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treading water mode

Have of late been very actively recording w/Stephen T Ranney and drummer:Joe Winters. With all the rhythm tracks completed, now for solo guitar work, which i have three tracks completed. Still more to do. This process has gotten me to completely be more introspective with the songs. I've culled some dead wood and when recording them, left out parts to be recorded at a later date, since they are all solo guitar parts. I'm back in the studio this Feb 24 to continue working on solo guitar stuff. Most of the music on this album was left over from my first cd: An ageing sailor's dream, released 2001. I had not thought the music was high quality then and felt apprehensive in starting to work on the songs for this project. I was very wrong about that. I feel the music is just as good and in some instances, better than the music on ASD. That's just my take on it. I've become a better musician since starting the project and feel I've gotten much more focused in my live performances. Not saying much, since i've only had a couple of shows. At anyrate, more to come. One more live session with the Matt Rowland Band and solos and vocals to round it out. Later

in the recording studio w/ my sons

I've been recording my second album of original songs beginning November of last year (2010). My two oldest sons have been helping me produce and being superb studio savvy musicians. It has been a great experience and we have about ten or eleven songs at various levels of completion. We will be recording 1/13 & 15. thats about it for now. Bryan is the oldest, then Stephen. Will add more as more gets done.