BILL BLOG Friday December 15, 2017

Final day of a five day run doing mornings on WSM radio tucked inside the Opryland Resort Hotel and Convention Center that's lit up like an airport runway for Christmas. And one more morning working with my friend Charlie Mattos while his regular partner Hall of Famer Bill Cody finishes his week of Christmas shopping.

Today our special in studio guest is an old Missouri friend Wil Nance who will bring his guitar and sing some of his hits and new original songs this morning.

Tune in worldwide at wsmonline.com and watch us on Heartland TV. Just go to watchheartlandtv.com and check us out.

Regular blog returns this Monday morning. Have a great weekend!

WSM Thursday With Wyn Varble

Thursday morning as I'm posting this short blog again inside the WSM radio studios. I'm on 5:30-10 again this morning with Charlie Mattos and we are both a bit bleary eyed as we both hung out late at the WSM Christmas party last night at Fontanel...the old property where Barbara Mandrell used to live in one of the largest log houses ever built. The place is now a tourist attraction with a winery as part of the attractions...and that's where we made merry last night.

So we'll be talking about that a bit on the show this morning AND our special guest will be songwriter-funny guy Wyn Varble who wrote "Waiting On A Woman" and the new John Pardi it "She Ain't In It" just to name a couple. Wyn will be here at 8:30 or so...don't miss this.

Tune in worldwide at wsmonline.com...watch us on Heartland TV and you can do that by going to watchheartlandtv.com.

Have a great Thursday!

Hump Day On WSM

BILL BLOG Wednesday December 13, 2017

Back on the air again this morning on WSM Radio heard worldwide at wsmonline.com.

I'm hanging with Charlie Mattos on air from 5:30 to 10 AM this morning and our special in studio guest at 8:30 will be bluegrass artist-songwriter Tim Stafford so please join us if ya can.

Have a great Wednesday.


BILL BLOG Tuesday December 12, 2017

Once again...on air for 650 AM WSM from 5:30-10AM this morning with Charlie Mattos and I'll be doing this all week.

Tune in worldwide at wsmonline.com and watch if you have a strong heart on Heartland TV.

Have a great Tuesday!


BILL BLOG Monday December 11, 2017

No blog this week...or at least no regular blog as I'm on air all week 5:30-10 AM filling in for Bill Cody on the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry 650 AM WSM.

Tune in worldwide at wsmonline.com an watch the show on Heartland TV.

At 8:30 this morning Tamara Stewart my talented Aussie singer-songwriter friend will join us for some "live" music from her upcoming CD.

Have a great Monday!

Writing Around The Christmas Pole

BILL BLOG Friday December 8, 2017

38 for a high today. Yikes. It's usually about this time of year weather guy reminds you to cover up your plants. Which is why I'm glad we asphalted the lawn and beds this year. No plants.

YESTERDAY It's not every day there's a pole in the middle of the room I'm writing in...but there is when I write with Jenny Tolman. She and her boyfriend producer Dave Brainerd actually put up a You Tube Video of Jenny singing "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" decorating their place and of course they do put a sign on it that says "North Pole". Of course. Yes...she does pole dance...in one of those exercise classes and she's done that silk scarf dangling thing like one would see at a Cirque Show...if you've ever been to one of those.

And guess what crept into our song yesterday? Uh uh. The silk scarf and Cirque. So it was a really fun creative out of the box puzzle that we strung together yesterday. She will release a new single to radio in early January and her album that she and Dave produced will be released late next year.

IN VOGUE FOR MEN Well...they say "botox" for guys is big right now. So ladies...there's your guy gift giving idea this year. A little needle in the forehead for your dear ole boyfriend-hubby. Nothing says Christmas like a botox treatment. And yea...I'm pretty sure there MUST be a Christmas song of some kind that could deal with this.

KIDS The lastest equations say it wlll cost you around $233,000 to raise a kid to the age of 17. Figure in college and the medical bills it cost to have that yougun' and it could give one pause before hatching a large family. You didn't say "triplets" did you Doc?!

TODAY Early this afternoon I'm writing with young Taylon Hope for the first time...a young North Carolina girl I believe. She and her parents came out to see our "Hits & Grins" trio last night and the Dad is a big fan of WSM and knew I worked there which led to more conversation and this writing appointment with his daughter today on Music Row. It's always fun for me to write with new young talent so I'm looking forward to getting to know Taylon better. And oh yea...she can sing. Here's one EXAMPLE you can check out if you'd like.

THE WEEKEND Have I mentioned I have not done a bit of Christmas shopping yet? Sigh. Wonder what a botox coupon costs? I'll be doing some of that for sure and ten prepping for a really busy week next week as I'm on the WSM morning dark and early Monday through Friday. Because of that...there will just be very short blogs here because of time constraints.

Hope you have a great weekend too!

Day Of Infamy

BILL BLOG Thursday December 7, 2017

A day that will live in infamy. Pearl Harbor Day. Every time this day rolls around my thoughts go back to the one trip my wife and I made to Hawaii and visited the Pearl Harbor museum. Something everyone should do...stand over the Arizona. My lasting memory of that was how many Japanese tourists were on the boat with us...and how they bowed their heads and were reverentially as quiet as the Americans were. We look at history to help us avoid repeating the same awful mistakes. Here's hoping we do just that.

YESTERDAY My writing appointment was with Gary Cavanaugh who truly loves writing. It's good being around folks like that who remind me that it's just the process of creating something original that's enough for most folks. Or...getting to sit on a stool every now and then and share an original song with some folks out front. It's hard writing a hit. There are a lot of talented folks in this town trying to do just that and the competition is fierce. But for some...just participating? It's enough...and it gives them a reason to get up in the morning and there's not a thing wrong with that. Plus...ya just never know...ya never know. Gary brought a great idea to the table and it was fun shaping that idea into a song with him.

HEARD AT MY STARBUCKS THIS MORNING With my head down in my iPad I still did not hearing a barista say to a customer, "it looks like Christmas threw up all over his house". Made me laugh. Somewhere close by there's a Clark Griswold house all lit up I suppose. I'm pretty sure I've never strung one light on our house. Nope. Not fond of nail guns and ladder and cold icy roof tops and gutters. Nope. Wreath on the front door and I'm good to go Santa. You'll need to turn on you sleigh lights to find my roof.

THAT ELF Parents are hiding that danged elf all over the house. Elf on the Shelf is still hot. Man. I'm starting a new tradition called "Beer On The Shelf" but I'm having trouble convincing my wife to hide a beer in a new location every night. This could get me on Shark Tank.

WSM A reminder again...I'll on every morning next week Monday through Friday with Charlie Mattos on the radio home of the Grand Ole Opry 650 AM WSM as Bill Cody...the regular host gets some Christmas shopping done. We're already booking some musical guests so it should be a very fun week. Tune in worldwide at wsmonline.com

TODAY Off to write with one of my favorites Jenny Tolman this morning. A rarity. A country artist who was actually born in Nashville. I won't hold that against her. Jenny is young, talented and I like her because she does like to think outside the box. Fun and quirky work for her like it does me so maybe we'll write about "Beer On The Shelf" today. Maybe.

Have a great Thursday!