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its been a bit since we posted a new blog entry, so I figured the time was ripe. In what was devastating news all around, I mean there was not one individual that this news touched that it didn't come out worse for knowing it, Charlie was diagnosed with a health issue that has caused him to withdraw from KUDZU. For five years, I looked to my right and saw this guy playing and singing beside me. As much as I personally struggled with the news I can only imagine....no I really can't, how it affected him. He is going through treatment currently and all prayers and hopes are that he makes a full recovery. Charlie leaving the band was on the horizon as he and his lovely missus were planning to relocate to the Tri-Cities, but it just happened sooner and in a less than desirable way. If you would please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. More updates as the good news comes. Summer is rapidly approaching and we are ready for the outdoors season. Hope to see you at a show very soon!

Long Strange Trip

December 12th marks the 5th anniversary of KUDZU. I have been and am very honored to have made music with all the players that I have shared the stage with during these years. When Charlie and I first took the stage at Greenback School with Justin Kelso, I had no idea it would grow into two CDs and 75 shows a year. Nick Bradshaw left his mark until Jack came riding in on his wallpaper Telecaster to take us to a different plateau. Avery Rogers, Rick Rand and now Tinsley have all added to the growth and development of the sound of the band. Great musicians all and especially good friends. I have no idea how long the band will continue but I will enjoy every minute of it and hope the people listening will as well.

Long Hot Summer In The Rearview"

We summer has passed into fall and the band had a very busy summer. We also welcomed a new drummer on board in Tinsley Rider. Tinsley is a total pro, knowledgeable and has added so many new textures to KUDZU. Our venue continues to grow as well as we welcomed in 4 new venues this summer and things are looking great for 2015 as well. We are already 15 bookings locked in for next year and haven't really begun getting dates scheduled at our regular venues. We booked over 100 dates in 2014 and while we can really expect that number for 2015, but we hope to get to our average of 72 a year. We are hoping to get some new original material squared away and maybe record a CD or EP in 2015 as well. It's been a great year and we thank everyone for helping to make it great!

Almost halfway

its hard to believe we are almost halfway through 2014 already. The band keeps rolling along, recently passing the 80 date booking level for the second consecutive year. We can never express how grateful we are to our venue partners for their confidence in KUDZU by rebooking us through out the year. We have added several new venues this year to the growing list that the band works and will be making our first out of state performance later in the month. We can only hope this is a indicator of bigger things to come for the band. We have also started work on a group of songs for a third CD as well. All hopes are a late 2014-early 2015 release will happen. Have a great summer and come out and see a show sometime soon. We'd love to see you for sure!!!

Quit Teasing

yeah spring we're talking to you. Seems like you've been on the horizon forever. And just like the old push mower that was left outside all winter, you're sputtering to get started. Bur soon enough we will have trees full of leaves, flowers blooming everywhere and lawns we can't keep up with. And that's just fine by me. Along with the warm weather comes the opportunity to move outside for some shows at restaurants and venues that support live music. Festivals and summer time parties also offer us the chance to play beneath the sun or the stars and a better time I can't imagine. Sure it's nice to play a nice air conditioned venue as well. I will never ever complain about being offered a place to play music and we thank all of our venue family members for allowing us that joy. Warmer weather is coming children, just keep smiling and looking forward!!!! See ya'll at a show real soon!


Have been thinking a lot lately about the state of the music industry. Seeing all the award shows and what not...people twerking and making sure they wear the right clothes or hat or say all the right things to make themselves appear that they are different from all the other pablum out there. Claiming their roots when they can't hold a candle to George Jones or Ray Price, Paul McCartney or Lou Reed. When I make music it comes from me...I'm not trying to glom onto a reputation someone else has created and either you like it or you don't. But all and all its my way of expressing myself. I have influences just like everyone does, there's no way to accurately point at one space in time and say THAT'S where it started. But by the same token, I'm not gonna try to claim my music s a savior of a genre. Just by age and upbringing I'm pretty sure I know songs by major artists that a lot of todays acts have never even heard ....yes those acts that are trying to claim they are carrying the torch onward in honorarium. Lemmings, sheep whatever you want to call them, I am just happy creating my own music without having to validate it by attaching a hat or shirt or feathered boa or log chain around my neck.

Tis the season

another year has flown by for all of us. Seems like time goes faster as more and more things come into your life. Its been an interesting journey for KUDZU as well. December 9th will be the fourth anniversary of our first appearance as a band at a benefit in Greenback. Nearly 300 shows and some personnel changes later we are still out there "spreading the vine". We've begun to work on some new music in hopes of getting a third CD compiled in the coming year, and we hope folks will be as receptive to the new music as they have been in the past. We can never express how much the support of family, friends, fans and our venue partners means to the band. It's only with your being behind us that allows us to carry on. As the holidays approach, please remember the reason we celebrate this time of year and don't allow the hectic pace and commercialism block your ability to view "Christmas as a child". See ya soon, happy holidays from KUDZU!!!!

Autumn Leaves

well the summer has passed us by. We had a really good season with outdoor shows at several venues including area marinas and restaurants. As the colder months approach, we find out schedule quite full through the end of the year and dates already coming in for 2014. This year also saw a new leaf added to the vine with the arrival of Jasper Pribek. We are proud to add him to the family he's a cute feller indeed. We again cannot thank our families friends and venues for supporting us in our endeavors. December 9th will mark the 4year anniversary of the band. And while we've had some personnel changes, the music is the thing that has stayed constant. Playing for the crowds and working new venues keeps it fresh for all involved. As we move forward with plans on the drawing board for a third CD, we are looking to 2014 to be as equally rewarding as the previous three years have been.

Dog Days

well summer is finally here, humidity and all and we are rolling right along. We have 12 shows scheduled in August alone, so it's a very busy month for the band. Our dance card is pretty well filled up through the end of the year as well and we could not be more grateful for that fact. It won't be long until the holidays are upon us and then 2014 will make its appearance as well. Glad to already have bookings for 2014 locked in as well as quite a large number that we are just waiting to receive the final dates on. A great number of the new venues on our schedule this year are looking to be regular stops for us in 2014. Again we cannot thank the venues our friends and families enough for their support as the vine keeps growing!!!

Summer's Here

summer finally made its arrival with a burst of humidity and unannounced thunderstorms. But since we were complaining about the cold in January, why complain right? But summer also brings the ability for us to work at marinas and outdoor venues. And we have quite a few of them coming up. In July, August and September we have 23 shows booked and 14 of those are at family friendly outdoor venues. We are very proud to be headlining the City of Athens Sounds of Summer Concert on July 20 in downtown Athens. One in a series, the Tom Petty tribute band "Wrecked" will be opening up the show starting at 7p. September sees us on the Star of Knoxville Riverboat for a UT Pep Rally cruise on the 28th before the South Alabama game. Our new drummer Rick Rand has been meshing in very nicely, bringing his experience and style to add to the groove we create. All in all its a busy summer for the band and we are looking forward to seeing every one