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Bill Whyte / Blog

October Be Here

BILL BLOG Friday September 30, 2016 Last day of September...first weekend of October is on us...hard to believe. YESTERDAY My writing appointment was with two very talented creative folks...Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard. This was our third writing appointment on an idea that Dave had that we all love. We've certainly taken our time with the idea...and yesterday I think all of us agree it was worth the time spent on this one song as we finished it. It sounds a bit like a "classic" country song...aka Patsy Cline, Brenda Lee...but very cool. Sometimes you can write in that sonic vein...and it becomes cool again. The song "Girl Crush" by Little Big Town to me was old school stuff...but new again...and it's one of my favorite songs over the past couple of years. So...I think that's sorta kinda what we captured yesterday. Dave is a great writer, producer, player...and it's just a pleasure hanging with him and watching him do his thing that he's done so well for Brandy Clark...Jamey Johnson...Jerrod Niemann and others. He's now Jenny's producer...and I'm sure they are going to roll out a heck of an an album on her sometime next year. I'll let ya know. Fun fun creative day on Music Row with those two yesterday for sure. Time well spent. JINGLE BELLS Guess what I saw in the paper this morning on the last day of September? A full page ad for a Christmas show at the Opryland Hotel. Good grief Charlie Brown...you haven't even found the great pumpkin and we're kicking the tires on Santa's sleigh already. Wow. Tis the season I suppose.

POKE ME And...it is flu shot season. Not sure why folks who shoot us with a needle are not dressed in camo. And I wouldn't mind if some of them put a scope on their needle to help make their aim a little better.

THE WEEKEND Cooler weather...enjoy your weekend!

Awards To Friends

BILL BLOG Thursday September 29, 2016 65 degrees for a high here today. First time wearing long pants in awhile. YESTERDAY I had a writing session with my friend from Canada...who is madly rooting for his Toronto Blue Jays in the baseball playoffs that start in a week...Brian Donkers. Always good to be in a writing room with young enthusiastic writers for sure. And we managed to crank out a pretty cool song in short order yesterday which saved me time to get out in the cool weather and go for a walk. There's a little asphalt circle walk around a man made lake just below a hospital here that I walk circles on a lot. Not a perfect circle mind you as a flock of geese have adopted the place too...and they leave their calling cards all over the walk. So...it's a combination of walking and hop scotch jumping to avoid their little piles. Sigh. It do make for a "keep your eyes" open kinda of exercise. CONGRATS To a couple of my friends here. First...Beville Darden who is now one of the Senior Editors for Rolling Stone Country. When I did the morning show for WSM-FM Radio several years ago...my Program Director allowed me to pick someone to work with. I was in a studio in the Opryland Hotel...and we had a girl who was doing our news from another building. On her "voice" alone...not having met her...I asked my PD to have her start doing her news in the studio where I was. That led to her not only being my on air partner...and she was great....but it also started a long wonderful friendship which still lasts today. Now a Mom of two kids with a great husband...she received quite an honor yesterday when she won the "Women In Music City Award" that went to her and 29 other influential women in the music business. No surprise to me. Congrats Beville! ANOTHER AWARD The second notable award given to a friend was the one doled out to Steve Dean who plays in my "Hits & Grins" trio. His song "Watching You" recorded by Rodney Atkins...and co-written with Rodney and Brian White...was just named the SONG OF THE DECADE! Good grief. That is just too cool. I get to play and sing that song at very show we do together. It's fun to see the crowd light up when Steve tells the story about writing this classic...and then start singing it...with the crowd singing every line back with him. Such a great honor...and I'm so happy for my buddy here. GET PRETTY WITH JAVA There was full page ad promoting something called "Beauty Coffee." Supposedly it helps you look healthier...pretty. Uh huh. I'm skeptical to say the least. However...if the ad would have promised it makes men better looking...I may have lined up and bought a case. I don't have a lot of time...so I would buy the "Instant" coffee for sure. TODAY I'm back in a writing room with two extremely talented folks...Jenny Tolman and Dave Brainard. Dave is a great producer...finishing up 4 projects right now for different artists...Jenny being one of them. Today we're back on an idea we started a few months ago that been slow in development...but could be something great upon completion. Worth the effort for sure. My the creative forces be with us today. Have a great Thursday!

