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Turkey Day 2016

BILL BLOG Thanksgiving Day 2016 And a Happy Turkey Day to you and yours. I'm nursing a hernia early this morning after lifting the newspaper out of the bin that weighs 2 tons from all the ads stuffed into it. BEACH TURKEY My wife Kathy and I feel blessed to celebrate our Thanksgiving this year in Gulf Shores with our little extended family here in Gulf Shores where it will be sunny and 78 today. Even though we'll gather in a condo overlooking the ocean...it will still feel traditional...food...parade and football on TV. We'll celebrate with Dodge and Dean Raymer...and their daughter and have a great day for sure. Marsha and husband Jack. They are truly part of a wonderful extended family we're blessed to be a part of. My best to all my friends and family...brothers....sisters and other loved ones scattered across the country today celebrating too...including my daughter who will be with her fiancee and family today...and away from us. We will certainly miss having her around our table today. I'd start counting my blessings here...but if I did...I'd run out of space. I'm so blessed...and I know it. And I'm grateful for health and great family and a great 2016 full of wonderful memories that is falling fast behind me as we approach another new year at warp speed. May we all count our blessings today. POST HOLIDAY Yesterday I wrote a parody song for Cyber Monday coming up where you can shop for deals online as opposed to fighting with an upset lady in blue stretch pants at Wal Mart over the last "MUST HAVE" toy your kids wants this year. So...we have Black Friday tomorrow...Cyber Monday on Monday. But my favorite holiday...is "Buy Nothing Day" which is also Monday. You can look it up. I like it. I'll be a participant in one of these three for sure. Heck...I think I'll propose a "Nothing Parade" to celebrate this great idea. Folks line up sitting in their lawn chairs on a curb...and then no parade passes by. DID YOU KNOW? There is no longer a Butterball Hot Line? They did away with it. You can get an app...or go online and get all your questions answered like, "how much butter should I put on my Butterball"? Or..."is mac and cheese considered a good stuffing for the turkey"?

NEW DATE I just added a date for my 2017 calendar. I'll return to Jacksonville, Florida April 22nd to teach a songwriting class...and play a show later that same night. I'll be putting up complete details in the next couple of days on my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com. Would love to have you sign up and participate if your in the Jacksonville area. My thanks to my friend Juanita Hotard for organizing this event.

TODAY Count your many blessings...I am. And have a great Thanksgiving.

Angels Fly By

BILL BLOG Wednesday November 23, 2016 Twas the day before Thanksgiving...and I'm loosening my belt. BEACH Gulf Shores today? Almost 80 for a high down here as we prepare for Turkey Day tomorrow.. Yesterday was Blue Angel fly over day apparently. Perfect blue skies and outside our condo balcony...they flew by often. One of the great free things we get to see every November combined with the dolphin show and the birds dive bombing into the Gulf for fish. So...a little time out there soaking up some sun and digging into a new book that I checked out from the local library that details the history of putting the TV show Saturday Night Live on the air. Quite the story already and I'm only a few chapters in. My wife and I also took in the Tom Hanks movie "Inferno" yesterday...another one of those movies derived from the Dan Brown book series. This one...left me a little flat. The first of the three "DaVinci Code" is still by far the best for me. Because Tom Hanks is in it...it was worth watching. But...it felt a little too contrived...and a lot could have been left on the editing floor as far as I'm concerned. That's my dime on it anyway. BLACK FRIDAY I did have one piece of business to take care of. New York needed a parody song about Black Friday...and two radio jingles for a country station in Colorado. I'm never ceased to be amazed at what technology now allows me to do...from anywhere I go. All with a simple lap top and internet connection. I was happy to be able to do it while looking at the ocean at the same time. SPRING BREAK My wife and I come down in the off season here to Gulf Shores. It's so quiet...hardly anyone here relatively speaking. Apparently that is not the case all year as Spring Break crowds have grown...and with that all the problems you'd expect with kids who hit the beach...and leave mountains of trash behind them. The local folks are talking about a ban on alcohol on the beach. Seems like a no brainer to me...but consider. Panama City nearby did that then saw a loss of tax revenue in the neighborhood of 41% as the kids found another beach to drink on and increase police calls. In Gulf Shores last Spring Break they arrested 460 kids...most of them drunk and disorderly. Tax dollars or peace on the beach? I'm raising two Woodstock fingers on this one if I get a vote. Alcohol is an amazing thing. I get it. Your 18...it's your first taste of freedom and you go crazy. Keep in mind...your first taste of freedom can lead to your first time calling home for bail too. My friend Brent Burns has a song called "I Came Here On Vacation...I'm Going Home On Probation." The city of Key West just licensed this song to use as a TV promo to remind kids what could happen. Cool.

