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Rockin' The Ridge

Bags and a guitar ready to go. Headed to a music festival in Dry Ridge, Kentucky near Cincinnati. More on that at the end of the blog today.

WSM It's been a couple busy days on the radio. The last two mornings I was on WSM working with Charlie Mattos as Bill Cody took a couple of day off. My thanks to Charlie for making my job so easy. We had a couple of great guests that dropped by. On Wednesday's show my friends Paul Bogart and Zach Runquist were in to play "live" and we premiered a couple of songs that's on Paul's upcoming album titled "Leather"...a couple of those that I helped contribute to so that was fun.

And yesterday morning I got to welcome in my long time radio friend Jim Mantel who's still on the air in North Carolina. JIm was inducted into the Country Radio Broadcast Hall of Fame Wednesday night along with 5 others that included Tim Closson who I worked for not once but twice when I was in Cincinnati. Jim came in shared the experience with our listeners which was great fun. His daughter...who is now part of a morning show in Buffalo presented Jim into the Hall. How special do you think that was?

Martina McBride was given the radio "artist of the year" award...the year I was inducted it was Glen Campbell. Martina was very gracious to radio in her speech. Kid Rock was there to say some nice words about broadcaster Linda Lee who worked in Detroit but passed away. That was a nice moment too.

So...it's been a bunch of radio again here lately...with my next shift coming up July 3 on the morning show at WSM. I'm starting to get the hang of it I think.

CINDY The tropical storm "Cindy" that came ashore with a lot of water down south is now moving up to us...rain...some of it heavy. That storm gave me a chance to play the "Jim Cantore" song that my friend Brent Burns and I wrote that Brent recorded a couple of albums ago. If you've not heard it...click on the link. If you know anything about this Weather Channel dude...and how often he can be wrong...you'll get a laugh.

A high of only 78 today...and I'm hoping that's the kind of weather I'll have when I'm singing outdoors this Saturday at the Rockin' The Ridge Festival I'm part of. Joe Diffie and Colt Ford are the headliners...and I'll be on multiple times filling time between acts with funny songs. Looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends from that region...AND...having some Skyline Chili! Three way...and a cheese coney. Health food.

THE WEEKEND I'm off to Kentucky for the show. Have yourself a great weekend.


BILL BLOG Thursday June 22, 2017

It's been a crazy run of days and today once again I'm on eary on WSM radio heard worldwide at wsmonline.com...so no real blog again this morning. I'm on air til 10 am this morning if you want to tune in. Special guests include new artist Jeremy Michael at 8:30 this morning...and then an old radio friend of mine Jim Mantel will be in at 9 am to talk about being inducted into the Country Radio Broadcast Hall of Fame last night...a ceremony I had the pleasure of atttending. I'll have Jim tell one of the funniest radio stories I've ever heard that he shared last night with the industry crowd...so do tune in.

Have a great Thursday.


BILL BLOG Wednesday June 21, 2017

No real blog again this morning as I am once again tucked away inside the WSM radio studio located inside the Opryland Hotel. I'm on this morning and tomorrow morning from 5:30 AM-10 AM filling in for Bill Cody. Don't forget you can tune in and listen from anywhere at wsmonline.com. And we're on TV believe it or not. If you get the Heartland TV network you can watch a "face made for radio" if you'd like.

At 8:30 AM Charlie Mattos and myself will welcome my pal Paul Bogart in studio to pick and sing. Paul is bringing another buddy...multi-instrumentalist-songwriter Zach Runquist AND we are going to premiere a couple of tunes off of Paul's new album coming out later this year titled "Leather" which features 3 songs Paul and I wrote together...one of them being "All That Cowboy Jazz" that we wrote with Zach. So do listen and check that out!

Have a great Wednesday!


BILL BLOG Tuesday June 20, 2017

So last night I go to a baseball game and get the mandatory "I need to see your license" to purchase a beer. State law. The vendor says, "you look really great for your age". I'm still trying to figure out if that's a compliment or not.

YESTERDAY I had a first time writing appointment with Scott Southworth...Oregon native originally...a Duck. Scott's been in this music town for a lot of years, has sold radio time, and is on the radio co-hosting a songwriters show every Sunday night on WSM radio. He likes real country...traditional...so do I...so we had fun writing a song that probaby no one will ever record BECAUSE it's country. Part of the deal these days.

Scott has had a cool thing happen recently to him. He put out a little EP...straight country...but some guy from Europe heard his stuff and liked it enough to spread the word over there. What followed was a full length article about him in "Music City People"...and radio play at several radio stations overseas. And now...he's headed to Ireland, Switzerland and other countries to play his "real" country music. One of the magical things that does happen every now and then...and I'm happy for Scott. It's truly a business of "ya just never know" sometimes.

