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Road Trip & Grammy Weekend

BILL BLOG Friday February 10, 2017 Happy weekend. Bags in the hall...ready to roll to Florida. My wife is doing some last minute stuffing of stuff in her bags but we're headed south to 80 degree weather and eventually the ocean in a few. Because of that I have just a second to put up a short blog. YESTERDAY I got to write with Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry again at Jimmy's house. All three of us realize it's Grammy weekend...and the song we wrote together "Safe Haven" recorded by Hillary Scott & The Scott Family is up for the Grammy for best Christian album. The awards are this Sunday....so we're all on an even keel...but of course rooting for the ablum to pick up that little trophy for the family to bring home from Los Angeles. Good luck to the family! And either way...the three of us know what a blessing it is to be on a Grammy nominated anything...much less something as great as this album truly is. Yesterday we got a start on a idea that could be something that Jimmy (the former Statler Brother) could use to open his shows...and he's busy out on the road for sure. So...that would be cool if we can nail it down. Jimmy has a new CD of "Classic" songs just about to come out produced by the Gaither Family. I've heard a couple of the cuts and it's just great as always. The even better news is...the next one will be new "original" songs for him...and we've written a lot of good stuff over the past few years...so hopes are that some of those will make it's way onto that project! MEANWHILE Sydni Perry...who sings background for Carrie Underwood just got back from a gig in Orlando where we will be tonight. Sydni's schedule opens up quite a bit this year as Carrie is not doing a major tour. So...we'll get to write more which is great. Just another fun day with those two folks, writing, catching up and as always laughing. VALENTINE And I can tell the Valentine crunch is on for sure after getting a request for a parody song about the big Heart holiday yesterday. I took the Maren Morris hit "80's Mercedes" and turned it into the girl telling her boyfriend she wanted a "New Mercedes" for Valentine's...and not something cheap like he got her last year. Romantic huh? NEW SHOW I work a lot of shows for Puckett's Grocery here in Nashville and outlying burgs of this town. Great venues. They are just opening another one in Murfreesboro, TN that our "Hits & Grins" trio will play at Friday, March 31. We hope to see some of you there. March 31 (I just found out) my friend and co-writer Brent Burns will be here in town as he's starting to go to studio recording some songs we wrote for his next Trop Rock album. That too...as always will be fun. TODAY Time to roll...we're trying to beat rush hour traffic if we can. Bedding down in Orlando tonight...seeing Harry Potter world tomorrow (still two kids at heart) and then we'll be in Miami to see Andre Bocelli Sunday night...my wife's Christmas-Valentine's gift this year. This SHOULD keep me out of the doghouse for a few years. Have a great weekend!

Road Trip Weekend Ahead

BILL BLOG Thursday February 9, 2017 Wow....cold this morning...we won't crack 40 for a high today...and this on the heels of warm enough weather yesterday to walk outside in shorts. And so it goes. Going to be warmer though tomorrow when we hit Orlando for a little Valentine weekend my wife and I are going on...ending in Miami where the temps look to be in the 80's for our trip. Packing shorts and flip flops tonight. YESTERDAY I had an off day for the most part. I wrote one parody song for New York on Christie Brinkley being on the cover of Sports Illustrated again at the age of 63. I couldn't pose in swimsuit when I was 20....much less 63. And now? Well...nobody needs to see that. Rest of the day was all about getting outdoors a bit to walk...and then some pre-packing for this long road trip we're on starting at the crack of dark in the morning. Not sure if there will be a blog here tomorrow or not...if there is...a short one for sure.

