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Bill Whyte / Blog

Beach Weekend

BILL BLOG Friday October 21, 2016 Good morning from beautiful Port St. Joe Florida on the Forgotten Coast. YESTERDAY Our "Hits & Grins" trio that includes Steve Dean, Victoria Venier and myself had wheels rolling from Nashville to Florida at 6 am. Load up...65 South...and of course...traffic. Even at 6 am in Music City...if you are headed downtown...it's gridlock. Part of the deal these days. Couple of stops...one that's become a regular for this trip...Brewsters Ice Cream in Dothan, Alabama. My brother Gary and his wife Kay got me hooked on this stuff years ago when they had a gallon on their dinner table one evening when my wife and I drove to Pennsylvania to visit. They NEVER have the kind they and we love...white raspberry truffle. The young clerk thinks it's something to do with the wrong time of year for raspberry. Sigh. The salted caramel cone thing I had though was not a bad replacement. And SO danged healthy too. THE GULF We made good time though...arrived in Port St. Joe around 4 pm...first stop...the beautiful Port Inn across from the Gulf Of Mexico...on a perfect Florida evening. All three of us have to register for the "Blast On The Bay" songwriters festival....we sign 100 festival posters and 5 guitars that the will give away to sponsors and fans of this particular festival on the Gulf of Mexico. It's the 8th year for this festival...and it's our 7th year of playing it. So...we've been here almost since the git go...and it's certainly one of my favorites This year they put us up in a little beach bungalow so we're just a few steps to the sand and the water. Really cool. This part of Florida has some old school "quaint" to it....it's quieter. Not as many people...and great weather this time of the year. There are probably 50 or so songwriters that will participate. We're happy to be one of those that keeps getting invited back every year. And because we've been here so much...we recognize faces and old friends that we've met coming down here through the years. If you want a quiet little get away...on the beach with uniquely great entertainment for a weekend late in your year...I encourage you to come. At check in we ran into a Nashville couple we all know who decided to celebrate her birthday down here with us. Cool. Welcome Dan and Carol...and Happy Birthday Carol! OUR SCHEDULE Our first show is TONIGHT at the Lookout Lounge which we are told is a GREAT listening room. The owner is one who "gets it" and makes sure his patrons are quiet...and listening to the music. Makes a huge difference for the audience and the songwriters when that happens. Sometimes you have to combat the crowd noise...and that's never as good. So...we are looking forward to playing there for the first time. SUNDAY We have two shows...the first at 1:30 pm at a familiar favorite of ours...the Dockside Cafe. It's exactly what it sounds like. We actually play on the dock...on a stage overlooking the Gulf. Boats are tied up behind our stage. Beautiful....especially when the weather is as great as it's going to be here. 75 and no clouds tomorrow for this show! And our last show is a new location at the Krazy Fish Grille at 4:30 Saturday.

So...a beachy weekend ahead. I hope you have a great weekend too.

To The Beach

BILL BLOG Wednesday October 19, 2016 Middle of the week...hump day...time to pack a bag for a beach run starting early tomorrow morning. AIRPORTS I had an early run to the airport to drop the daughter again. She' off to some town' name I can't begin to pronounce in the middle of Ecuador with her American Airlines job. Safe flight kid. She's newly engaged...so she and her Mom will be doing a lot of time sharing and shopping and planning and all that goes with a wedding somewhere down the line. Still early in the process...so no date..no real plans yet. My great friend Lang Scott texted me and said, "you're going to be nowhere near that process right?" Affirmative. Nice to have friends who know me that well. I realized I will have no voice in this after asking Heather what she thought about holding her wedding at a baseball park and heard a song I helped write playing back at me..."Crickets". They know where to find me if they need me. DEBATE My Lord...this is it. One more night of screaming...and no...not Cub fans screaming at their very quiet offense all of a sudden. Trump-Clinton...soon it ends and we'll get to see a drastic improvement in property landscaping when all those "VOTE FOR ME" signs are replaced by "Yard Sale" signs. A welcome relief. My writing assignment yesterday was for the debate...obvious choice. I've written maybe 20 or 30 parody songs around this election so far. Yesterday...focusing on this debate...I chose an obvious great choice....the Kenny Chesney hit "Noise". You can imagine how the lyrics would match up nicely to this. Hopefully some folks are laughing as they hear that song this morning on their favorite country radio station. So while the biggest part of me is SO glad this thing is about to be over one way or another...the smaller part of me quietly wonders, "what will I write about now"? There's always something.