Sweet Tea

BILL BLOG Wednesday July 28, 2016 A reminder to myself to start putting on long pants when I leave the house at 5 AM. A tad nippy this morning. Tomorrow's high only 67. YESTERDAY I had a big day writing comedy stuff for New York....four pieces yesterday. Two parody songs. One on all the Oktoberfests that are breaking out across the country. It's always fun writing a song that allows you to use the word lederhosen. Somewhere right now someone is waking up in those and jumping out of bed to do the chicken dance. It's that time of year. Another song on Dunkin' Donuts being slow to give up their stryofoam cups...and then two funny radio jingles for a client out in Colorado. I'm grateful for computers. It allows me to bring in a little income with silly stuff in a few short hours. That all started like 30 years ago or so believe it or not. I was doing a radio show in Milwaukee and using this service I now write for...United Stations. Dick Clark owned it when I first started. I would send them comedy scripts for my radio show to make it "local" that I wrote. Sometimes parody songs...sometime scripts for characters etc. The company has a list of voice actors who can sound like almost anyone. So...if I needed Brad Pitt to call me...I could send them a script of the conversation I wanted. The phone would ring during the show...the actor would read his lines....I'd read mine....we taped it...edited it...and then it aired. Very cool stuff. One day the Senior Editor in NY sent me a note saying how much they liked my scripts...and that if I ever wanted to write something that had national appeal...to do so and they would pay me for everyone of those they liked. So...I'd send one every now and then...and then a few more. That turned into a daily thing for me now that I don't do radio full time...and it allows me to have fun and provide content for some radio stations...and get paid for it all at the same time. And these days...I have lot more time to write for them...and I'm happy to do that. HIKE With no songwriting appointment yesterday...I was able get out of the house around noon and check out a trail at Radnor Lake that I've heard so much about. Placed in the middle of the biggest part of the upscale portion of Nashville...it's a little oasis built around the lake with plenty of hiking paths to check out. I went for the lake trail itself yesterday. Pretty amazing to feel peace in an area that has so much traffic and people. The lake was gorgeous and I'll go back again to check out some of the other trails for sure.

SWEET TEA We take sweet tea pretty serious here in the south y'all. Maybe too serious when you consider that a deputy down in Florida was given one year probation for tasing a buddy over a sweet tea argument! You don't wanna know. TODAY Back to the songwriting table with my young Vancouver friend Brian Donkers. Always fun to create something new with young creative folks who always bring fresh ideas to the table. Three days (including this one) left for September. Hard to believe. Have a great Wednesday!


BILL BLOG Tuesday September 27, 2016 Coffee...and lots of it this morning. YESTERDAY Well...I was all settled in on the couch to watch some Monday Night Football (pass on the debate) when my phone rang. Eddie Stubbs...the Hall of Famer was on the side of road in Nashville...car broke down. So...I jumped in the car and wound up being on air for 650 AM WSM radio from 8-Midnight last night. As I was walking from the parking lot into the Opryland Hotel last night....loud disco music was blaring from in front of the hotel. Weird to hear "Brickhouse" being belted out like that at that time of night...outdoors. Turns out that Eddie had booked a guest...John McKuen with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to be a "live" studio guest to promote his new CD just out. John came in a late because of not being able to find easy parking BECAUSE to the crowd out front getttin' down to a disco beat. But...he did get there...and it was great catching up with the legend...with the Dirt Band like forever...and to hear music from his new CD that was recorded in Brooklyn around one microphone...very much like listening to a band gather in your living room acoustically. So the night flew...got the job done...and got to hang with John McKeuen for an hour. I'll take that over the current Presidential Debate every single time. And if you listened in...thank you! THE DEBATE The debate was on TV in the WSM studios last night...and I could read a little closed caption from time to time. Geez. I've said it before...I'll say it again. I'm just grateful for the immense amount of comedic material they continue to provide. For me? The most interesting thing I found about either of the two came in an article I read this morning that claims Hillary Clinton can mimic voices...and she does a killer puppet routine with potholder mitts! I'm rooting to see that in Debate 2. AND THIS IS HOW YOU GET POPULAR Tom Hanks is taking a walk through Central Park. He sees a young couple getting their wedding photos...walks up and introduces himself (like he needs to) and then poses...in his sweat suit for some great fun pictures with the bride and groom. They invited him to their wedding...he declined. But how cool...and real. A lesson for some other actors I would think. THE GULF OF MEXICO My wife and I are already looking forward to our month down in Gulf Shores starting November 1. The condo is rented...flip flops, shorts, sunglasses ready to go. I'll be playing several shows again this year at the Frank Brown Songwriters Festival that runs November 3-13. The schedule should be up soon. One of the places I usually get to when I'm down there is the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola. Home of the Blue Angels that we see flying outside our condo windows while we're down there. I bring that up because today Trip Advisor named that museum as one of the top 25 museums in the country. I do not disagree. And it's FREE! It's a great way to spend a few hours on the Gulf Coast for sure.