NASHVILLE Another sign of how Nashville is booming. A 40 story hotel will go up just off lower Broadway (our entertainment district with all the honky tonks and clubs the tourists can't wait to get to). The hotel will be the largest in the city...with a mall tucked inside and a water park on top of the danged roof. And there will also be a huge "live" theater tucked inside this hotel too. More entertainment. Folks who owned property here as little as 4 or 5 years ago have gotten very very wealthy by selling. Me? Well...I invested in those Beanie Babies at one time. I'm having trouble getting rich off of those. HAVE YOU DONE YOURS? MSN listed the top adventures that one should hit in every state of the union. Hmm. So...here's what they say that would be for me and all my siblings. For my sister Rita in MINNESOTA....dog sledding. There ya go sis. She likes to quilt...I can see her sitting on the sled yelling mush and knitting a quilt at the same time. While it's 50 below! For my brother Gene who still lives in our home state of MISSOURI....it's hike Cathedral Canyon. Okay...I'm a Show Me native...and it's the first I've heard of Cathedral Canyon. It's somewhere in the Mark Twain forest if that helps ya. Maybe he can hike and find Injun Joe and Huckleberry Finn out there. For my brother Gary in Pennsylvania...it's see the Northern Lights at Cherry Springs State Park. And I had no idea you could see the northern lights in Pennsylvania. Who knew? For me here in TENNESSEE...it's ride the rapids on the Ocoee River. Turns out this is rated as one of the most dangerous white water runs in the country. So...it's on my bucket list....which means if I do this...I could check it off my bucket list while kicking the bucket at the very same time. Pass. And finally for my sister Vickie in Virginia....it's be a Civil War Soldier in one of those Civil War adventure camps. Uh uh. Somehow I don't see her leading a charge of soldiers out of the thickets with a musket in her hand.

TODAY Writing with my friends Jimmy Fortune and Sydni Perry again...always a pleasure being in a creative room with these two.

Tomorrow...if you don't hear from me...it's because I'm on the road to Miami with my wife. Valentine trip!

Have a great Thursday.

Cowboys & Grammys

BILL BLOG Wednesday February 8, 2017 Anybody see Tom Brady's shirt? YESTERDAY That's how my morning started yesterday....with request from New York to write a parody song about Tom Brady's missing Super Bowl shirt that was apparently stolen. So we turned the Maren Morris hit "My Church" into "My Shirt." Kind of hard not to suspicion that someone really close to the team with access didn't pilfer the prized memento. We'll see. COWBOYS My writing appointment was on Music Row yesterday at Sony with Paul Bogart...who's been really busy. I love writing with guys that wear cowboy hats and love the tradition of the west...and rodeos...real deal guys...and Paul is one of those for sure. He's been knee deep in the recording studio and I keep hearing how great the tracks are sounding...especially a western swing song the two of us wrote one day with Zach Runquist. Can't wait to hear. Paul is getting ready to tour Wyoming and the West...while I'm getting ready for a road trip to Miami this weekend....so we dug in and beat up a song about "Cowboys" that we had mostly completed. We whittled on it some yesterday with guitars and lap tops...and it was time well spent as the song is much better than before we beat it up. And we also got a start on a new song...from an idea that Paul brought to the table. If you like George Strait...and that kind of authentic country music....you'd love my friend Paul. So rooting for his success.

MORE MUSIC NEWS Jacky Dustin is a young artist with a great mix of grace and grit in her Chicago born voice. She has a new CD just coming out titled "Howla". You know...like a wolf..."Howla"! I have a song on this project that I wrote with her and Brady Seals (Little Texas fame) titled "The Devil Don't Honk His Horn" that I've loved since we wrote it. Can't wait for folks to hear her sing this. We went in one day...Brady and myself...and we helped fill out some very "shout in church" type background vocals to the song which does make one want to stand up on their pew at church and sing. Okay...some of us feel that way. It's also nice to hear that it's one of Jackie's favorite songs on the album. Thanks for recording it Jackie! GRAMMY'S And...I got a note from my friend Linda Davis yesterday telling me that she and her entire family are headed to LA for the Grammy Awards this Sunday. Sunday is the day. The Hillary Scott & Scott Family CD "Love Remains" is up for best Christian Album of the year, and the single off that album "Thy Will" is up for best Christian song of the year at the Grammy's. This of course is the album that has the song "Safe Haven" that was written about Hillary's grandfather that Ricky Skaggs produced....a song that I'm a co-writer on with Jimmy Fortune, Sydni Perry and Hillary Scott.

Their part of the awards ceremony will be online Sunday afternoon. So rooting for them...and me too!

TODAY Catch up...and I have to write a parody song about supermodel Christie Brinkley who's on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit again at the age of 63.

Somebody gotta do it.

Have a great Wednesday.