SOME MUSIC STUFF I mentioned Chuck Berry turned 90 yesterday. How's he doing at 90? Good enough to have recorded a new album coming out...his first in over 20 years. Wow. I don't know if he can do that "duckwalk" without someone helping him or not...but apparently he can still lay down tracks in a studio. Amazing. GARTH Meanwhile...there's a little buzz about the new Garth CD getting ready to be released. And...there's a great article this morning about the studio musicians that Garth has used...and is STILL using on his records the G-Men. Great players who played on his first album...and Garth promised them he would use them as long as he recorded. No one really believed that...but Garth has kept his word. To be "one of em'" as we say, there are great stories about how Garth would help these sidemen carry their equipment to their cars after recording sessions. Unheard of for most. Read the article ...pretty fascinating. NASHVILLE The TV show returns soon...this time on CMT. Producers are tweaking it. There will now be more music than ever before. Good. Less soap...more music. Work for me. I'm still pitching "If I Had Boobs" to them. I figure it's all timing...so I'll just keep pitching.

TODAY Off to write with Sydni Perry and Paul Bogart...then...packing for the Blast On The Bay Songwriters Festival in Port St. Joe, Florida with "HIts and Grins." One show on Friday...two on Saturday. Go to blastonthebay.com for complete info on where we will be and our performance times.

No blog tomorrow...back at ya Friday from the beach.

Have a great Wednesday!

Port St. Joe and Mr. Berry

BILL BLOG Tuesday October 18, 2016 All quiet this morning at the Whyte House. YESTERDAY For me...I've got a slow start to the week. No writing appointments yesterday or today for that matter so I'm taking advantage of that and getting out on a couple of walking trails soaking up the last of summer as the temps have gone back into the mid 80's here in middle Tennessee. Looks to be pretty comfortable down on the Redneck Riviera where I'm headed Thursday for a songwriters festival in Port. St. Joe, Florida. Looking very forward to being back at "Blast On The Bay" which begins with a beach cookout Thursday night...then one show Friday...two on Saturday with my "Hits & Grins" trio. To show you how TOUGH this life is...check out this LINK of the Dockside...one of the place we will pay one afternoon...right on the dock...Gulf of Mexico over our shoulders. Tough not to have fun here. And if you've never gone through this little neck of the panhandle and stopped...do sometime. It's quietly beautiful with lots of southern charm. HAPPY BIRTHDAY To the king of "duckwalk"...Chuck Berry. The rock icon is 90 today! He had...or may still have a place around Wentzille, Missouri...and area where I once lived and played music. I remember our little band would finish a gig...and often times we'd be near Wentzville and would stop late night after the gig at a little restauraunt called "The Black Angus." Good greasy hamburgers at 2 am in the morning. Every once in a great while...Chuck would pull up at that hour too in his Caddy with the bullhorns on the hood and grease up himself. Quite the character...lots of legendary stories. And why there has not been a great movie made on this man's life is beyond me. There's a lot to draw from if some producer ever decides to document that on film. Our band backed up a lot of artists back in that day. Never worked with Chuck...but we could have. And the great thing would have been...no rehearsal. Just three chords rock n roll straight ahead that even a challenged musician like me can play in their sleep. Memphis, Maybelline, My Ding A Ling and on and on and on. Simple...fun...and huge huge hits. Happy birthday Chuck. SPEAKING OF MUSIC You can't swing a guitar here in Nashville without hitting a "live" singer. Music in every little club and store and on the sidewalks...and most of those folks are playing for free or tips...just to be heard. And now a new shoe/boot store in a cool part of downtown has actually built a stage set up between their shoe displays for new and upcoming artists to play on. If they buy a pair of 100 dollar shoes when they get done playing...they will then be 100 dollars in the hole. But...their feet will look great. TODAY There's a walking trail that I'll put my boots on later this morning...after writing for New York...funny song on the way. And then...we have baseball in the middle of the week with a 3 pm game 4 between the Indians and Blue Jays with the Tribe up 3-0. Cleveland is having a heck of a year. And I gotta admit...it's hard not to root for a team who's manager rides a danged scooter to work every day like Terry Francona does. Love that. Play ball! And have yourself a great Tuesday!