TODAY A little writing...reading...beaching and getting ready for Turkey Day. Thankful already.

Have a great Wednesday.

Books On The Beach and Square Dance Rage

BILL BLOG Tuesday November 22, 2016 Suns up in Gulf Shores...two days before Thanksgiving. Wow. You know you are eating at a southern Thanksgiving dinner table when you see biscuits instead of rolls. I'm okay with that. YESTERDAY Just another day to chill...with beautiful weather. Not a cloud in the sky. I had one parody song to write from New York...traveling during the holiday weekend. A record amount of you will be on the road...so be careful. Gas prices are still going down so that helps increase the amount of folks out on the road. I finished up my book on songwriter Guy Clark which was great..."Without Getting Killed Or Caught" written by Tamara Saviano who I worked with in Milwaukee at WMIL radio. She was doing the radio station newspaper at the time...and has moved on to much bigger things...producing...winning a Grammy...and now author of a great book. Congrats to her...I absolutely loved the book...and getting to know more about Guy and his wife Susanna as well as their talented circle of friends. So with that one done...I went to the local library and checked out a book about "Saturday Night Live" and I'm already engrossed with this story of how this iconic TV show was launched. Pretty good life when you can read a book on a balcony....and every time you look up all you see is the ocean for miles...dolphins playing...and Blue Angel jets zipping by. Thankful to be able to chill with my wife for an extended period of time in such a beautiful place. GOOD NEWS One article I pulled up online today says that coffee may be one of our healthiest habits. If that's the case...maybe I'll live as long as the oldest living Tuskegee Airman who passed away yesterday at 101. Imagine the stories he had to tell. I mentioned in yesterday that one of the great things about reading the local paper down here is the attention given to our military and wonderful back stories about them. This was just another one of those. Thank you for your service sir.

DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME It's the rage in China. Older women getting up early to do a Chinese Square Dance thing. You've really done the impossible when you can make square dancing cool. I learned to call square dances when I was in the FFA. I'm sure Shanghai will be in need of my skill set and request my presence soon. TODAY Mid-70's on the beach here today. We may sneak out of the condo to go see the new Tom Hanks movie later today...and there's a threat of a card game later this evening with our friends down here. All of us are old enough that there's never a threat of playing strip poker. It's more like..."put on your clothes" poker these days. Have a great Tuesday!

Monday Monday On The Gulf

BILL BLOG Monday November 21, 2016 Turkey week? Still trying to figure out what the heck a giblet is. WEEKEND Time slows down on the beach. Here in Gulf Shores we'll be up near 70 today without a cloud in the sky. It's been that way almost all month. Just incredible weather really...and we are using the time to put our feet up and re-charge for sure. It's really strange for me to look at my calendar and see nothing on it. Really weird. This past weekend we had dinner with friends....I watched a lot of football on the TV in front of me with the ocean view to my left. We got REALLY ambitious yesterday and went to see a movie. "The Arrival" was our choice with Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner trying to figure way to communicate with the other world folks. It was good. A thinker of a movie. It was not "Fantastic Beasts" that ruled the box office this weekend...and that's fine with us. Pull up the trailer yourself and decide if it's for you. DIFFERENT I noticed a big geographic difference here for the folks who deliver news. I love Nashville because they cover so much music news. Makes sense. Just like it does for the news folks here on the panhandle to cover a lot of military news with so many of thos folks based nearby here on the cost. I like that too. One of the first lessons I learned about moving from market to market with my radio show job was how important it was to get up to speed as quickly as possible to the things that are important to those who live in that city and region. The things you say on air that land best...are the things that the "locals" get...but anyone outside of that area wouldn't have a clue what your talking about. So I enjoy reading local papers and finding out what the locals are into down here.