We Are An "It" City

BILL BLOG Tuesday February 7, 2017 Warm weather this morning=storms be a coming. We already have a tree down in the backyard...waiting for the typical run of spring storms to finish up before we have someone start yanking on a chain saw. YESTERDAY Before I left the house...I got a request from New York to write a parody song about pieces of a cow's heart being put into hamburger. Uh uh. I don't think that's SUPPOSED to happen...but it does apparently according to an article they sent me. So I took the Brooks and Dunn hit "Put A Girl In It" and turned that into "They Put Some Heart Into It." WRITING Fun co-write yesterday with Steve Dean and Jenny Tolman at Steve's place. Steve had a fun idea...kind quirky and off center...so it was fun writing that with the two of them. Jenny has been in a big move with her talented boyfriend-producer Dave Brainerd as they just moved out of their downtown condo into a house in a cool part of town...and the house has a recording studio. Dave of course has his own studio...they are working an engineer overtime I'm sure to get everything hooked up. Jenny's been painting...lotta work in a move...always. I'm sure it's going to be cool when finished...and I'm looking forward to seeing and recording some of our songs in the new location in Berry Hill which houses several studios...including one owned by Martina McBride and her producer husband. PROPERTY IN NASHVILLE I was glad to hear that Jenny & Dave got a great deal...because it's getting more and more expensive to buy in Music City which has truly become an IT type city in the country. More proof rolled out today as the Mayor is warning property taxes are going to leap 34% for a lot of folks owning property here. Yikes. And they just keep building.

SO MUSIC CITY This happens because Nashville is a celebrity-music driven town. A police officer jumped into the Cumberland River to try and rescue and idiot woman (wanted and running) who drove off into the river. The officer drowned. At his funeral yesterday....Billy Ray Cyrus and Jamie Johnson showed up and sang "Some Gave All." And then Vince Gill walked up on the little stage with his guitar and told the solemn gathering that the song he was singing was written about the loss of his brother but "today I want to dedicate this to those of you who lost your brother". And then he sang "Go Rest High On That Mountain." SPEAKING OF WHICH They are going to open a new Playboy Bunny Club in New York. Bunny ears and all. Those had pretty much gone away. Pretty sure none of the women who just marched and protested on DC will be applying.

RUMOR IS... Carrie Underwood may do next year's Superbowl Halftime show. Going to be hard to upstage Lady Gaga. But...I'll root for that if for no other reason than to get to see my friend and frequent co-writer Sydni Perry on that big stage in the national spotlight singing backgrounds and sawing on her fiddle. Stay tuned.

TODAY Off to write with my cowboy pal Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson from the trio "Mama Dear". Should be a fun rhyme today.

Have a great Tuesday!

Super Superbowl and Hall of Fame Show

BILL BLOG Monday February 6, 2017 Well...we got our money's worth with the Superbowl didn't we? HOUSTON Gosh...until the 4th quarter I thought the highlight of the game was going to be Lady Gaga and her halftime show. Jumping in from the roof, 200 drones...but I was wrong. I was SO close to turning the game off...and had it not been for wanting to see the commercials...I may have done so. Thank goodness I didn't. I'm a big Brett Favre....Peyton Manning guy. My faves at QB. But...here's to Tom Brady. Greatest all time after last night. Just simply amazing. My wife and daughter...who don't watch a lot of football...happened to join me at just the right time...and they too got engrossed. Not only did they need two TD's...but they needed two extra points. And then you figure the Falcons have the most prolific offense all year. Game over right? Nope. Hats off to New England...and I'm betting that the Falcons may never watch the film of this game. Can't imagine how they must feel. We had no dog in the hunt...but all three of us were glued to what we saw unfold. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS For me...I did think Lady Gaga put on a great show whether she's my cup of tea or not. Luke Bryan did a credible job with the Anthem...glad to see that. My favorite commercials? The Melissa McCarthy ad made me laugh. That was ranked number one by USA Today's ad meter. I liked the Honda history book ad too allowing us to see what those celebs looked like in High School. And I liked the Cam Cameron Buick commercial too...pretty funny. Overall though...I don't think anyone really lit it up commercial wise. Check out that Melissa winning Kia commercial and see the ranking results for yourself HERE. Some companies decided to use the controversial immigration policy as a focal point for making statements...more than one. Guess if you wanna spend 5 million bucks for an ad...you can say what you want. The Johnny Cash "Ragged Ole Flag" moment was by far my favorite insert of the broadcast. That recitation gets me every time. And I also loved seeing former President Bush and first lady Barbara Bush take the field for the coin toss. Patriotic bone chilling stuff there. And imagine this. You KNOW that some folks went to Houston...paid $4,000 to $5,000 for a ticket...and left EARLY. If nothing else...we all got a reminder of what "never giving up" means last night. MIAMI I'll get dose of warmer weather at weeks end as my wife and I are taking a casual road trip to Miami to see Andre Bocelli in concert...Kathy's dream concert. Glad we're able to make that happen this Sunday night. So by the time we get back...Valentine's weekend will be over...and we'll be closer and closer to Spring. I'm around Grand Ole Opry folks quite a bit working for WSM Radio...but Sunday night? It will be more like Grand Ole Opera. I'm making myself a note not to wear a rhinestone suit in Miami.

