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Bill Whyte / Blog

RV Life...and Baseball

BILL BLOG Tuesday September 1, 2015 First day of September. Gosh...time do not slow down do it? YESTERDAY My scheduled co-write cancelled...due to sickness. I must have caught what she had from her e-mail as I started the last day of August feeling a bit "funky" too...still do a bit. But...I did get in a walk...then walked through the motor home that some friends of ours just purchased and wished them well as they get ready to sell their home and see the world in an RV. (Still have not figured a way to drive those things to Hawaii yet...but I digress) At one time I thought that might be a great way to go. Sell everything...live in a motor home. I think the thought of being camped out next to folks who might be up all night and noisy...changed my mind about that. Then our friends yesterday reminded me that you have the option of pulling out and going a few miles up the road to a better place. Hmmm. Maybe I'll have to re-visit that thought. ALTHOUGH....I did own a Winnebago Brave once upon an eon ago and used it to travel with my band at that time. I remember not caring a whole lot about the dump tank thing. Congrats to our friends who are excited about their purchase and new journey. LAST NIGHT Both of my girls went with me to the Sounds ballpark...both seeing the new park for the first time. They were impressed like everyone else who sees it and we had a great time on a perfect weather evening sitting right behind home plate last night to take it in. Good guys won too...but for me...just being in a ballpark with my wife AND daughter was a very rare treat. Heather is back on a plane this evening...so we're glad we were able to do this as a family. I'll be checking off the Houston Astro's ballpark this Friday night before doing a house concert Saturday night in Houston. That will leave me just 8 major league parks to hit before I've checked them all off my list. Both stadiums in New York (the new Yankee stadium)...Minnesota, Detroit, Tampa, San Diego, the new Frisco and Seattle. Picking them off one at a time. And yes...that's a lot of hot dogs. PARODY I also wrote one parody song for my New York folks after Jeb Bush called Donald Trump a jerk...it started out as "Come listen to my story bout a man named Jeb"... Since Trump is still leading and saying whatever he wants...we may see more candidates getting outrageous to make a little more noise. Heck...maybe Kanye West WILL be President some day? Lord help us. SECURITY A guy storms the stage at a Taylor Swift concert at the ballpark in San Diego I want to see. Must have been a heck of a fight on stage as her security team broke the guys ribs. Taylor kept on singing "Shake It Off". WILLIAM LEE GOLDEN He of the Oak Ridge boys with the long flowing white beard...married his long time younger girlfriend. No...her name is not "Elvira". I keep waiting for Uncle Si with "Duck Dynasty" to tell us that William is part of their family.

TODAY It's "Hits and Grins" Tuesday as our songwriter trio that includes Victoria Venier, Steve Dean and myself will get together. We'll be getting things in order for a two night concert run in Steve Dean's hometown of Little Rock coming up in a couple of weeks. All of us are looking forward to seeing Steve's Dad and family there.

Have a great first day of September!

Houston Ahead...Time Off Today

BILL BLOG Monday August 31, 2015 Goodbye August.... THE WEEKEND Well...after having a date cancel on me in my home state of Missouri over the weekend...I found myself with some downtime. So...I took care of a little business...finishing a contract for a private show for Vanderbilt University coming up in a couple of months...and I worked on trying to find a flight with my daughter's help to get me to Houston Friday for a two-fold affair. One...clicking off seeing one more Major League Baseball park....Astros....where a big train choo choos over the outfield wall...and there's a slope to climb up in the outfield...and SECOND...on Saturday my house concert for an old friend Tracy Delfino and her husband Dennis who's a musician too. Should be fun if my flights don't get bumped from flying stand-by. FYI Throwing house concerts are pretty easy...fun and affordable. I mostly play in two different songwriting trios...but I'm discovering how fun it is to play "solo" again too for some shows. So...if that's something that might interest you...a house concert at your place where you invite your friends....holler at me at info@billwhytecomedy.com....and I'll be happy to forward all the info you need to make that happen. Would love to pack my guitar and come see you and your friends. Outside of that...and taking a hike through the woods again...and not getting lost...a pretty chilled weekend at the Whyte House....how bout yours? TODAY Well...my co-writer had to cancel our appointment today as she's sick. So...I might be able to get another walk in before I take my wife and daughter to our new ballpark here in Nashville tonight. They've not seen our new park...which really is great...so with only three games left this year (hard to believe)...tonight will be the night. It's great when my girls go because if I'm drinking a ball park beer they are willing to dive in front of me to make sure the line drive foul ball doesn't spill my $9 drink. So...there's that. Have a great Monday!