REALITY CHECK I read a great article about how the hit "Born To Fly" was written... a huge hit for Boonesville, Missouri native Sara Evans. She was in a writing appointment when her phone rang and it was her record label. She excused herself....and came back pretty upset. She told her co-writers that the label person told her it was time for her to lose some weight since she delivered the baby she had a few months earlier. So she wanted to write something about her roots...and growing up on that farm and the next thing you know she and writers Marcus Hummon and Darrell Scott and the next thing you know...she's off to "Oz" land complete with Scarecrow and company. Hard to imagine anyone these days would tell her to lose weight...but man...it can be a brutal business. And the unvarnished truth is...it's hard to find an ugly or overweight singer anymore. I have a song I wrote called "You Can't Be Ugly And Be A Star In This Town." It gets a reaction every time I sing it...especially in Nashville. That's because there's unfortunately a lot of truth tucked into the comedy lines. FRANCE How bout this. France's military is now training Eagles to track and catch drones. Maybe we can get whales to track submarines for us. TODAY Well...I have a little writing to do for my New York folks....then I'm off for a walk this morning under Gulf blue skies. They need rain...badly. A big drought here in Alabama. So much so that some creeks, rivers and waterfalls are completely dry when they would normally be free flowing. Some fish species may be endangered more than those Croc shoes (remember those?) than we used to wear. After that...I'm off to my friend Brent Burns house to tidy up some of our new songs to get them ready for recording in Nashville in the not too distant future. And then...feet up looking at the ocean. If ya gotta have a Monday...might as well do it this way! Have a great Monday!

Gulf Weekend

BILL BLOG Friday November 18, 2016 Bring on the weekend. YESTERDAY I drove over to Pensacola yesterday from Gulf Shores where my wife and I are staying and spent a couple of hours in the Naval Air Museum...home of the Blue Angels. One of the great FREE treats down here in the Panhandle. It's Aircraft Carrier Month at the museum and they've added more films, models, and displays about our floating cities. I got totally engrossed in the a film about the USS Enterprise and the combat heroics of that carrier and crew...took a little 4D ride with the Blue Angels that was cool...and got up close to a lot of planes. One of the places you need to stop at for sure if your close. Other than that? A little seafood...sunset....and a bunch of nothing hanging with my wife. By the time our month down here is over...my batteries will be re-charged completely I'm sure. JUST MINDING MY OWN BUSINESS That's what I was doing while blogging here at a Mickey D's this morning when this guy leans around my booth...whom I don't know and says to me, "your awesome and believe in your dreams." Okay. That was odd...and random. I'm not sure what religion, philosophy or product he was promoting....but it's nice to know I'm awesome out of nowhere.

BASEBALL Okay...there are some great ODD minor league baseball team names. Montgomery, Alabama has the "Biscuits". Lansing, Michigan is home to the Lugnuts. But how about this one. About 3 hours away from me in New Orleans...they just changed their team name from the Zephyr's to "Baby Cakes" by fan vote. I know that's tied to Mardis Gras and it's local. But...if you're a macho ball player...do you want to be referred to as a "baby cake"? Sounds like an automatic win for our Nashville Sounds next year when New Orleans comes to town. "We've got the "Baby Cakes" for a four game series." FOR SALE The Johnny Cash house...the one one lake you saw in the movie with Joaquin Phoenix. It sits on Old Hickory Lake in Hendersonville...a huge lake that surrounds a lot of Nashville. In fact...from our house windows we have a view of the same lake Johnny and June used to look at for years. A property that's filled with stories like Kris Kristofferson landing his chopper on the front lawn to pitch Johnny one of his songs on a cassette tape. The song? "Sunday Morning Coming Down." What's your bid?

THE WEEKEND It's here. We'll have dinner with friends tonight...a little football Saturday...maybe a movie...and certainly my wife and I will enjoy watching that Orange Ball dip into the Gulf all weekend. Unreal sunsets down here.

Have a great weekend yourself!