Missouri and Back In A Day

BILL BLOG Monday October 17, 2016 To Missouri and back in a day. YESTERDAY By 7 am my young friend Heather Riley and myself piled into my little SUV and headed to Knob Lick, Missouri...home of Nelson's Family Music Center as both of us were on a show sponsored by the Gateway Country Music Association. We left plenty early...so w had time to take our time and enjoy the turning of colors...especially once GPS took us off the interstate in Paducah and we found ourselves on a lot of two lanes that ran through Cairo and Cape Giradeau. Beautiful country drive. The show started at 2 pm...and I closed the first half of the show while Heather opened the second half. Once she was finished with her set...we were back on the road and I hit my door in Nashville about 10:30 last night. Great fun show...I saw a lot of folks I knew...and made some new friends. As always...just a pleasure to sit on a stool and entertain folks with original songs. And...a lot of you took home some of my comedy song CD's...and I hope you're laughing at some of those songs right now. I also got to pay tribute to almost 40 veterans who were in the house with my patriotic song "Let Me Shake Your Hand". It's nice to sit in front of those folks and say thank you...every time. My thanks to GAC and my great friends Dodge and Dean Raymer. And kudos to Dave Schimpf who came up with the idea of carrying my stool on stage...wiping it off...and having me tip him before I sat down to play. That got a big laugh. Very fun. I'll call this time well spent on the road...and on stage in my home state of Missouri yesterday. Thanks to all for coming and supporting the GAC and their effort to support traditional country music...and to provide stages and opportunity for those entertainers who just want to get up and sing and put their talent on display. There was plenty of that yesterday for sure. THIS WILL MAKE SOME OF YA FEEL OLD "I Love Lucy" is 65 years old! How can that be? Somebody got some splainin' to do. HALL OF FAME They inducted this year's class into the Country Music Hall of Fame yesterday. The great producer Fred Foster, Charlie Daniels and Randy Travis was all deservedly entered those hallowed halls. Garth introduced Randy. And for the first time...since a horrible stroke 3 years ago...Randy sang "Amazing Grace" with help from the audience that brought tears to a ot of eyes. Congrats to all three. And congrats to my radio pal Bill Cody who I work with on WSM radio...and my former on air partner Beville Darden who is now Senior Editor at Rolling Stone Country...as the two of them did a great job on TV on the red carpet. Awesome. VOTING And...I did get my votes in for the CMA Awards this year. That ceremony is coming up the first of November. I'll be in Gulf Shores...but...I will be doing my running commentary again on Facebook and Twitter which I've done for several years now...and has built a little following of folks who watch the awards ceremony on TV while watching their social network pages and some of the comments that I post and have fun with. Get your couch and laptop ready to go.

TODAY A catch up day...and I'll be writing a comedy parody song for my friends in NY. With the last debate being this Wednesday night...I'm betting I can guess what my assigned topic will be.

Have a great Monday.

Missouri Trip

BILL BLOG Friday October 14, 2016 It's a Fall weekend...time to pick a pumpkin. YESTERDAY I wrote on Music Row with my young transplanted friend from Wyoming...Manon Ward who's one of those who found a way to get to Nashville because she's at up with the music. Pretty much a requirement in order to survive. She told me of a move she just made because the small place she was sharing with two other girls that had spiders (brown recluse), and a wall coming down and a roof leaking which forced her to move into a safer place...built a tad better than where she was. Got to admire that kind of dedication. Yesterday we pulled up a song we had written quite awhile back that her producer loves and tweaked the song a bit. It was written from a girl's perspective...but after yesterday's work we made it fit for a guy or girl to record. And it made the song better...so worth the effort. That didn't take us too long...and it left us time finish another idea that Manon brought that she had started on and that too was fun...interesting...and great. She's just one of those cool kids chasing her dream...and her vocal delivery and approach is fun and a bit unique I think. I'm a fan. And I'm hoping good thing for her career down the road. DYLAN Bob Dylan just won the Nobel Prize Literature. I'm sure he deserves it. And if I could ever understand what he's saying...I might agree too. I've always said the hardest job in show biz is the job of having to be the "signer" for the deaf at a Dylan concert. SURVEY SAYS We spend 7 and a half hours every week checking our e-mails. Wow. A full day each week trying to figure out why that guy from Nigeria is still trying to get us to send him money. I have GOT to get a life.