Inspired Writing and Hello Houston

BILL BLOG Friday August 28, 2015 Last weekend of August...hello September...and football! YESTERDAY I had the pleasure of hanging with a couple of talented folks yesterday...Jimmy Fortune and Syndi Perry. Both of their schedules are busy...like mine...as Jimmy is out promoting a new inspirational CD of his called "Hits and Hymns"...(I know...close to my trio name of "Hits and Grins" huh?)....and Miss Sydni is out sawing on the fiddle and singing with Carrie Underwood. So it was great to find a hole in all three calendars that matched up allowing us to gather at Jimmy and Nina's home to write an inspirational song that was very personal to be pitched towards a project I can't talk about quite yet. We love the song...and that's all you can hope for when you write...that everyone in the room loves it. And it's hard for me not to just love anything Jimmy and Syndi sing together. Goodness. I also love being in rooms with REAL folks. How real? For lunch when we broke...bologna and cheese sandwich. And not the kind that was pre-peeled. Nope...the red rind still on these slices. Real stuff. I posted a pretty funny selfie on my Facebook of our little trio that you can check out there if you like from yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY To Shania Twain. She's 50 today! Her life story will make a movie someday I'm sure. Here's my Shania story. I've interviewed her through the years and she's ALWAYS been nice. Once while I was doing a morning radio show in Indianapolis...the Shania show came to town at the time she was as hot as any artist on the planet. Scott Goodyear...the former driver Indy car announcer is from Indy...did interviews with us...and was a HUGE Shania fan. We took him backstage to meet her before her concert...along with a few lucky listeners. She could not have been more genuine...or nicer. And Scott was more excited than a teen age boy. I'm always conscious of a "stars" time...so I gently moved our folks back outside the backstage area when Shania said something like "do you have to go"? So I wound up sitting at a picnic table backstage at the outdoor venue and just talked to a superstar for a half hour or so. I don't even remember what we talked about except that I remember her making me feel completely at ease...just a couple of folks talking. All we needed was some of Jimmy's bologna on the table. So Happy Birthday to Shania today. FIDDLING AROUND Ketch Secor who plays with the "Old Crow Medicine Show" says of playing the fiddle..."If you play the fiddle, it's sort of a requirement that you play it with joy". Love that. Playing music should be joyful. It's not like we're lifting 50 pd feedbags like my Dad did on the back of a Co-op truck. It's why I never complain about what I GET to do for a living these days. However...I will say if you're learning to play fiddle...it should also be a requirement that you keep the door shut until you get past the squeaking stage. HALL OF FAME I see where our Country Music Hall of Fame is opening a big exhibit on Sam Phillips...founder of Sun Records over in Memphis. I've yet to tour the Sun studio over there...but it's on my list. I was talking about Sun Records the other day with some writers...and it hit all of us how ELECTRIC those Sun Record artists were that Sam Phillips found...signed...and recorded. Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and of course...Elvis. ALL of them absolutely ELECTRIC personalities. I'm making plans to go downtown to see this exhibit. THE WEEKEND As of right now...I've got a wide open weekend after a show in Missouri unexpectedly cancelled for our "Hits and Grins' trio...so I'll make the best of it. Next show? Houston, Texas next Saturday night...house concert for some great friends