Beach Rhymes

BILL BLOG Thursday November 17, 2016 Sun is up and bright again here in Gulf Shores. Cooler weather to move in this weekend...but...mid 60's for a high will seem balmy compared to what the north is going to get. No complaints from the the flip flop crowd down here. YESTERDAY I had to write a bit for my NY folks. They needed parody song about all the the early Christmas sales that have started. Was happy to do that...as well as send them a couple of funny radio jingles for an afternoon show in Colorado Springs. Finished that up...got my walk in...and then hung out with Brent Burns down here polishing up some songs we've written for his next album out next year. Turns out we have 8 I think...more than I remembered...several of which should make the next yet untitled Brent Burns CD. There's a song about losing his poor wife in Vienna that I think is going to be very funny for one...and as always...there are some "beach" themed songs too for my Trop Rock artist friend. A little lunch...and then my wife and I kicked back in the condo and celebrated another glorious orange ball sunset going down in the blue Gulf of Mexico. Great days here in Gulf Shores. BUTTERBALL Warning. Thanksgiving is ONE week away from today. It does not seem possible. We've been doing the month of November here for several years now...and there are several things I love about this month down here. It's quiet...FEW folks come down here and the weather is great in November. It's like we own the beaches. The Frank Brown Songwriters Festival runs two weeks in the month and that's always fun. The Blue Angels and Dolphins are easy to spot and enjoy our our windows. We love the "no fuss" of going out for Thanksgiving here on the beach...and then being able to watch the Iron Bowl match-up of Auburn-Alabama IN Alabama is always fun. My wife Kathy gets a lot of her Christmas shopping done...and we get to hang with our great friends we've made down here...as well as extended family "The Raymers" as well as their daughter Marcia and her husband Jack who are down for the month too. And we still have almost half a month before we have to go back to Music City USA and dig into the music business again. Brent Burns and I wrote this song he recorded titled "The Sand Is Getting Heavy In My Shoes" which is all about how hard it is leaving the beach. The sand is getting heavier all the time. SONGWRITING STORY I love how songs have little connection dots. I'm reading the bio on a great songwriter...Guy Clark...and yesterday I read a passage that mentioned a song on one of his CD's that Guy co-wrote with my good friend and co-writer Jim McBride....who's had some huge hits himself. This song is titled "Heavy Metal" that's all about piece of Caterpillar machinery. So...I picked up the phone and called Jim who was home in Huntsville with his wife and told him about the passage. He was grateful...and nonchalantly mentioned that Johnny Cash also recorded the song! I love modest writers. Jim is one of those. It seems to me that those who have accomplished the most...are the least to brag. I was glad I was able to tell Jim something he DIDN'T already know.

YOU'RE HAVING A REALLY BAD DAY WHEN... You're in a cross country race and a deer runs out and knocks you down. That happened to a poor runner. I just played a show with Randy Brooks who wrote "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer." This may allow Randy to modernize his own classic a bit. TODAY? A little sun...a little sand. Living the tough life huh?

Have a great Thursday!

Opry Member and Beach Tunes

BILL BLOG Wednesday November 16, 2016 Greeting from Gulf Shores where I'm still trying to figure out which is more spectacular. The sunrises or the sunsets. YESTERDAY Things are getting a little lazier now that my shows have wrapped up down here. Yesterday I had only one little "must do"...writing a parody song about "The Rock"...Dwayne Johnson being named People Magazines Sexiest Man Of The Year. Makes ya wanna start wearing wrestling trunks and jumping off the top turnbuckles don't it? Okay...that look doesn't work for everyone...don't ask me how I know. We played another round of cards with our Missouri friends down here. Bob and Sue head home today. Nice meeting ya and we'll see you next year. It was their first trip...and like a lot who come down here...they book a condo for a year later. Been there. I read some more of my beach book...checked out the Supermoon...and gave thanks for such a terrific day on the Gulf Coast. This never gets old. AHEAD I see by this Sunday we'll have a high of just 62...but when I see a blizzard alert in Minnesota where my sister Rita insists on living...62 sounds kind of balmy. No wonder she sews so many quilts! HOWEVER... I did hear on a local radio station that they have an eye on a possible tropical storm or worse shaping up out in the Caribbean. We'll keep our eyes on that of course. NEW SHOW I did add a new show on my calendar yesterday. My "Hits & Grins" trio will be back at the Listening Room in Nashville for a 6 pm show January 5. Great venue...good food. Come see us if your in Music City. CONGRATS! Really happy to see this. Last night Carrie Underwood walked out on the Opry stage and sang with my old friend Crystal Gayle. When they finished Carrie asked Crystal if she'd like to me the newest member of the Opry? Uh...she said yes. So cool...and what a great new member Crystal will be. So happy for her and her husband Bill and their family for this deserved induction coming up in a few weeks. She's just as down to earth and nice as she was back in the days when we were doing High School gym shows together. MEANWHILE While Loretta's younger sister got her great Opry news...word is leaking out that former country start Taylor Swift may be recording a Hip Hop album. Okay. The girl is talented...knows what she's doing...and is printing money. But...I'm pretty sure she won't be an Opry member ever.