I'D RATHER EAT THESE...I THINK In Portland they have a Voo Doo Donut store. Yes...there's one in the shape of a human...chocolate icing...with a pretzel stuck in it. It's fair season now where you can get everything fried and on a stick. You name it. I've not seen a fried donut on a stick. I'll go to work on that.

AHEAD Tomorrow morning and Thursday morning I'm back on the WSM morning show from 5:30 AM to 10 AM. David Ball will be a special in studio guest tomorrow. Tune in at wsmonline.com or watch the show on the Heartland TV Network.

SATURDAY I'm back close to Cincinnati where I hope to see tons of old friend as I emcee and sing funny songs at the Rocking The Ridge Music Festival in Dry Ridge, Kentucky. Joe Diffie and Colt Ford are also on this show. Just google their website for complete information.

TODAY Lunch with a new industry friend Stan Barnett who's been a leading booking agent in this town forever..he's worked with everybody old and new school. And my young cowboy singing friend and co-writer Paul Bogart is going to join us for lunch and conversation. Should be a fun table to be around today.

Have a great Monday.


And here's hoping you had a great Father's Day too.

CHOPSTICKS So...my daughter Heather and her fiancee' Casey took me and my wife out to a Japanese dinner yesterday and then we piled on a couch and watched "Despicable Me" with Steve Carell voicing the lead character. I got introduced to the "Minions" officially. Of course the movie and the dinner were secondary to just being able to spend time with our little family. As hard as we all seemingly run in different directions...you do cherish those quieter times. Glad to be Heather's Dad.

BUSY WEEKEND There was no full blog this past Friday because I was on air at WSM again doing the morning show. It turned out to be a very busy Friday period. In studio that day we had three "live" acts one being Pure Prairie League. I was sitting as close as one could be when they sang "Amie"! Great guys...and a very cool moment. We also had a young new act Catie Offerman in studio who's young...talented...sings great...plays everything. She's an accomplished fiddle/violinist..and that skill set has taken her around the world playing for a lot of well known folks. In fact...she even opened once for Andre Bocelli. Ranch girl...grew up in Texas and I liked her a lot. In fact...we'll wind up at a writing table in the not too distant future. Pretty cool to meet a brand new artist you like that much...and then an act you've admired forever like Pure Prairie League all in one morning.

And I don't want to overlook Summer Brooke and the Mountain Faith Band that made it to the semi-finals on "America's Got Talent" recently. A great North Carolina bluegrass group...young...and they sang a Lady A tune on the radio show and then later performed in on the Opry Friday night that my wife and I attended. So it was a huge morning at WSM...and I thank you for listening. I'm back on again this coming Wednesday and Thursday morning with David Ball slated to be in studio Wednesday. "Yes I'll admiiiiiit...I gotta drinking problem". That guy.

THE OPRY And yes Friday night we went backstage at the Grand Ole Opry. It had been awhile since I've done that...and I'd forgotten how much fun that is. We went to root on our friend Linda Davis who was just so great...as always. An interesting side note..."Mountain Faith" who I mentioned above came on right after Linda and sang that Lady A song "Perfect Day". Significant because Linda is of course Hillary Scott's Mom with Lady A. Kind of cool to witness. And Linda also sang "20 Years Ago" (a Kenny Rogers hit) that a frequent co-writer of mine co-wrote with Mike Noble who is part of the Opry band. Wood was there to witness it....and Linda pulled Mike out front with her to play guitar to his OWN song while Linda played piano. It was a terrific Opry moment for sure.

And we enjoyed just going dressing room to dressing room backstage and hanging with Linda's family and friends who gathered to support her including Lang Scott her husband and Riley Jean the youngest daughter. It's just an informal gathering backstage. Music rings out up and down the hallways....doors are open...folks say "howdy".

AND THEN Couple all of that with seeing some songwriter friends on stage after the Opry...and a house concert Saturday night to see a co-writer sing one of our new tunes...you can see it was a busy musical weekend here in Twang Town. Fun.

TODAY Off to write with Scott Southworth for the first time. Scott co-hosts a songwriter show every Sunday night on WSM and loves real country music as I do...so it should be a fun Monday morning hanging out and rhyming.

Have a great Monday yourself!


No blog this morning as right now I'm inside the WSM studios tucked inside the Opryland Hotel. It's going to be a busy show too with 3 "live" guests this morning including Catie Offerman at 7:30 and up and comer. Then at 8:30 we'll have Mountain Faith...a gospel bluegrass group that many of you have seen "America's Got Talent". And at 9:15 Pure Prairie League will join Charlie Mattos and me. The regular host Bill Cody is taking a morning off so I'm happy to be here again. Listen in worldwide at wsmonline.com and watch us if you dare on Heartland TV.