Missouri No Go...But...Good "Fortune" Today

BILL BLOG Thursday August 27, 2015 Got another nice cool breeze at the "Whyte House" this morning and I'm looking at deer grazing on our front lawn as I'm blogging. The bucks and does and fawns and me are not complaining about this kind of weather. YESTERDAY I had great fun producing a jingle for a real estate company in Ruidoso, New Mexico. I was hanging with my friends Linda Davis and Zach Runquist...with my new friend Matthew Carrier behind the control board recording and mixing. Linda's cousin Rhonda owns a Real Estate company in beautiful Ruidoso...and we recently played a show there and her and her husband Lionel's incredible 400 acre ranch. Rhonda had seen our "Evening In The Round " featuring Linda and her husband Lang Scott and me in Tyler, Texas awhile back and told us she wanted a jingle for her company. SO....on our 10 day western road trip this year....we wrote one in the Yukon and sang it into my iPHone. Yesterday that little idea came to life when Zach...who plays a ton of different instruments laid down the music...Linda sang the vocal and harmonies...and Matt mixed it and sent it to New Mexico where I'm sure the radio stations will play this sometime in the future. Very fun...got a little Western swing vibe to it...appropriate for that part of the country. My contribution was helping to write it...and I'm hoping Rhonda loves it as much as we did! THE PORCH Gosh...so gorgeous here yesterday that when we got done with the little jingle, Linda, Zach and I gathered on the porch to write a new song from an idea Zach brought. Pretty good Wednesday in my book. Folks are busy round here. Zach left the writing session to jump on a bus with Paul Bogart to play a week out west...and will have to leave Paul's band who's on a THREE week western run to fly back to Nashville to take his fiddle, dobro, guitar, mandolin on the bus with Lee Ann Womack who he plays and sings for. Somebody gotta do it! Linda is getting ready to join Kenny Rogers one last time on his Christmas tour. That commitment will take up 2 and a half months for her. I'm hoping to finally fly somewhere they are at this year to see the show as Linda has been singing a song we wrote together with Bobby Tomberlin titled "Snowed In Christmas". And me? Well....I did get some unexpected time off this weekend. MISSOURI CANCELLED Our "Hits and Grins" trio was to play in Missouri this weekend...Wheatland, MO to be exact to help celebrate the launch of a radio station there. Apparently the sponsors they hoped to get to help underwrite our show never materialized...so...the plug was pulled. I of course hate that because it's my home state...but so be it. We will just have to find another way to get the trio to the "Show Me State". So...right now...I've got a wide open weekend!

TODAY Tough tough day as I have to hang with Jimmy Fortune...the tenor singer for the Statler's at the end of their run...and the talented Sydni Perry who's now out on the road singing and playing fiddle for Carrie Underwood. Gosh...I hope they don't drag me down!

Have a great Thursday!

Writing and Walking and Writing

BILL BLOG Wednesday August 26, 2015 Last hump day of the month. YESTERDAY I got together on Music Row and finished off a song with Paul Bogart we had started on a few months ago. Paul's as busy as I am...which I didn't think was possible. He leaves for a three week tour with his band out west today...as soon as I get done writing with his fiddle player later this morning. (More on that at the end of today's blog) Paul is one of my favorite guys to write with...and part of the reason is I get to hear him sing. If you have not checked out his MUSIC yet...do so. Especially if you like folks like George Strait...and who doesn't? So we get done writing at Sony down on Music Row and I head for a trail head to get in a walk on yet another gorgeous Tennessee afternoon. 1 hour walk this time...because I didn't get lost. I felt like going Hansel and Gretel after the experience the day before and leave bread crumbs to mark my return path. Instead...I paid ATTENTION this time and had no problems. GUN FIRE That's an odd part of this causeway that I'm walking on. The trail skirts one of the police training academies and yesterday and HAIL of gunfire went off as they were target practicing. You have to fight the temptation of wanting to duck! I think I did find myself walking a bit faster...but got back to the car sweating...but checked....no bullet holes. Good to go for another day. BURGER SONG When I got home my assignment from New York yesterday was to write a parody song about the "burger" thing going on...where they've found that cattle will eat poop. So...when you pick up that double cheeseburger.... That was fun. Trying to write something like that and address the story...but not make it too gross for radio to play. I can only hope some morning show in this country right now is laughing at the song while they play it.