TODAY Low 70's. I have some comedy writing to do for my friend in NY...and then I'm going to grab a small back pack...some water...and hit a lake trail. Its like Fall for real all of a sudden!

Have a great Tuesday!

Paris Missouri Trip

BILL BLOG Monday September 26, 2016 Some cooler temps this week. The one negative about Fall is that the days are already getting shorter. THE WEEKEND Well..I got to my home state this weekend of Missouri with my "Hits & Grins" trio to play "Fall Into Paris" in Paris, Missouri. We had a blast. It was good to be back in a part of the country where farm machinery has the right of way. Farmers are in the fields big time...and we drove through a lot of that kind of country to get to Paris. I've seen most of the Show Me State...but for some reason had not been up past Mark Twain State Lake and those towns. Beautiful. And Paris is just small town America...much like the one I grew up in. We played two shows....(hot sun) on Saturday. Set up on a trailer...with folks across the street from us under shade trees next to the old courthouse...including some friends and family who made the trip up. Thank you. My thanks to Glenn Turner for hiring us...and his wife Dorothy who sold our CD's and my old friend from Wellsville, Missouri...Pete Nasir for providing such GREAT sound. Glenn and Dorothy's daughter Becky Blackaby is a co-writer of mine...and not only did she take us to dinner when we got in Friday evening and show us around...but she also got up and sang the song we wrote together that she recorded..."I Love Dolly." We closed the festival at about 2 pm...jumped in the SUV we rented...and went straight home to Nashville getting back about midnight for me. But...we could not have had a better time. I met a couple of folks who followed my band back in the day....another who wanted to talk about "Mo Mo" my first record...and...a guy interviewed me on the country radio station in Mexico, Missouri (where I was born)...come to find out we worked in radio together at one time in Indianapolis. Small...small world. A fun trip...and I hope we get to go back. There's a good chance we'll play the Cannon Dam Opry very near there next spring. I'll let ya know. COFFEE I was reminded that I'm back in Music City this morning at my Starbucks when the guy who runs this shop went out to his car and to get me a CD of some friends of his that play music in Arizona. Music connects a lot of us here...I kinda like that. RULES OF 3 It does seem like when on celebrity dies...two more go too. That's called the "rules of 3" and it's happened many times. This weekend it started with Grand Ole Opry star Ollie Imogene Shepard (Jean Shepard)...then the tragic boating accident that killed the 24 year old Cuban superstar pitcher for the Miami Dolphins...Jose Fernandez...and then the most beloved golfer of all time...Arnold Palmer. Everyone has only good things to say about all three. And that's a pretty good way to go out. SPEAKING OF GOOD WAYS TO GO OUT Vin Scully...the LA Dodgers announcer for forever retired. His final call was yesterday on a walk off homer giving the Dodgers the win. How appropriate. Class man like Arnold Palmer. Many consider him the greatest baseball announcer of all time. So respected that yesterday...every Dodger...before stepping up to the plate to hit...tipped their caps to Mr. Scully up in the broadcast booth. Enjoy your retirement Mr. Scully...and thanks for all the pictures you painted for us on the radio.

TODAY Nothing big on the agenda....some catch up stuff...and with temps turning a little cooler...I'm thinking a walk in the woods maybe. It's hard to believe this is the last week of September. Have a great Monday!