TONIGHT I'm off to the Grand Ole Opry where one of our WSM guests will perform...Mountain Faith as well as my great friend Linda Davis. It's been awhile since I've been so I'm looking forward the evening for sure.

FATHER'S DAY And this is Father's Day weekend. If you are lucky enough to have yours...make sure ya love on em' big time. I think my daughter Heather is taking me to a baseball game on Sunday which makes me realize I raised a great kid!

Have a great weekend!


First and foremost...go check out my newly redesigned website at billwhytecomedy.com. Lots of new features and content and the full blog is there every Monday-Friday. Let me know what you think.

We are are still tweaking but I'm excited to put up a new look that's been long overdue. My friend Lang Scott and his company MCN here in Nashville did a great job of pulling this together. If you need a website yourself call those folks for sure.

WSM A reminder that I will be on WSM radio tomorrow morning as well as next Thursday and Friday morning 5:30 AM-10 AM. You can listen in at wsmonline.com or watch me and Charlie Mattos on the Heartland TV Network if you'd like.

TODAY I'm off to finish up a song with talented Jenny Tolman today. Can't ever call that hard work for sure.

Have a great Thursday!

Kentucky Festival Ahead

BILL BLOG Wednesday June 14, 2017 Middle of the week...middle of the year already. YESTERDAY I turned in a parody song to United Station...the comedy syndication company I write for and the task was to write a song about shopping for Father's Day which is sneaking up this weekend. So we turned the Chris Janson hit "Buy Me A Boat" into a Dad's day tune encouraging those that are trying to buy something for good ole papa to go for something better than a tie..."buy him a boat". So that's out on some radio stations this morning. And I turned in two radio funny jingles for the afternoon country radio show I write for out in Colorado Springs which is always fun to do. I just write the lyrics to a familiar tune...send it to New York...they send it back to a Nashville studio where they produce the song and then it's in a digital box at the radio station the next day. It occurred to me the other day that I've been doing this little fun side venture now for maybe 26 or 27 years meaning I've probably written a thousand funny little ditties like this. Grateful that they still want me to do this for them. WEBSITE And I spent some time tweaking a new website look for me. We're close. My friend Lang Scott's company designs my website and we have a facelift going on. It's going to "pop" a little more I think and we should be launching it in days now. It will be obvious the first time you check for the daily blog...and I'm anxious to share it. It's like we gave it a little botox, nip, tuck, cosmetic treatment. UP AHEAD Friday morning I'm on WSM with special guests Mountain Faith and Pure Prairie League. Mountain Faith will be on the Grand Ole Opry this Friday night...and my wife and I are going to be attending that. And a week from Saturday I'm doing an all day emcee-performing comedy song deal at music festival in Dry Ridge, Kentucky called "Rockin' The Ridge" which is near Cincinnati. Joe Diffie and Colt Ford will be the headliners in the evening. I'm expecting to see a lot of old friends up there next weekend...and will most certainly take advantage of being in one of my favorite regions by finding the nearest Skyline Chili parlor. More details on both of these events are on my calendar at billwhytecomedy.com

TODAY A little writing...some catch up stuff...and I see my Reds are playing baseball on TV against the Padres at 2:30...meaning...this will be a very short work day Wednesday at the Whyte House.

Have a great Wednesday!


BILL BLOG Tuesday June 13, 2017 Awake...but bleary eyed this morning. LAST NIGHT That was because I was up past my bedtime doing the Eddie Stubbs show from 7-Midnight on 650AM WSM. The loss of sleep is worth it though...every time I get to go in and do any shift on that radio station that's tucked inside the massive Opryland Hotel. A really fun show last night...and the 5 hours flew by. And I had one big highlight for sure that will stay with me for last nights show. I got a text from my Missouri friend Becky Blackaby and her fiancee Wil Denton who were on the road near Atlanta headed to Charleston to see some of Wil's kinfolk. They wanted to let me know that they were listening and enjoying the show...and that we were booming in on their car speakers. Becky if from Paris, Missouri. A mutual acquaintance of ours from my hometown of Montgomery City, Missouri is responsible for the two of us getting together and writing and becoming friends over the past few years. Her fiancee Wil is a talented musician, writer, producer....and plays drum for Tracy Lawrence at the moment. So...I tell them to keep listening that I'd give them a shout out. But I had a bigger surprise for them. Coming out of a Dolly Parton song...I mentioned them listening...and then played Becky's song that the two of us wrote... "I Love Dolly" (and she's a huge fan of hers) on WSM coast to coast. To say it was a thrill for them would be an understatement. And it gave me such joy to be in a position to give the two of them such joy. Turns out...and I did not know this until after the fact...it was also Becky's birthday yesterday. Happy birthday girl! I hope I gave you one of your best birthday presents ever. And I think I might have. If you get a second...go to my Facebook page where I shared them doing two separate Facebook "live" moments on their phones and the internet and they are literally beaming on camera. Made me laugh big time when I saw their joy. As an artist...one of the GREATEST thrills still is getting to hear you song on the radio. I have not forgotten that feeling...and what a great joy is was for me to gift some good friends with that wonderful feeling on WSM last night. MORE WSM I will be back on WSM this Friday morning working with Charlie Mattos as host Bill Cody takes the day off. We will have a couple of great in studio guests Friday morning. At 8:30 we welcome Mountain Faith...followed by Pure Prairie League (Vince Gill was once a part of that band...check him out in the video) at 9:15 AM. And...since it's Father's Day weekend...we'll be playing some Fathers-Daughters-Sons records back to back. Think Johnny Cash and Roseanne Cash, George Morgan and Lorrie Morgan etc. Should be fun. Tune in at wsmonline.com if you can.