HEADLINE OF THE DAY "Summer Bra Struggles You Know Too Well". Uh...I have not had any bra struggles that I can remember. I know...it took me forever to figure out how to unclasp one with one hand...but that's not for here. My advice to ladies who struggle with their bras is to never buy the Rubik Brassiere. You can thank me later. TODAY Off to write with that Zach Runquist who plays several instruments for Lee Ann Womack out on the road these days...as well as for my friend Paul Bogart who I mentioned at the top of today's blog....AND....Linda Davis. I know...a tough tough day to be me huh? Have a great Wednesday!

Lost In The Trees

BILL BLOG Tuesday August 25, 2015 A little Fall nip in the air this morning when I walked outside. YESTERDAY After being on the road for several days...I've learned to leave a day open on my calendar just to re-settle and catch up on things. I did a lot of that yesterday. After locking in a new date for Tyler, Texas at a function for the "Wounded Warriors", finishing details for a show this Saturday in Missouri, talking to an old friend in Houston, Texas about an upcoming house concert there...and chatting on the phone with someone who may want me to come over to Maggie Valley, North Carolina and teach my comedy songwriting/radio class in the future. And...I wrote two parody songs for New York...one for Labor Day weekend coming up and the other about the stock market dive...yikes. More on the stock market in a minute. After clearing the desk around 1 pm...I managed to do something I have not been able to do for awhile...go for a walk. LOST ON THE TRAIL I've had both knees worked on recently...and have been dealing with back pain for awhile but I'm getting better...or at least finding out how best to deal with the pain. Yesterday with the weather being SO beautiful here I went to the Y where I'm a member and thought I might walk outside on their FLAT track. One lap...pretty boring...and then I noticed there was a paved path trail just off in the distance. Off I go. I look at my watch and decide I would walk half an hour...then turn around and walk back...logging in an hour of walking. Turns out that this causeway I'm on...the Stones River Greenway goes on FOREVER and then some. It was great...trees...green...bridges...a river....I was loving it until it was time to turn around and I could not find my way back. The path was not very well marked...and my 1 hour walk turned into 2 hours! I realized that when I walked up a massive hill...something was wrong. And I was trying to AVOID massive climbs because of the knees and protecting them. I had to stop a couple of folks to help me find my way back to the car. A little sore? Uh huh...but all good. And I know it's good for me in the long run too. I'm taking a GPS with me next time. All in all... a great way to spend part of my Monday. In another life...I could see me hiking...a lot. And every time I do go...I always kick myself for not getting out more. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY To my great friends Linda Davis and her husband Lang Scott. 31 years together as of yesterday. A great couple...and they of course are my partners in our "Evening In The Round" trio. Want to know how to keep a marriage healthy and well and alive? Follow their example. Two of the best folks I know. AND today is their youngest daughter's 15th birthday. Happy danged birthday Rylee Jean! Rylee comes out on the road with us every now and then and helps sell our merch...and gets up to sing. Always a treat. Our next show together is in Big Canoe, Georgia for the Twilight Concert Series they hold. Free to the public...and there's more details on my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com

TODAY Off to write with my Okie rodeo pal/singer Paul Bogart. Have a great Tuesday!