THE WEEKEND On the road to Farmington, Missouri for a 2 pm show at Nelson's Music City Theater for the Gateway Country Music Association where I will have a chance to salute some veterans in the crowd with a patriotic song. Looking very forward to that.

Have a great weekend.

Deer Writing and A Beach Ahead

BILL BLOG Thursday October 13, 2016 72 here for a high today. Perfect. YESTERDAY Spent some time in a writing room with Paul Bogart yesterday as we wrote a cowboy song...almost finished it completely...we have just a little more carving to do on this. Cowboy songs are a bit difficult to get someone to record...as we have less and less George Strait's in the world. But Paul is the real deal. Grew up ranching. He's won multiple rodeo belt buckles...he's a team roper...sometimes with his Dad as his Father taught him all the tricks growing up in Oklahoma. Paul is one of my favorites in this town...and when the two of us write this way....there's always a fair chance that Paul might record this himself. He'll have an album out next year...so we'll see. Paul's an avid hunter...and he'd done some of that on TV. He's that good. Before we got started yesterday...Ed Beavers...the great writer and Dierks Bentley's producer walked in. Paul had written with him...my first time meeting him. Ed's an avid hunter too...so I quietly listened to the two of them talking about wind and acorns and rutting and taking does with bows for meat. I thought for awhile the three of us might get up in a tree stand and write a song or two...me being the rookie on a deer stand for sure. Just another one of those great days spending time with some talented folks. If you're curious...here's one song Ed Beavers helped write for Dierks Bentley. LAST NIGHT I did a set at the Backstage Opry Grill with the talented trio Brassfield Aly. They're great. One girl...Aly Cutter...two brothers....Bradley and Chadley. Great harmony and energy. They play most Wednesday nights at this place which is across from the Opryland Hotel...and they invite a songwriter to sit in for 30 minutes or so. The place feeds ya...great food....I had brisket...and they pay ya to come up on stage and share your original songs. I appreciate them inviting me a second time...and I'm sure I'll be writing with some of them in the not too distant future. Really enjoyed hanging with them last night. MULLETS Made me grin last night. One of the young members of the trio I was with last night told me they were getting ready to play some mullet festival in Florida. He was thinking it had something do with "hair" until I informed him that mullet is a popular fish in Florida. They toss them on the beach at the Florabama every year in a contest and measure how far contestants can toss the mullet. Pretty sure they are not trying to throw a hair mullet where the group is going. But...that would be entertainment now! AHEAD I've got an up and back trip to Farmington, Missouri on Sunday for a show at the Farmington Opry that starts at 2 pm that will feature a salute to vets that I'm going to be a part of. Looking forward to that. And it will be great to see some extended family and friends up there...the Raymers in particular. And then a week from today our "Hits & Grins" trio will be on the road to Port St. Joe, Florida for "Blast On The Bay"...the great songwriters festival down there that we do

A Marriage

BILL BLOG Wednesday October 12, 2016 And we have a future son in law...just like that. YESTERDAY I'm in a writing appointment for the first time with a transplanted Californian...Bobby Kropp. We're getting to know each other when my cell phone started blowing up. It was my daughter Heather trying to reach me through Face Time and I was pretty sure I knew what that was all about. A bad connection kept us from hooking up...but finally I got the text that she was ENGAGED. It was no surprise to her Mom and me and her fiancee'...Casey...did the right thing and asked for our blessing before he went out on a cruise with my daughter. He built up some points when he did that for sure. She did not know we knew and her text accused us of being SNEAKY. Guilty as charged kid. They actually won't be back until this weekend before we all get a chance to celebrate this wonderful news. Casey is solid. In the Army at Ft. Campbell. We think the world of him which is great to say as a Dad. If you have to lose your girl (and to me she will always be my little girl)...I'm glad it's to someone this solid. Congrats to both of them. And now we have to start thinking of a wedding. Would it be wrong for me to try and pay for it with a Go Fund Me Campaign online? Thought so. Gonna be hard to buy everything we'll need for a wedding at the Dollar General Store I think. MEANWHILE Out in the Caribbean where the two of them still are...they upgraded another tropical storm into a hurricane they've named NICOLE. That's our daughter's middle name. Hoping this does not give her fiancee' pause. Just a coincidence right? A big day yesterday...and I was amazed that I did finish a song with my co-writer while all of this was going on. My mind was somewhere else for sure. SONGS I also spent some time yesterday writing a parody song about Halloween costumes for the NY folks. Expect to see Trump and Hillary trick or treating at your door. And a tied up Kim Kardashian costume is available too this year. Wow. Most popular? Superhero outfits again. Get your bag and a cape and have it. I think I'll go out as Underdog.