TODAY I'm going to sit down and write with my friend Brent Burns this morning as he's turning his thoughts to recording a new album next year. We've got a few songs in the bag....but will need more to put on his recording plate before he's ready to sneak back in studio. Usually the choices are beach song...or funny song? We'll see what happens. Living the good life on the Gulf. Have a great Wednesday!

A Lulu Of A Monday Night

BILL BLOG Tuesday November 15, 2016 Just another postcard day here in Gulf Shores. LAST NIGHT Man...we had a great last second show at Lulu's last night. My friend Brent Burns has played there for 12 years now...and he's the regular beach dude on Monday nights. So...we decided to just have fun and do a set at 6 pm and what fun that turned out to be. For a Monday...we had a great little gathering and got an unexpected treat when Thom Sheperd and Coley McCabe dropped by. Thom co-wrote two big hits. "Riding With Private Malone" recorded by David Ball, and "Redneck Yacht Club" for Craig Morgan that he had the entire place singing last night. Thom and Coley are a couple and living the music dream. They sold their house...and travel in their motor home pulling a car behind them playing the Texas and beach scene traveling up and down the coast line for gigs. What a great way to make a living. We so enjoyed sharing our little Lulu's stage with those two last night for sure. And my thanks to all who came out and enjoyed this impromptu set on a Monday night in beautiful Gulf Shores. THE DAY Outside of that highlight...there was plenty of time to sit out on our balcony sitting on top of the ocean. I did have one parody song to write for New York about Oreo Cookie rolling out a candy bar this year. True. First time ever I guess that folks will dip a candy bar into a glass of milk. Finished that up and it left me time to get through some more pages "Without Getting Killed Or Caught"...the life story of songwriter-singer Guy Clark that my friend Tamara Saviano penned. Great book....I'm locked in completely. And I was glad to read about the man who inspired one of my favorite songs that Guy wrote..."Desperados Waiting On A Train". Pretty good way to spend a beach day down here.

DIERKS Dierks Bentley is the latest country star that will open an entertainment venue on Lower Broadway to be called "Whiskey Row." Pretty good for an Arizona kid who started playing music for tips on lower Broad...and will now own his own place. There's one up and running successfully in Phoenix already. I was the first guy...me and my radio partner to ever play "Dierks" on Country radio. My partner...Beville Darden had a little segment on our show early in the morning we called "Behind The Bosses Back" where we played anything we wanted to. One song. The theory being that at 5:30 AM it was too early for our boss to be up and listening. One morning Beville brought in a Dierks CD that she had bought from him after seeing him sing on Lower Broadway in a nothing little club. He heard it...and has never forgotten. To this day if I would bump into him...he'd recall it. Hard not to root for great guys like he is. Hope the clubs a huge success. He'll join Alan Jackson and John Rich now with clubs down on the booming Lower Broadway that's jumping every night like Hillbilly Vegas. OH GOSH I just saw where Hollie Dunn lost her life to cancer. Damn I hate that disease. Such a nice gentle lady with a song that will live well beyond her death...."Daddy's Hands." So so sorry to read this. TODAY Mid 70's not a cloud in the sky. Time go for a walk and then just lazy this Tuesday away with my wife. Life in beach time do slow down a bit...and that's not a bad thing. Have a great Tuesday!