Show Me State Trip

BILL BLOG Friday September 23, 2016 Bring on the weekend. ROAD TRIP Good to go to Missouri for two shows with "Hits & Grins". We've got a bout a 7 and a half hour drive to Paris, Missouri for two shows Saturday at the "Fall Into Paris" street festival they hold every year. We're happy to be part of it. Shows at 10:15 AM and 1 pm tomorrow before we deadhead straight back to Nashville after those shows. So pretty much up and back...and I hope to see some folks I know up there for sure. Should be fun. HUMOR My wife tells me all the time that my nature lets me get away with things that others can't. I think that means that most folks who know me....also know I'm not real serious about a lot of stuff...which makes it easy to mess with folks and make them laugh. I'll take that. The MASTER of that is Mel Brooks. 90 years old. Yesterday he was given the Medal of Arts and Humanity by President Obama who Mel Brooks mockingly tried to de-pants. And of course the President laughed big time. How many people could get away with that? Such a funny man. Not just as a producer of films like "Blazing Saddles", "Young Frankenstein" and others...but he was extremely funny on his own. Here's a taste of that from an appearance on the old "Tonight Show" when Johnny Carson was still on. The late great Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears once pulled my shorts down in an interview I had with him. True story. I didn't see it coming. I asked a question with my tape recorder and mike outside his camper at a race that he was a participant in in Northern Wisconsin...and "Sweetness"...without a smile...reached over and yanked my shorts down...and then laughed like a school kid. True story. JOHN LOUDERMILK The great songwriter of "Break My Mind" "Tobacco Road" and this classic "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye" died yesterday age 82. This version I linked is John singing his own classic that's been recorded by hundreds and hundreds of other artists through the years. I played a lot of his songs on the radio. I've worked in studio with his very talented son Mike who's a heck of a guitar player and writer himself. Gosh...thanks for all the great music Mr. Loudermilk. TODAY Time to engage the GPS and head to Missouri for our shows. Road trip! Have a great weekend!

8 Days

BILL BLOG Thursday September 22, 2016 First day of Fall...with bags packed for a trip to my home state of Missouri in the morning. More on that at the end of this blog today. YESTERDAY Two great co-writer friends of mine...Sydni Perry and Paul Bogart...and myself...gathered in a writing room for the first time at Sony on Music Row. I've written a lot with both of them...but the 3 of us had not written together. I had a feeling the two of them would hit it off...and they did. Sydni came straight from a Carrie Underwood tour bus after arriving back in Nashville from Dallas so I was glad she could make it. And she brought a great idea to the writing table that includes a thought about that first baby being delivered to a couple. Paul can relate as he and his wife have a six month old boy...their first. So the song is in good hands here. The first hour was spent in conversation...that always happens when new writers get together to help break the ice and get comfortable. But we got two verses on paper...and we'll get together again in a few weeks to try and finish it. A really enjoyable "hang" as Paul would say. LAST NIGHT My wife and I joined our great friends Steve Dean and his wife Lori to see "8 Days A Week" which has a limited run at one of our local theaters. This is a music town...so you can imagine the interest. The place was sold out...and there was big applause when this documentary about the Beatles touring years in the early 60's wrapped up with an edited version of their "live" concert at Shea Stadium in New York and all the hysteria and girl screaming that went with it. Gosh...we were all young once weren't we? Even young...the Beatles were just above everything else musically at the time...and they pretty much stayed ahead of everyone all the way up through their last album "Let It Be." We loved the movie...and I think almost everyone will...Beatles fan or not. You could see it twice...just to hear the music from their great catalog. I had forgotten how quick on their feet they were with interviews...funny. And in particular...it was fun to see John Lennon be a boy again...and laugh easily...considering how serious his life seemed to be as he got older. Still today...their music stands the test of time. Go see it. AMERICANA That's a genre of music that catches great acts that kind of fall into the cracks. Emmy Lou Harris won a duo award last night with her pal Rodney Crowell for the Americana Awards Show that took place at the Ryman and said of the new genre, "we were field hippies...now we're Americana." John Prine, Bonnie Raitt, Lumineers, folks that a lot of folks don't know about are getting mass exposure through the American movement...and now they have their own chart. The big winner? Jason Isbell. He won album of the year and song of the year with this song..."24 Frames." Lots of folks still don't know much about Jason Isbell...but here's a guy who can sell out three back to back shows at the Ryman in a blink. Folks have a way of discovering great artists and music even if they are never on the main stream charts. Congrats to all the winners last night.

TODAY Packing for a road trip to Missouri in the morning. Our "Hits & Grins" trio has two shows at the Paris Missouri "Fall Into Paris" street festival Saturday. Two shows. 10:15 AM and 1 pm. Come see us!

Have a great Thursday!