HALL OF FAME May 6 I'll be back at our Country Music Hall of Fame Show with Steve Dean for the Songwriters Series in the Ford Theater. Always an honor. 11:30 am to 12:15 show with a Q&A session built in. Come see us!

SPEAKING OF STEVE Off to write with him and talented young Jenny Tolman this morning. Here's to some magic happening today in the rhyming room.

Have a great Monday!

Superbowl Weekend

BILL BLOG Friday February 3, 2017 First weekend in February...and it's cold...like it's winter or something. To celebrate we finally took our Christmas tree down two days ago. I asked on Facebook, "too soon"? That got some funny responses...the funniest being, "you took your Christmas tree down BEFORE Christmas? YESTERDAY My songwriting appointment was with Ayla Brown just back from some east coast performances...up in Philly where she used to sing the national anthem every home game for the 76'ers for a couple of years in a row. She opened a show for Phil Vassar and apparently had a blast. I made her jealous by telling her that I spent a couple of hours in Phil's house here in Nashville one evening. They took several radio guys from the Country Radio Seminar one year and gave us the run of the place. Good guy. Ayla's Dad is a former US Senator...and is about to announce some good news very soon. Can't say what that is right now...but at a later date. We wrote yesterday at a downtown location...one of those old restored buildings that they lease out by time. Pretty cheap...you get a private room and coffee. Ours had lava lamps. Uh huh. Turns out that might have been lucky. As I walked in the front door and greeted Ayla who had her guitar strapped on her back....she told me a mutual friend Keesy Timmer was in a room writing with two other folks. I busted in to say a big CONGRATS to him because Keesey is a writer on the new hit by Kelsea Ballerini called "Yeah Boy" that's aready in the top 20 and will be his first number one song which is going to change his life in a great way. I could not be happier for this guy as he has more than earned it...slugged it out...kept writing...didnt' give up...and now he's being rewarded. I told him "he's buying." He laughed of course and then told me he wrote that hit song in the room with guess what? Uh uh. Lava lamps. Here's hoping they're lucky again. SUPERBOWL I wrote two parody songs yesterday for New York for the Superbowl coming up Sunday. One song was for the Patriots winning...the other for the Falcons. That way the radio station can choose the winning song to play on their radio shows Monday morning after the game. TODAY Off to write with Wil Nance and Lauren Mascitti. Our second time writing as a trio. Wil has a bunch of hits...Lauren sings like a bird...and I have no idea what I'm doing there. But I'm looking forward to it. THE WEEKEND Maybe a movie. Saw the new DeNiro movie "The Comedian" is out where he plays a stand up comedian. I was excited about seeing that...but man are the reviews unkind. So maybe not. I did a little standup in the comedy clubs. Frightening...until you get the first laugh and find out that you have some stuff that works. Just you, a mic, bunch of strangers...and you PRAY they're gonna laugh. It gave me a chance to work with and observe student like as some folks are artists at standup. Learned a lot. For the record...some of my faves would be James Gregory, Heywood Banks and Jeff Dunham. All three different from each other...all brilliant in their own way. Maybe one of them should have been the star in "The Comedian". And...the Superbowl! Have a great weekend.