Home...But Not For Long

BILL BLOG Monday August 24, 2015 79 degrees for a HIGH today in Nashville. Wow. And they're tossing footballs around. That time of the year. AIRPORTS It's becoming a routine. My daughter flies home...Dad gets up at 4:45 to take her back to the airport so she can get back to her home base in Miami for her job. She's off to Montreal and Grand Cayman next. Still amazes me she's doing this for a living. I was gone most of the week...so I got extra hugs when I got home late yesterday afternoon and this morning before sending her off once again into the blue yonder. Love ya kid. THE GATLINBURG TRIP Gosh...where to start. I have so many highlights to remember this year. My thanks to Cyndy Montgomery Reeves for the great job she does with this festival that continues to grow. Two interviews...three shows...and teaching a class. Busy. I played a "Hits and Grins" show which was awesome at Crystelle Creek....and then did a separate show on Friday night with Tim Stafford from the bluegrass group Blue Highway....Brian White who co-wrote "Watching You" for Rodney Atkins along with my pal Steve Dean...and one of my favorite songwriters and storytellers...Leslie Satcher. She wrote "Troubadour" for George Strait....one of my faves. Leslie later introduced me to her husband who is a cowboy actor...and he looks the part in person. He said he's been shot a few times in cowboy scenes. So there I was sitting next to her...intimidated...but having fun. I did my song "Retired" and afterwards Leslie said on mic...."things you think you'd never hear in a songwriters round"...which was a high compliment. And she also mentioned off mic one time how she thought one of my songs sounded like something Tom T. Hall would have written. So...I was humbled by her kind words for sure. What a pleasure. OFF DAY I had Saturday off...so I took advantage of that and saw the Aquarium...walking distance from my hotel....and then Saturday night I went up and caught the AA Minor League team the Tennessee Smokies and watched the home team come from behind and beat the Montgomery Biscuits in extra innings! And yea...they played Rocky Top several times. Fun. SUNDAY Then yesterday I taught my comedy songwriting/radio class and that too was great fun. My radio friend Kevin King from one of the country stations in Knoxville was nice enough to join me to pull the curtain back a bit on radio..and how it decides what to play...and what not to play. There were LOTS of questions that he answered...so my thanks to Kevin and his wife Taska...who is the Music Director at that radio station for participating on their day off. Always fun to be in the Smokies...but as always...it felt good to put my head on my own pillow last night. AHEAD I've got no slow down ahead of me. A lot of road trips coming up. This week I'm back in my home state of Missouri to do a show to help launch a new Christian Radio Station in Wheatland, Missouri...near where I went to college as a kid. Kevin Stewart...from Elsberry...where I graduated High School...bought this radio station...so our trio "Hits and Grins" will have the pleasure of playing for the station, dignitaries and sponsors this Saturday around noon. It's open to the public...with food....so "Show Me folks"....show up! There are more details on this show...and all of my shows in my Calendar at billwhytecomedy.com WOUNDED WARRIORS I just found out I'll be flying to Tyler Texas on the weekend of October 2 and 3 to do a show for the Wounded Warriors. What an honor this will be. I'll be joining Jenny Tolman who I've been writing with lately....very talented...and her producer Dave Brainerd. There's a golf tournament and more for these brave folks...and the three of us have the pleasure of being their entertainment. Details to be posted on my calendar soon...but it is a private event. TODAY I've got an off day today...so I'll take advantage of that catching up. The rest of the week is full

