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Great Blues, Good Beer, Fun Birthday Party For Kenny Kinsey

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I was lucky to be working early and off the air at 9pm this Tuesday as it allowed to go to Kenny Kinsey’s birthday party. The party was at Beer Geeks in Highland, Indiana. When I told some people I was going to a bar in Indiana after work they looked at me like I was nuts, but I tell you, it’s not that far. I walked three blocks to my car, drove to Beer Geeks, and was in the club by 9:40. There’s not a lot of traffic at 9pm on Tuesdays. And it was certainly worth the effort. First of all, to honor my friend Kenny on a big birthday, but also there were lots of good beer choices and a great blues jam. I had a chance to hear Omar Coleman, Donald Kinsey, Jeff Massey, Nic Byrd, Correy Dennison, Lee Godlewski and many others. Too bad for Kenny there weren’t any other bass players so he pretty much had to play all night. Kinsey

The pub is small so the performances intimate, and the crowd was great, a fun-loving bunch. They know how to have a good time in “The Region.” Check out Beer Geeks Pub‘s website for upcoming events on their Tuesday Bluesdays, or just stop in to sample their constantly rotating line-up of beers. (Photos by David Drlich.)