Lulu's Tonight

BILL BLOG Monday November 14, 2016 Life is a beach right now...and it ain't half bad. THE WEEKEND I did my last songwriter show for the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival down here on the Gulf Coast. Saturday night my friend Brent Burns and I got together for a show the Big Beach Brewery...a local craft brewery that just went up. Garage doors...lot of concrete...lot of bar folks when I walked in so my initial instinct was, "this could be noisy". When you do enough gigs...you can sort of sense if a room is going to be good for music and for people listening. I was dead wrong this time. As we got ready to start singing at 7 pm...the place got quiet..extra chairs came out...folks got close....and they listened big time. And laughed...and sang along. We just had a great show. My thanks to the new young owners at this place for helping make that happen...and I hope their business does nothing but grow. Craft Brew places are a hot trendy business right now...and a year from now..I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple more of these down here in the Gulf Shores-Orange Beach area. All in all I did 8 shows this year for the festival....and emceed one night. Big time thanks to Linda Ponder and Andy and all the volunteers for making this event better and better and better. This two week event held every November...filled with over 250 songwriters...is worth planning a vacation around. Mark it on your calendar for 2017. ONE MORE SHOW Brent and I had so much fun...we've decided to do one more set tonight at 6 pm at Lulu's. So...if you're down here...and want a bonus round...come see us tonight. FACEBOOK They say they will start eliminating of flag "fake" news items that are posted. The flag will come with a note I'm guessing that reads, "hey idiot...if this sounds too good to be true...don't share it." The things people fall for on FB is nothing short of amazing to me. If we were one of Snow White's dwarfs....they'd have to name us "Gullible". My BS meter goes off almost every time I hear someone excitedly say, "hey did you hear where Donald Trumps wife is really a man?"!!! Meanwhile...I'll hear a full conversation about that from a table full of amazed and shocked folks sitting right next to me at McDonald's over coffee in the morning. Next time your at the grocery store...by an extra grain of salt. And if it sounds ridiculous...before your repeat it...or worse...share it on your own Facebook Page...check the source. It will save you a little face. I believe this is a theory the "pollsters" are now going to adhere to.

TODAY A little comedy writing for New York...a walk in the sun...and then my 6 pm show with Brent Burns at Lulu's on the inter-coastal. Come be with us!

Have a great Monday!

Happy Veterans Day!

BILL BLOG Friday November 11, 2016 From someone who never had to wear a uniform...I can't ever thank those who did enough for your service and your sacrifice. Happy Veterans Day to all of you. YESTERDAY Well...I caught some kind of bug down here...and slept through a lot of a what was a postcard weather day down here in Gulf Shores. The dolphins my wife tell me put on quite the show while I was resting...trying to get better...because I had a show last night I did not want to miss. It was a game time decision literally...but I got to the Flora-Bama and I'm glad I pushed through it. What an incredible show last night with Marc Alan Barnette and Randy Brooks. Both of those guys write funny songs too...so you can imagine what it was like. Marc Alan is a great entertainer...and Randy Brooks...who I met for the first time writes very off center...and I got to hear his sing "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" that he wrote. That's a gift that just keeps giving every year. Turns out he was doing a show with Elmo and Patsy (nobody knew them) out on the road somewhere and he did the song. They asked him to come to their dressing room and record it...because they liked it...then recorded it themselves on a nothing little independent record label...and the rest is history. Truly amazing. Billboard named it the most popular Christmas song of ALL time...ahead of "White Christmas". The crowd last night was totally into the show and again...I'm so glad now that I pushed through not feeling 100% and got there. Just an incredible evening at the Flora-Bama and the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival. ECLECTIC Of course the Flora-Bama bar is famous...and eclectic. Mick Jagger has been here and wrote his name on the bathroom wall. Kenny Chesney played on the beach outside of this place...Buffett of course has been there many times. To prove how eclectic beach folks and Flora-Bama folks are...our emcee last night was dressed in Crocs wearing a Kilt. And no-one thought anything of it. Just another night at the Flora-Bama. TURKEY DAY Lots of ads today for Black Friday sales and Thanksgiving. It may be time to write that song idea a friend gave me titled "Black Fridays Matter". Maybe. MADE HER DAY A woman who voted for Hillary and was crestfallen that she did not win...ran into Hillary walking in the woods. True. Apparently they had a great conversation and I'm betting Hillary probably looked great in her camo- pant suit. SPEAKING OF FASHION Some speculate that the new White House...or Trump House with Melania as the new First Lady may be a boon to the fashion industry. Personally...I can't wait to see what the White House will look like after they get done with the re-decorating. Buy stock in gold folks. WRIGLEY MANIA That Cub song "Go Cubs Go" that we heard so much during the baseball playoffs and World Series? It's been around since like 1948. And now it has entered the Billboard digital music charts because of the amounts of play it's had during the Cubs run this year. Wonder if those songwriters are even around anymore? REAR VIEW Thought you should know...they named a new "Miss Buns" in Brazil. They hold that contest yearly I guess...looking for the best buns. I'm supposing those on the judges panel have to sit behind the contestants entered. THE WEEKEND Well...I have one more show down here and that's tomorrow night with my friend Brent Burns at Big Beach Brewing Company in Gulf Shores. 7 pm start. And then it's truly time to kick back and watch the waves roll in. Tough life I know. Have a great weekend!