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Liner Note

Brothers and Sisters, time had past from that magical which once existed in a small corner of eternity, and yet our minds remember very well that mass union of young rebellion, that explosion of self expression, that human connection with their own nature. A movement of authentic brothers who freely decided to make a stand, to talk, and not just that, but to be a faithful representation of freedom. An explicit sample of mind liberation. All of our human-made advances and break throughs will never be useful until we are completely free-minded and independent, just because our own lack of freedom its the very limit that makes impossible our evolution. We are sure of what happened there, as well as we understand the facts that put an apparent end to this story. Brothers, we know this can't be over, because this is human's destiny, and we know for sure that it's our obligation now, like them, to give our whole life to this light-full truth. The Truth of Freedom. So get your minds together brothers, you have to know that this was never thought to be just about sex and drugs....Rock n Roll was all about Peace and Love, about having Fun, about Rocking and Rolling all around!! About a perfect place where this whole family can live in fullness. So stretch your hands and shake other's, open you eyes and look at yourselves. Listen and dance to the music, shake your head and free your mind. Fell freedom runnin' inside. Take a deep breathe of delicious air and detonate your spirit with The Risin' Sun.