Hello Groundhog Shadow

BILL BLOG Thursday February 2, 2017 Groundhog day. I saw one funny picture on that this morning. A picture of the groundhog seeing his shadow with the caption of "Six more weeks of useless protests". Phil apparently did see his shadow. So...here we go. YESTERDAY I wrote with a young guy from Milwaukee who wants to dig in here in Music City by the name of Brecken Miles. Brecken knew about me some from my radio days up in the Brew City. It's the second time we've written....and since the last time he's decided to really make a go at it....and now comes to Nashville on a Sunday evening (after more than 8 hours of driving) and hangs and writes til Thursday when he drives back to play gigs up there to support his habit. Will he have success here? Who knows. Tough biz for sure. But...I do admire those that are so dedicated. Good guy...and he's got himself a little publishing deal...and he's doing his part. And in the music business...as in life...nothing good can happen if you don't take a chance or two and do your part. And...we got a new song out of the process...so all good.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY To Tommy Smothers of the Smothers Brothers of course. Tommy is the funny one...playing foil to Dick's straight character. The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was so good back in the day. But it was controversial. And despite great ratings...their political humor got them in trouble...and CBS cancelled their show at the height of popularity. Today of course...that's pretty tame stuff. I still have several of their albums. They made me laugh. I can only imagine how they would address the political climate today if they still had their show. I remember a gag where they are playing some song and Dick turns to Tommy and says "take it"....as if...play a lead break on the guitar. Tommy quickly looks at him and says, "no". John Hartford, Glen Campbell, Steve Martin...all a part of that great TV show. Happy birthday Tommy. SUPERBOWL BETS They do have all of those odd bets. My favorite might be that you can lay down some dough betting on which color hair Lady Gaga will be sporting during her half time show. Odds on favorite right now? Blonde.

TODAY Off to write on Groundhog Day with Ayla Brown...former American Idol star...who just opened a show for Phil Vassar out east. Should be a fun day at the creative office.

Have a great Thursday!

Groundhog Mechanic

BILL BLOG Wednesday February 1, 2017 First day of February. How many days til Spring? YESTERDAY No appointments...so a day to catch up...tie up some loose ends...and the weather was ridiculous for the last day of January. Mid 60's...which made getting a little exercise in pretty darned enjoyable with the sun beaming down. GROUNDHOG I guess we'll really find out how much longer winter is going to "hang" when the groundhog pops out of his hole tomorrow. I once had a guy on my morning radio show in Cincinnati named "Chuck The Filling Station Man"...who became popular by calling in old jokes from the gas station he worked at. No pretense....blue collar...nice man and he became sort of a star on our show. Every morning he would call in from the Blue Ash Amoco and tell a joke about his family we named "The Dingers." This happened because he used his gas station bell to sign in and off the gag. You know...the one that "dings" when you roll over the pumps? Anyway...we had Chuck pop out of a sewer hole one morning to announce that he either saw or did not see his shadow. I'm pretty sure Chuck was just as accurate as the groundhog is every year. SIDE NOTE That great guy..."Chuck The Filling Station Man" wound up on a tape of our radio show that was passed out one year at the Country Radio Seminar. And I knew nothing about it. My phone rang one day...and it was the Program Director from a Portland country radio station who was interested in hiring me for their morning show. I flew out...and during the interview...he told me he loved "Chuck The Filling Station Man" and loved the character. He had no idea it was a real guy. So I have Chuck to thank for all of that...because at the time...I had no idea that you could really make a living in radio...to THAT degree. Portland made an offer...a good offer at the time...and my wife and I were all set to leave Cincinnati (a city we loved" to take the monetary boost in income. Finally when my folks in Cincinnati discovered that I was not posturing for more money...that we really were ready to take the offer....stepped up and made sure I stayed in Cincinnati. All because of a guy who called in one morning with a corny joke that worked. Thank you Chuck. YIKES I woke up to news this morning that Tennessee is one of the worst states in the country for obesity and chronic illness....causing for a lot of work cancellations. I read this of course while sitting in a Cracker Barrel consuming the Uncle Herschel 8,000 calorie breakfast platter. I almost dropped my biscuit.

HEADLINE OF THE DAY "Pastor flees woman's home naked when her husband shows up." Different kind of religious experience for the preacher there I'm thinking. TODAY I'm off to write with Brecken Miles today who's from Milwaukee...where I lived and worked for several years. Brecken now has a publishing deal here in town and is starting to get more serious about his writing. Wondering if we can find a tune to wrap around that preacher's story? Have a great first day of February!