TODAY Off to Sony to write with Paul Bogart again today. Always a great time rhyming with Paul who continues to work on his new album. Then tonight at 8 pm I'm on stage at the Opry Backstage Grill near the Opryland Hotel as the guest songwriter tonight. Cool place...with great food so come out if your close. I play for about 30 minutes or so. Have a great Wednesday!

Song Surprise and Busy Ahead

BILL BLOG Tuesday October 11, 2016 Up and at em'....coffee is perking in the kitchen. YESTERDAY I finished off a string of on air days at WSM Radio. I did enough days in a row that I felt a bit like I had my groove back from when I used to to this every day. At this point in my life...I get to do this just enough...and not too much. And certainly I'm lucky to be able to still grab some on air time and a worldwide audience at WSM radio. I'll let ya know the next time they call...and thanks to all who listened in some over the past few days. One cool thing did happen during my 10-3 shift yesterday. I looked over at one of my computers...this one being the one that holds commercials...jingles...music etc....and saw that the next song coming up was my song "Safe Haven" that Hillary Scott and the Scott Family recorded. What a nice surprise that was. I had nothing to do with it...but management apparently thought this song produced by Ricky Skaggs fit the WSM format. Odd...and cool...to introduce your own song. Made my day yesterday. BRACING MYSELF I'm now looking at my calendar for the next month and realize it's going to be a very busy time. Tomorrow night I'm the guest songwriter at 8 pm at the Opry Backstage Grill here in town. Then Sunday I'm part of a patriotic tribute in Farmington, Missouri that will be fun...and an honor to do. That's followed up with a trip to Port St. Joe, Florida with "Hits & Grins"...and then at the end of the month the trio has two more "in town" shows. When that wraps up...my wife and I head for Gulf Shores for the month of November...where the first two weeks of that will have me playing a lot of songwriter shows at the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival...some with "Hits & Grins"...some others with other songwriting friends. For complete details on all of these shows and more...just to to my website at billwhytecomedy.com and click on the calendar section.

NO SURPRISE Saturday Night Live is grabbing big time ratings again. Thank you Donald and Hillary. The Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon impersonations of those two is funny to everyone who's not too close to their political choice. And there are some who have no sense of humor of their pick is being picked on. That never ceases to amaze me. It's funny...trust me...it's really funny stuff. But...I'm not sure if the actors are funnier than the reality of what's running for President right now or not. Decide yourself. THE BIG PUMPKIN Rhode Island just had their big pumpkin contest. A man hauls in a 2,261 pound gourd out of his field to set the all time record that was broken last year by guess who? His son. Gonna need a chainsaw to carve the jack o' lantern face into that big boy for sure.

TODAY Back to the songwriting table. Have yourself a great Tuesday!

Stories and WSM Once More

BILL BLOG Monday October 10, 2016 One more day on WSM starting at 10 this morning. It's Columbus Day...and I think the mid-day full timer need to take advantage of all the mattress sales that go on. Maybe. THE WEEKEND Nothing huge this weekend...lot of baseball and football. Certainly we followed hurricane Matthew as our daughter was in Miami. They barely got anything...and now she's off on a cruise is what I hope will be calm waters. The flooding will be the bigger story of Matthew...as is usually the case with hurricanes. Glad to know that almost everyone survived. DID YOU SURVIVE THE DEBATE? Once again there will be record ratings from the Jerry Springer show last night...rather..the debate. Monday Night Football was on. I passed...like the Packers did. Don't feel like I missed a whole lot. I did hear a couple of sports talk show hosts I listen in on at 5 AM in the morning open with how they hate politics too...keep their opinions to themselves...but watched simply for the ENTERTAINMENT value of it. Once again...I'm happy to wake up and write comedy about it for my folks in New York. Some days...my job is too easy. WSM STORY Friday I was on air for WSM...Devon O'day and Nan Kelley host the show right after me called "Nashville Today". Nan has had some time off...so Jaimie Dudney has been filling in for her with Devon. Jaimie is the daughter of Ken Dudney and Barbara Mandrell. Things are hectic when you change shifts...and we had not had time to talk...and it was my first time being around her some. Friday we found enough time to talk about her Mom a little and the fact that two guys who played in my band in Missouri worked for Barbara Mandrell during her big years with the TV show out in LA. Those would be David Powelson and Randy Wright. That lit her up....as she was on the set a lot back then as a kid. In fact...if you remember that show...they had a spoof section where three little kids played the Mandrell sisters. Jaimie played Irlene in those sketches...not her Mom. Too funny. She loved Randy and Dave...as I did...and do today. Both are here in Music City...doing extremely well. One really funny side note to Jaimie playing Irlene Mandrell. They made Jaimie audition. She went through the process with some other kids. When they walked in and told her she got the part...she was standing with the Statler Brothers who were guests. Harold Reid...the bass singer said, "and did anyone here thinks she was NOT going to get the part?!" Funny. MORE MO-MO Well...ya gotta see THIS VIDEO. Hopefully it will open. Some folks in Bowling Green decided to have some fun with my song "Mo Mo" the Missouri Monster....the first song I ever recorded many many moons ago. The thing just will not will not will not die. Too funny...and thank you Chad and his friends for loving this old song so much. ANOTHER GREAT STORY Manuel...the "tailor to the stars" here in Nashville did the Johnny Cash outfits. The first 3 he made for Johnny were all black. Cash wore them...loved them...then decided he would stick with black. When he asked Manuel why he gave him all black Manuel admitted..."black was on sale."