Joey & Rorie

BILL BLOG Wednesday September 21, 2016 Low 90's again today. I'm going to get a lot more use out of my walking shorts this year. YESTERDAY Full day. It started at Sony Publishing on Music Row writing with Paul Bogart and Daniel Wilson. This is turning into a great little collaborative team...always fun...and the songs turn out great including the one we wrote yesterday about small town living. A lot of songs written about that way of life...and yesterday I had a chance to use some images that are forever in my head from living in a small town or two when I grew up. I would not change that way of growing up for anything...and it was fun turning some of that into a new song yesterday with Paul and Dan. Paul Bogart is on the road a lot these days...a lot of it out west. Paul's a team roper...champ...from Oklahoma so he gets to do a lot of "western" influence places...dance halls...rodeos. If you ever get a chance...do go see him. He's great. And Dan Wilson in one third of a great young trio "Mama Dear" that just light it up too. They are working on a new project to be pitched to the record labels...and I'm kind of quietly hoping that something we are writing might sneak it's way onto that album. We'll see. Either way...a great day in the writing office with those two. WHILE I WAS WRITING... My cell phone kept lighting up like a runway at BNA Airport at night. All good though. One text was an invitation to go to a movie...more on that in a second. The other was from my folks in New York who needed a song about summer being over pronto. So the second I was done writing that song...I locked myself behind another closed door and gave them what they needed. Somebody somewhere is hearing that on a radio station this morning. THE MOVIE The other text was from my great friend Linda Davis wanting to know if my wife and myself wanted to go see the movie "To Joey With Love" which is the story of Joey and Rory...and the baby they had...and then the news that Joey had cancer that eventually cost her her life. Yes...I wanted to go. My wife Kathy has a print photo shoot early this morning so she had to pass. A shame as I know she would have loved last night. So Linda and her husband Lang Scott (my "Evening In The Round" trio folk) picked me up...and we grabbed an early dinner with some other great friends before going to see this movie which is going to be in some theaters for a short while only. Go. Please go. It will touch your heart if your human at all. Of course...some of it is sad. There were tears in the packed theater we were in. But there was laughter too. Joey and Rory had a little baby...born with down syndrome. The love they have for each other and the baby girl "Indiana" ...and the simple life they led despite being celebrities comes across in a big way. And then of course the documentation of her getting the word she had cancer that ultimately took her life riveting..powerful...uplifting....brave...name an adjective. I met her once. So sweet. And her husband Rory caught her life on camera to share with all of us. Go see it. And cherish every day you have air to breathe. Check out the trailer at the link provide to get a sneak peek yourself. FYI For those who ask about when they might be able to see our "Evening In The Round" show again....the short answer is...not sure...but I know we will be doing more shows down the road. Linda is on a long farewell tour with Kenny Rogers that stretches into 2017...but all three of us are looking forward to performing in our songwriter trio again. I'll let you know where and when. TODAY I have another writing appointment with Paul Bogart this morning and talented Sydni Perry will be getting back just in town from the tour she's on with Carrie Underwood to join the two of us for the first time. This should be fun.

Have a great Wednesday!

A Little Hike

BILL BLOG Tuesday September 20, 2016 Hanging onto summer down here...temps back in the 90's the next few days. Pumpkins are melting. YESTERDAY No songwriting appointments yesterday...but I did write a few pieces for my comedy syndication company in New York. A couple of parody jingles for a radio client in Colorado Springs...and they needed a parody song about "fake meat." Uh huh. Apparently...scientist can use stem cells and make a steak without using the cow. Or a pork chop and bypass the hog. I can't imagine how that would taste. But...we now have Rice milk, Soy milk, even danged Cashew milk. These things are way to complicated for my simple mind...but as I've wondered before, "how do you milk a cashew?" HIKE I also got a little hike in around a gorgeous lake near here...Percy Priest. Through the woods...over a long bridge that spanned the water...quiet. I'm blaming my friend out in Arizona...Roger Naylor for spurring my interest in that...so much so that I bought a back pack the other day for crying out loud. Beautiful day for it yesterday...and this was a paved one hour walk around the lake. The squirrels are fearless...dragging their nuts across the path but in no hurry. The deer have seen a lot of us before apparently as they hardly move if you come up on one in this state park I was in. Here's a PICTURE of the bridge one crosses over when you take this route. Peaceful ain't it? I'm staying on well marked paths these days as the leaves have already started to fall which can make it more difficult to find the trail your on if you're not careful. Reminder to me...buy a flare or two...just in case! THE BLOG Digging through the newspaper this morning...it was hard finding a lot of good news. More shootings...stabbings...the back and forth ugly diatribe of politics. Geez. It reminded me why I started blogging in the first place. I've never publicized this blog...so if you're reading it...you pretty much found it on your own...and I'm happy to have ya. My theory has always been that laughter is good medicine. And I've been blessed to be able to write humorous so I'm taking advantage of that. So if there's a mission here for this little blog on the internet....it's to help lighten the day a bit. I stray away from "gloom and doom" and serious stuff because Lord knows we have enough experts and pundits and talking heads willing to try to sell you on the myth that the sky is falling. It's just not for me. Life is short enough to waste my time on the negative when there's a lot that's lighthearted and fun...and not so serious. I once helped write a song with Linda Davis and Hall of Fame songwriter Jim McBride titled "Time Runs Out." Love the song...and the chorus reads: Are you just running out the clock? Can't smell the roses if you don't stop So breathe it in, take it slow The world goes on...but you won't I try to remember that thought if I ever find myself getting too caught up in the serious and in the things I can't control So I hope this blog helps lighten your day. GAS I got gas yesterday. No problem. Some folks here are still hoarding gas...one report this morning said some gas station tried to jack it up to $9.99 per gallon. That pipe leak in Alabama made folks here in Nashville go armageddon and they lined up to buy gas...causing some pumps to have none...even today. And there's plenty of gas. What we have a shortage of is sanity. Human beings are a funny lot sometimes.