Where Song Titles Come From

BILL BLOG Tuesday January 31, 2017 Last day of January. That was a quick blur wasn't it? YESTERDAY I was on Music Row yesterday in a writing room with Manon Ward. Manon is in studio first of March to record a new EP...a six song CD. We have one song together that her producer Johnny Garcia (Garth's guitar player) has in the top of the list of songs they are considering. I think she started out with something like 100 songs to go through. That will give you an indication of how tough it is to get songs on albums...any album....and the bigger the artist...the harder that challenge is...having one of your songs actually make it on the project. Manon who's from Wyoming is interesting...her voice is a tad different...which I like. We met at a songwriting class I taught one day for NSAI....the Nashville Songwriters Association. She attended the class...and when I was done...she introduced herself and gave me a CD of her music and asked if I would listen. I always listen to at least some of the CD's folks hand me. Most of the time...it's not really great stuff. But I listened to her entire CD and just thought...."well okay....she's pretty good". And with that...we started writing together. Not long after that....she gets a great producer...and they are now knee deep in her project. And that' why writers like me make time for young developing writer-artists like her. As the older writer...I've learned to really listen to what the young person is saying in a room. Their voice and what they hear is often very different from what I hear. So I try hard to make sure their voice is heard in the songs we write. Yesterday Manon was sharing some ideas that she thought maybe we could write when in the conversation she said "I Don't Trust Me When I'm Drinking"...which I didn't miss. And that's what we tackled. She didn't catch it. That's the good thing about co-writing. Two or three writers? Someone will hear that kind of thought and go..."hey....there's our song." Jerry Salley is a great writer in this town with many many many cuts. He caught something out of my mouth in conversation the last time we wrote...and we dropped what we were trying to write and wrote that idea. And as of now...it looks like that will be the title track for his upcoming new CD. Songwriting continues to intrigue me. The stories of how songs are written...and how they get to the artist that records them? I never get tired of hearing those. And every song has a story...trust me. A good day at the office with Manon.

SHOWS I also spent part of my Monday working on upcoming shows. Sending pictures to Hot Springs, Arkansas of our "Hits & Grins" trio for an upcoming show at the 5 Star Dinner Theater in Hot Springs on March 16. I also finished tying up a date in Dry Ridge, Kentucky for the "Rockin' The Ridge" outdoor festival June 24 where I will emcee and perform...from 3 pm to 10 pm that evening. A long fun day there with Colt Ford and Joe Diffie closing it out that evening. And...I also spent a little time working on a couple of possible dates in Phoenix for house concerts there. I'm looking for an excuse to get there in March during baseball Spring Training allowing me to catch a little Reds baseball between gigs. And I don't need much of a push to get me to go sit in the sun and watch the Boys of Summer warm up for the 2017 season.

TODAY My writing appointment got cancelled...so a free day. It's going to be 60 outside on the last day of January...so after catching up on stuff that ne

Get Rich Scheme

BILL BLOG Monday January 30, 2017 End of the month boys and girls. THE WEEKEND Mine started on Friday with a co-write with Corey Lee Barker...our first time writing together. Corey had an idea started that I liked and allowed me to jump in and finish. Corey moved from Memphis years ago...has a day job to support his songwriter habit and is happy as a clam being part of the scene here. I enjoyed getting to know him. Always good to meet new creative folks. GET RICH I did come up with a way to get rich over the weekend after watching the news. I called my stockbroker and told him to buy as much stock as I could afford in protest signs. CONGRATS To my friend Linda Davis who has a song on the new Reba inspirational CD that's supposed to be Reba's biggest record in years. Happy for her. The song is titled, "I Need To Talk To You". Keep your ears open for that one. FYI...for those wondering and have asked about future shows for "Evening In The Round"...the trio I'm a part of with Linda and her husband Lang Scott? We will indeed be adding more shows down -the road...but first Linda has to complete her farewell tour with Kenny Rogers which continues. So...look for 2018 for sure. In fact...the booking agency we are with just re-did our promotional presentation looking for 2018 dates. Can' wait to sit in the circle again with those two. HAPPY CHINESE It's the Chinese New Year. I have no idea what that really means actually. I have no idea what a lot of things mean if I'm truthful. Like...Marine Time. I still have not figured that out...and I know it's simple. Our WSM Radio program logs are listed in Marine time. Why? I just do not know. So normally when I'm on the air there...I'm just hoping that I'm on the right page. And...how come it's not Army, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard time ever? SPEAKING OF WSM The Opryland Hotel released some figures for that new indoor-outdoor massive water-park that will begin construction soon. $91 MILLION being poured into this. I'm betting our brand will now be known as "Wedgie City" as opposed to "Music City." Gonna be a lot of big water slides to come down. It's being built to keep tourists more days at the massive hotel that houses WSM radio. Already tourists stop at our broadcast window when I'm on air and snap pictures...press up against the glass. Now some will be doing that in their swimsuits. I'm betting there will be some moments that I just can't look.

TODAY Off to write with my young Wyoming friend Manon Ward who's working on a new album. Hoping we write something she'll love enough to include on this project.

Have a great Monday!