THIS WEEK I sit in as the songwriter guest at the Opry Backstage Grill at 8 pm Wednesday evening near the Opryland Hotel. A full week of co-writing...and at 10 this morning I'll be on the air again at 650 AM WSM the home of the Grand Ole Opry. Tune in!

Have a great Columbus Day.

More Radio Time Today

BILL BLOG Friday October 7, 2016 Mid 70's here over the weekend. Looking forward to that. YESTERDAY A little writing...a little meeting on Music Row made up the better part of my Thursday. I had a little sit down with a friend who now works at Starstruck...Reba's company. Courtney Allen has been a new young friend ever since we first met at the Nashville Songwriters Association a few years ago. Young...full of energy....and is now working for Reba...a dream job for her. So we caught up and I played her some new songs. Like a lot of young folks in this crazy business Courtney goes 100 miles per our and is seemingly everywhere all of the time. With a recent move (worst job ever) she's got caught up trying to do too much...eat too fast....like lots and lots do...and it made her sick recently. I felt like a Doctor prescribing less Sonic stops and taking a night or two off. So...I don't know who helped who more yesterday. But...I'm happy for her success for sure and for her allowing me to pick her young brain. And it was Courtney who set me up with a couple of young artists to write with recently. Tara Thompson who's now an artist on Big Machine Records....and Emily Ann Roberts who was runner up on "The Voice" and a member of Blake's team last season. Those kind of hook ups are invaluable of course...and I'm thankful to Courtney for making those kind of things happen. Less Sonic....more rest. PARODY SONGS I also had to write two parody songs for United Stations in NY...the national syndication company. One was about the new iPHone 7 and I took the angle of the consumer loving this new phone because it doesn't blow up or catch on fire like the Samsung has recently. The second parody song was for a Detroit radio station they service who needed a generic Detroit Lions song that they can play through the NFL season this year. If Detroit wins a lot....I have a feeling folks in the Motor City will hear what I wrote quite a bit on that country radio station. MATTHEW Meanwhile...Matthew is scaring Florida folks. Evacuations. My daughter is in Miami...and it appears they were spared the worst of it by far. Light rain only. Lucky. And now she's getting ready to go on a cruise. I'm hoping seas are calm. It's a REALLY good time to book a cheap cruise as cruise lines are dealing with cancellations right now because of Matthew. Apparently the hotels in the panhandle region where I go a lot are booked full because of folks getting out of south and mid-Florida for a couple of days. 238 people killed in Haiti...that alone should get your attention enough to move north for awhile folks. Or hearing weather people say on air..."this will kill you." Yep...that would do it for me. LOVE THIS And old radio promotion I did one time in Milwaukee. We set up one of our show members at a local bar during flu season and had some nurses hang out with us. Listeners could come in and get a "shot" and a beer for free. Time to do that again. And...if you're squeamish about the needle? Well..that's where the beer is helpful.

TODAY I'm on the radio again...10-3 on WSM. Tune in worldwide at wsmonline.com

Have a great weekend!