Two Shows Today In Gatlinburg

BILL BLOG Friday August 21, 2015 Full full day ahead today in Gatlinburg. YESTERDAY Day two of the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival started with a second writing session with a group of folks...some of whom are trying to write a song for the first time. One individual in our group wanted to use "Skeeter Spray" in the song we wrote yesterday when our assignment was to write a song about a river. Skeeter spray did not make it into that song...but it stuck with me and Steve Dean and our group of writers we were charged with. So yesterday...we could write about anything we wanted to. Guess what we wrote? Uh huh. I didn't know if we could write a song about skeeter spray that made real sense...except to maybe make it funny. But...the song went a different direction....and really does not have a lot to do about bug spray. It has to do with advice from a father to a son. Both loved to fish...and his 18 year boy is leaving home when he hears advice from his Dad. One of the pieces of advice is to not to forget to take his "skeeter spray". I know...sounds like maybe it could be corny...but no. It's touching. And I'm proud to have written it the group. 2 good songs...two good days. AND THEN I did a TV interview for one Mary Kutter who my friend Linda Davis suggested to me. She was a young ball of enthusiasm and we talked on camera for about 30 minutes or so about the festival...and about my radio/music career. It will air soon on her TV station up in Bardstown, Kentucky...home of the Stephen Foster Musical that's thrown every year. I'm pretty sure they will archive the footage and it will be available online to watch soon. And when I found out when...I'll pass it along. LAST NIGHT They had a big reception for all the writers at the Gatlinburg, Inn. Food, music, networking...all good. There were a lot of big hit songwriters in one room...and we got a great group picture of that. So many hits from those talented folks. It's great to be in their company. We were set to go see the Tennessee Smokies play baseball last night...but rain did away with that...so Steve and Victoria...who made it in for our "Hits and Grins" show today just hung around and visited with everyone. Looking forward to playing some music later today. THIS MORNING Steve and I got up early...went to a pancake place in Gatlinburg. There must be 100 pancake joints between Gatlinburg and I-40. Seriously. Instead of asking "want fries with that"?....they ask "want pancakes with that"? Instead of a pub crawl...they should do a pancake crawl down here.

THE WEEKEND Today I do a TV interview at noon to promote the writers festival here. Weird at this age to be doing more TV interviews than I did when I was young. What's with that? 4 pm..."Hits and Grins" show with Steve Dean and Victoria Venier at Crystelle Creek. 7:45 pm...show with Brian White, Leslie Satcher and Tim Stafford at Three Jimmy's. Tomorrow...an off day here in Gatlinburg. If the weather will cooperate...I might catch that ballgame that got rained out yesterday. SUNDAY I teach my radio/comedy songwriting class...and I'm hearing I'll have a lot of curious folks in the room which is great. Should be fun. Then right after that seminar...I'll roll back to Nashville. Hard not to have fun in the Smokies...that's for sure. Have a great weekend!

Busy Here In The Mountains

BILL BLOG Thursday August 19, 2015 Woke up...threw back the hotel curtains in my room to see the Smoky Mountains and the Gatlinburg Aquarium. It must be Smoky Mt. Songwriter Festival time. THE FESTIVAL Indeed it is....and I started last night with my friend from our "Hits and Grins" trio Steve Dean as we were assigned to write a song about the mountains, river or latch on and let go. The group chose river. And I'm glad we did because we wrote a heck of a nice song together in the same hotel room at the old historic Gatlinburg Inn where husband and wife team Felice and Boudleaux Bryant wrote "Rocky Top". This morning...the same group will gather in another room and we will write song two together. We've got all walks of life in our group. Young....older...a Viet Nam Vet...folks who have hardly put pen to paper...all interested in the craft of writing songs. Steve and I are happy to be "amongst" em as they say. ALSO TODAY When we finish the tune up this morning...I have a TV interview to talk about my radio career...and songwriting career with a young lady who's a writer performer herself. I'm looking forward to meeting and interviewing with Mary Kutter later today. I'll find out where you might be able to see the interview...and post it as soon as I can. TOMORROW Our "Hits and Grins" trio plays at 4 pm at Crystelle Creek... a very cool lodge looking restaurant with GREAT food. After that I will head to 3 Jimmy's...a place owned by three generations of Jimmy's...and play songwriter set with Leslie Satcher and guitar player Tim Stafford. My biggest job there will be trying to keep up with them...as both are incredible. Saturday is my off day....and then Sunday I teach my comedy/radio workshop for all who sign up...and that's going to be great fun too. So...they've got me very busy this year at the festival...but I'm glad. Thanks to our organizer Cyndy Montgomery Reeves and her volunteers for all their hard work to make this great event happen in such a wonderful setting. MORE WORK It's still not a done deal...but it looks like I'll be flying to Tyler, Texas for a show for the Wounded Warriors which will so be an honor to sing before them. Details are being firmed up...and I'll let you know more here when this is a done deal.