TODAY Back with my writing team of Paul Bogart and Dan Wilson today...both of them working on new projects...so we'll see if we can't come up with something they really like today. Fun company to hang with...that's for sure. Have a great Tuesday!

Quite The House Concert

BILL BLOG Monday September 19, 2016 A new week...and I think we have gasoline...I think. We had a run on gas here in Nashville...panic after folks heard of a pipeline leak near Birmingham which doesn't even service Nashville. On Saturday folks lined up to hoard gas...prices shot up for awhile...long lines...and then there was no gas at some pumps. All over a panic. The next couple of days there will be plenty again. Amazing. I'm waiting for the Mac N Cheese shortage before I ever panic enough to get in a line of 50 people. Folks...calm down! THE WEEKEND Well...besides the run on gas...I found I had enough time...and gas to get to a great songwriting appointment Friday with Zach Runquist and Andrea Thomas where we finished a song we started months ago. We gathered in an old studio that was home once to a lot of big starting country artists including my friend Linda Davis who's old picture was still on the wall amongst the other stars...with BIG hair. I sent her a note an told her it looked like her hair was jacked up to Jesus...a phrase she once uttered to me that I will never forget. All that great history I think helped us turn out a cool tune...so a fun day writing with those two. And...Andrea gave me her Christmas CD to listen to...in the car now ready to cue up. Thank you Andrea. HOUSE CONCERT Saturday night I drove south for a house concert...and what an evening that turned out to be. Terry and Wanda Seay are a husband and wife that LOVE songwriters and the craft of songwriting. They've been holding house concerts for years now...a couple of nights I was part of that. This Saturday was the first house concert they held in their beautiful new home where they built a ROOM just for these concerts. Folks come...pay at the door...bring their own drinks and food....and listen to some I went because there were a few folks playing that I write with. Including producer/guitar player/songwriter Dave Brainard and Jenny Tolman who slayed the And they surprised me and sang a song the three of us titled "Skeleton" which was awesome. And then I hung around to hear my friend and co-writer Bobby Tomberlin sing our song we wrote with Linda Davis titled "Looking For Audrey"...a ghost story song about Hank Sr. looking for his ex wife night after night. Hillary Williams...Hank's granddaughter also played during this set and sang harmony on our song which made that moment even more surreal. The song is on Bobby's new CD which he just finished...and is great. It was also nice meeting the artist Sylvia who was also there to root on Bobby. Remember her? All those hits like this ONE? Nice lady. And I had not seen her since the days she was rocking the country charts and doing the radio station interviews. A nice surprise. A great Saturday night...and I can't wait to play this house concert myself which should happen early next year. NEW DATE I did add another performance date on my calendar for December 15 at 6 pm at the Little Brick Theater which is part of the "Factory" down in Franklin, TN. This is a cool new theater songwriter night that my friend and frequent co-writer Brady Seals has put together. I'll be there that night with songwriters Steve Dean and Wil Nance...so this will be a great show I'm sure. Check my calendar for details at billwhytecomedy.com

IN JAIL The Nashville Jail has seen it's share of celebrities through the years. The old one is getting ready to be torn down. But...Wynonna was once in there...singing to the other inmates and Kid Rock really took advantage of it. He came out with a song that has the lines in it..."Ain't never hung out in the Catskills, but I've been in jail in Nashville. I'm a low life." Hey...if you're an artist and you have to go to jail...write a song. It will help pay the bail maybe. TODAY Doing a little meeting with a young artist from Ohio who wants to pick my brain about the music biz. He want to pick MY brain? Should be a short meeting.