THE OPRY My friend Linda Davis is singing on the Friday night Grand Ole Opry heard on WSM of course. After years of not getting to be on that stage a whole lot...it's like they finally woke up and they are inviting her more...and deservedly so. My wife Kathy and I are going with her and her husband Lang Scott Friday night to witness it and you know that's going to be fun for sure. Happy happy for my talented friend. And once again...our "Evening In The Round" trio with Linda and Lang and me? We are hoping to be doing some more dates together come 2017. She's finishing her tour with Kenny Rogers...and then she and Lang have a big Christmas thing I'll tell you more about on a later date...and then hopefully...we'll have our little songwriter trio back on the road again. Fingers crossed.

NEW DATE My "Hits & Grins" trio will have a show at "The Founders Room" in Alma, Arkansas Saturday night November 11 at 7 pm. Details on their site soon.

Have a great Tuesday!


BILL BLOG Monday June 12, 2017 No pressure...but this is the week you have to figure out something good to get for dear old Dad for Father's Day. THE WEEKEND Yesterday was quite an honor. I got to play on one of the main stages at CMA Fest for the first time...with my "Hits & Grins" trio buddies Victoria Venier and Steve Dean. After all these years of being on the radio side of this event...it was pretty danged cool to be on the performing end of it. And I hope some of you were listening in worldwide on WSM radio yesterday. Over 100,000 folks were in downtown Nashville...a combination of CMA Fest Fans...and Nashville Predator fans who gathered to watch the Preds lose a heart breaker last night...but what a party. And despite all the traffic...we got to the stage in plenty of time...and getting out was much easier than we thought it might be. What a great time. Our stage was inside the MASSIVE Music City Center. It was my first time in the building and it truly is HUGE. We took two escalators up to a green room to wait our turn as we followed Dailey and Vincent on stage...the great bluegrass duo. They along with folks like Mark Wills, Darryl Worley, Terry McBride, Baillie and the Boys, Lauren Alaina...you name em were either in our green room or close by with performances of their own. When it was our turn to play...we took two golf carts...because it was too far to our stage to walk with our equipment and we were INSIDE the building! The show itself went great due to first rate sound guys who had us set up in a blink. Eddie Stubbs from WSM introduced us and it was on. Folks from all over the country and around the world were out front listening...and after the show we had a great time visiting with many of you. My thanks to the folks at CMA Fest for having us...and to WSM and all their hard work over the past four days. I'm proud to be part of that staff for sure. OVER And now everyone tries to go home today. Record crowds at the airport they say. A record breaking amount of fans will now try to catch a plane home. Thanks for coming. SPEAKING OF WSM I go back on the other side of the microphone tonight as I'll be filling in for Eddie Stubbs on 650AM-WSM heard around the world at wsmonline.com. I'm on 7-Midnight tonight...so tune in some of you can. PAUL SALOIS My first radio boss was Paul Salois who owned and operated KPCR Radio in Bowling Green, Missouri. He passed away a couple of days ago. Because he took a chance on an 18 year old kid from Elsberry, Missouri fresh out of High School I wound up having a long radio career...that's still going on. I'm forever grateful to him. Great great person to work for...wonderful family...and my thoughts are with them for sure. Yesterday during our CMA Fest show he was on my mind. I have a new song I sing ou all the time titled "I've Got A Face For Radio". Some of my experience from that Cow Pasture One Bedroom Trailer radio station made it's way into this song. I dedicated it to Paul yesterday. I could go on forever here about my days at that radio station working for Paul and his wife Betty and my great friend Joe Lewis but won't. I'd be blogging forever. If you want to read more...I put up a tribute to him on my Facebook page that you can check out if you're interested. Just know that those were some of the best days of my life. Thank you Paul. RIP.

TODAY A little catch up work, some comedy parody song writing for my NY folks, and then tonight...I'm on WSM from 7-Midnight. I see a nap in the middle of today bracing for that. Again...listen in worldwide at wsmonline.com Have a great Monday!