HEADLINE OF THE DAY "Man Kicks Himself In The Head 134 Times To Set The Record". They say he just got married. (rim shot please) TODAY Off to write song number two...do that interview...and then... TONIGHT A few of us songwriting boys are making a little 30 minute trip to watch the minor league team the Tennessee Smokies play a little baseball. Music AND baseball all in one trip. In the words of Shoeless Joe in the

Trip To The Writers Festival Today

BILL BLOG Wednesday August 19, 2015 Bags packed...off to Gatlinburg in a few. YESTERDAY Our "Hits and Grins" trio got together to rehearse for our Friday show at Crystelle Creek in Gatlinburg for the Smoky Mt. Songwriters Festival. Our show is at 4 pm...and then I have a second show Friday evening at 7:45 pm with legendary writer Leslie Satcher and a great guitar player....Tim Stafford. Our little trio is getting ready to head out for several shows....but we have not played together in a few weeks...so tune ups like this kind are necessary. You'd think you would not forget songs...chords...lyrics...etc....but you do. Especially if it's been awhile since you've played together. I am excited that we worked up a new song that Steve Dean and I wrote titled "Rebel Road" that's a cool ghost story that we keep pitching...hoping it will find a home. I'm anxious for our crowds to hear this tune. So come see us in the mountains this weekend! HILLARY AND MORE When I got home yesterday afternoon I found an e-mail from my comedy syndication company requesting a parody song about the Hillary Clinton e-mails that have disappeared. She's going to be on Ellen next month...that means there's a fair chance she'll dance even more...so I re-wrote "Boot Scootin' Boogie" into "E-Mail" boogie for them to cover it. Hey...somebody gotta do it. After that...a couple of business calls...and then I got packed for the trip trying to make sure I don't forget anything important. 2 days of songwriting starts this evening....two shows...two interviews and Sunday I finish with a comedy songwriting/radio class that I'll teach for all those who have signed up. My good friend and Program Director Kevin King will join me for the radio portion. Kevin is programming a country station in Knoxville these days...I got to know him when he almost hired me to do the morning show for Kat Country down in Pensacola years ago. We actually had agreed to a deal...but then out of nowhere came a better opportunity in Cincinnati and I went there for 5 more years instead of to the beach. Kevin and the owners were completely gracious about it....and Kevin and I have been great friends since. And the radio station down there he helped launch has flourished and won multiple awards. So...it was a win win for everyone...and I look forward to working with Kevin now in Gatlinburg this Sunday. THEM AND US Kylie Jenner...yes...one of the messes in the Kardashian Clan...was paid $200,000 to show up at a club on her 18th birthday. Stayed less than an hour...waved...smiled with her collagen lips...stuffed the money in her Guicci purse and was gone. The club made over $150,000 by having her show up. Famous for being famous pays dividends. I'm still working trying to get people to book me because I'm not famous. I may have to do some cosmetic surgery soon. Ab implants. TODAY Off to the Smokies for the Songwriters Festival in a few minutes. Tonight my friend Steve Dean and myself will gather in a room with several east Tennessee songwriters to write a song together...and then another one with the same group tomorrow morning. This will be my third time doing this...always fun to see what comes out of the group effort. The last time I did this...Brady Seals and I wrote a song with the group called "Field On Fire" that I'll be singing in my shows this weekend. So...good things come out of a big group effort for sure. They're calling for heavy rain today....so I'm going to keep my taffy under an umbrella after I buy some. No one wants to see a grown man with soggy taffy. Have a great Wednesday!